Term 2 – Week 4

Please note that all students have received their reports today and are bringing them back home with them this afternoon. Please take the opportunity to read through the report with your child and discuss what is being said with them. I also sent an email with a form attached that I would appreciate if you could complete indicating if and when you would like to meet with me to discuss your child’s report. Alternatively, you can use the link below to complete the form:


This week in Math, we completed our unit on percentages and started a new unit on functions and graphs. The students wrote functions from descriptions and used functions to complete tables that generate coordinates to plot straight-line graphs.

In English, this week, we started a new unit called ‘Monsters.’ We analysed extracts, wrote an account based on the modern myth of the Chupacabra and designed a leaflet. 

In History, we saw how the beliefs of Martin Luther changed the political landscape in Europe, especially due to King Henry VIII of England. We also looked at how people suffered for their beliefs during different times. For Science, we studied terminal velocity and the forces influencing when a falling object reaches terminal velocity. The students made parachutes to try and reach the lowest terminal velocity during a drop. In Geography, we studied China’s one-child policy and examined how it gained and suffered due to its belief in this system. The students also researched different strategies to control populations from different areas of the world. During Design, the students handed in their clothing designs that reflect a belief they feel strongly about. They also started making manufacturing manuals to illustrate different simple clothing item manufacturing methods and a way to decorate these items.

That is all for this week, I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend.

Term 2 – Week 2

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the class for working hard and still doing great work while I was away on paternity leave for the birth of my baby daughter. This week was still full of learning and fun.

In Math, students worked with sequences and functions and looked at generating sequences, term-to-term rules, using the nth term and using functions.

In English, we continued our work based on Sherlock Holmes and The Red-Headed League. The students wrote a police report on the events so far, analysed tension and suspense, and wrote their own ending to the story.

In IMYC this term we will be starting a unit called: “Belief”, for more information on the different subjects covered and the content covered in every subject please refer to the curriculum overview on this page.

In History, students explored why the Catholic church had such great power during the middle ages and why people started to get disillusioned with them during this time.

In Science, we looked at different units of measuring speed and making use of the speed formula to calculate, speed, distance or time. We then practically designed and performed an experiment to measure the speed of different toy cars.

In Geography, students explored population pyramids and population growth, and how this can have a positive influence on a country, we also looked at the different factors that affect population growth in a certain community or country.

During Design, learners researched some designers from different industries and how they influenced their specific area due to their belief in a certain idea.

That is all for this week, I hope everyone will have an enjoyable Seollal long weekend and come back safely on Wednesday.

Some examples of student’s work:

Term1 – Week 15

As we end the penultimate week of term, some great learning and many exciting activities are still going on in class.

As we came to the end of our unit called ‘Heroes,’ in English, the students spent the week recording scenes from the script they created last week. They used green screens to edit different backgrounds and effects. They also wrote their end-of-unit test.

In Math, we looked at some uses of ratios and how to use them to solve ratio-related problems, we started by looking at simplifying ratios and then dividing amounts into given ratios.

In Science, we looked at the negative effects of cigarettes and excessive alcohol use on the body and what organs and systems are affected by these substances.

During the History, learners did more research into the different consequences of actions taken by the leaders of the settlers in Tasmania and how this affected the native inhabitants and whose responsibility the after-effects of these actions were.

For Geography, the learners looked at global information systems (GIS) to see how geographical data and information is represented on a global map. The learners then had the opportunity to investigate a specific region or climate issue using GIS technology.

In Health and Wellness, learners had to re-plan their dorm room but this time on a much stricter budget, identifying what is essential and what is luxury or nice to have items. They also looked at different ways to make things more affordable when shopping.

We are also looking forward to the winter show that is coming up next week, where many of our learners will be showcasing their performing talents.

That is all for this week, hope everyone has a relaxing weekend.

Term 1 – Week 14

As the cold weather sets in we are reminded that we are coming to the end of another year, but that does not mean that the learners are not hard at work learning new things and improving on skills.

In Math, this week we continued our unit on 2D and 3D shapes and looked at different aspects to shapes in Math. The learners worked on calculating the area of compound shapes, working with scale and perspective views and congruent shapes.

In Englis, his week the students learnt about the conventions of the Superhero genre. After that, the students created their own superheroes; next, they learnt about scripts and wrote their own, which they will film.

In History, learners study a Historical source in the form of a pictorial proclamation and the subtle undertones in the meaning of the proclamation and how different groups would have reacted to the proclamation, the learners also made a timeline of the decisions Lt. Gov. Arthur made in Tasmania, and the effects these decisions had on the people of the region.

In Geography, gave feedback on their selected regions’ most pressing climate issues and solutions proposed for these issues, looking at the real-world obstacles to implementing these solutions. The learners were also given clues to solve the “Mystery of why Runa’s stall closed” and in so saw links between different actions across the world and how they could have an impact in different parts of the world.

In Science, the learners found out how nerve cells work making use of neurotransmitters and how different substances could affect the function of nerve cells, and the dangers it poses.

In Health and Wellness, students had to estimate the average cost of living for a college or university student at a place of higher learning of their choice. After they estimated the cost they had to research the actual cost of living and compare this to their estimations.

We also came to the end of our PE unit on gymnastics, and the students had the opportunity to perform their routines for the rest of the class.

That is all for this week, I hope everyone stays warm in the time ahead and will be coming to the Winter Show on the 14th of December to see our students showcase their talents.

Term 1 – Week 13

Yet another busy week comes to an end as we hurtle towards the end of the term the students had the opportunity to go on two field trips, the highlight being the trip on Wednesday to the Busan National Science museum.

On this trip, the students had a lot of fun getting hands-on with science and getting to see many things we learn about in a practical and tactile manner.

This week in Math we started a new unit in Geometry, learning more about 2D shapes. The learners learned more about lines of symmetry and rotational symmetry of shapes and how this forms part of the properties of a specific shape. We also did calculations regarding the circumference and area of circles and semi-circles.

In Science, the students studied the different parts of the nervous system and how these get incorporated into reflexes. In History, we looked at the settlement of Tasmania as an example of the different views there could be of historical events when looking through the eyes of the different role players and the responsibilities of actions taken by these groups. For Geography, the learners explored issues that are affecting the environment and who carries the most responsibility for these issues.

In English, we continued our work around the unit ‘Heroes.’ The students wrote blogs, compared and contrasted accounts of young carers, and wrote advice text to help young carers.

On Friday afternoon the learners had the opportunity to visit the Hyundai Art Centre and take a look at 100 years of Korean art masterpieces.

That is all for this week, I hope everyone has a restful weekend.

Boys running in circles
Smooth ride

Term 1 – Week 12

This week as flown by as we jumped straight back into the swing of things after our midterm break.

In IMYC, we started a new unit called RESPONSIBILITY, and we will look at it through the big idea of: “Each of us is in charge of the actions we choose“.

In History, we looked at choices, why people make them in a historical context, and who is responsible for the consequences of these choices.

In Science, we started by looking at some things that can influence the way the human body function, whether they are medicinal, legal or not and the reasons people take these substances, this led to the introductory lesson on the nervous system and reflexes.

In Geography, we looked at issues related to the planet and the people and places responsible for these issues.

For Health and Wellness, we will look at financial wellness and responsibility. We started by looking at different financial terms and their meaning and by looking at budgeting on a national level.

In Math, we completed our unit on fractions and calculation using fractions, especially focussing on multiplying, dividing using integers and fractions as well as mixed numbers.

In English this week, we started a new called ‘Heroes.’ The students looked at the features of argumentative writing and wrote pieces around the debate on if celebrities are heroes or not.

That is all for this week, thanks to everyone that contributed to the Kindness Market, which was a great success, congratulations to Dave who won the target shooting competition with Nathan in a very competitive second place.

Have a great weekend

Term 1 – Week 11

The midterm break is upon us as we come to the end of the first part of term 1, and what a bust term it has been. I will link some of the videos that have been made by our students in a separate email, please note that even though it is on YouTube it can only be watched by someone with the link. The students have also been working hard on their learner portfolios with Mr Green as a showcase of their efforts.

Please be reminded that it is midterm break this week coming 7 – 11 November and that students resume class on Monday 14 November. Another upcoming event is the class field trip to the Busan National Science Museum that will happen on Wednesday 23 November, students have received an information letter and a reply slip that has to be returned by Monday 14 November along with W 5000 to help cover admittance.

This week we also started a new unit in IMYC entitled: “Responsibility: Each of us is in charge of the actions we choose.” as part of that the students took part in a project to reproduce a movie trailer of their choice in a cheap and quick way. Each learner was given some responsibilities in making the movie. The students had a lot of fun making the trailer and the end product was very enjoyable, you can watch it with the link I will email you separately.

In English, we read to the end of our current short story; the students needed to make predictions about the ending and analyse the author’s choices. The students also made news reports based on the ending and performed these to the rest of the class. 

In Math, the students started a unit on fractions where they learned to compare fractions, add and subtract mixed numbers and simplify their answers.

On Friday the class had the opportunity to interact with the youngest members of our school and to find out what they are getting up to.

That is all for this week, I hope you all have a good mini-break and come back refreshed and eager to learn on the 14th.

Term 1 Week 10

Welcome to the end of another week, and a week in which we had our annual Halloween party, a favourite amongst the students.

In English this week, the students continued their work around the story ‘The Plantation.’ The students role-played the main characters to help them explore the character’s conflict around an event. Also, we wrote and performed monologues to them understand their thoughts and feelings on the events in the story.

In Math, the students looked at data handling and some aspects related to collecting and interpreting data this week. The students learned about the data cycle and had the opportunity to apply it in a real-life setting by doing a quick research investigation in class and presenting their findings.

In IMYC, we came to the end of our unit and students worked on their exit point activities, the work produced thus far is of very high quality and the students have shown a good understanding of what they have learned and how to apply it. Next week we will start with a new unit: ‘responsibility: Each of us is in charge of the actions we choose’ which will carry us through till the winter break.

Here is the link to the website Dave and Declan produced as their awareness campaign: https://sites.google.com/hyundaiforeignschool.com/worker-awareness-foundation/home

that is all for this week, I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend and comes back fresh for the last week before midterm break.

Term 2 – Week 9

As we are getting closer to the midterm break and Halloween next Friday we come to the end of another busy week of teaching.

In Math, we completed our unit on 2D shapes by looking at constructions of different 2D shapes using a protractor and compass. The learners constructed side-angle-side, angle-side-angle and right-angled triangles using protractors, they also made use of a compass to create perpendicular bisectors, and bisecting angles.

In English, we started a new unit in English called ‘The Plantation.’ We analysed extracts from a short story (also called The Plantation) and answered a variety of questions. To help us get to grips with the main character and understand him, we did an activity called ‘conscience alley.’ this is where students debate a character’s decision.  

In IMYC, History learners looked at the positive effect certain individuals had on the living conditions of workers in town during the industrial revolution and how this forced governments to act and enact laws that led to positive consequences for both the workers and the owners. In Science: the learners looked at the reactivity of metals and how this influences the way it is refined from their ore and how this will affect the price of metal and hence the suitability of certain metals for certain functions. During the Design, Technology and Innovation lessons learners looked at certain design features and how it appeals to a specific consumer group. The students also received their exit point assignment for design to start planning for the end of the unit. In PE students practiced goal scoring in football. In ICT students practiced doing calculations with spreadsheets.

That is all for this week, next week will be a busy week with students having to complete their main exit point for the unit and the specific exit point for Design. It is also the Halloween party on Friday, students are reminded to buy their admittance ticket for 10 000 won, and to get creative with their costumes.

Term 1 – Week 8

Another week is done and dusted with the learners working hard and producing excellent work.

This week in Math, we started a unit on Geometry focusing on triangles, parallel lines and polygons. We practiced using proof to find missing angles and find out if angles are equal to each other. We also started constructing 2D shapes making use of a protractor to measure angles.

In English, this week, we looked at extracts from the book ‘Wonder’ by R.J Palacio as part of our unit ‘Unusual Education’. From these extracts, the students explored the term precept and created a poster showing precepts about kindness. Also, we role-played an extract to help us understand the characters.

In Science, we continued with our research into the reactivity of metals and learned more about the reactions of metals with acids, as well as how metals take part in single displacement reactions when placed into a metal salt solution.

In History, the students looked at figures from the past who worked for the improvement of the living and working conditions of workers and how this benefited both the workers and mill owners in the long run.

For Design, Technology and Innovation, learners explored the negative aspects of inclusive and exclusive product design companies. They also looked at different consumer groups and how inclusive and exclusive design might be tailored to these different groups.

In ICT, learners continued learning more about spreadsheets and how to do calculations with spreadsheets.

That is all for this week, I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and is ready for the week ahead.