Weekly updates 22/23

Dear Parents,

I hope you are all well on this lovely sunny Friday!

We have had a great week here in Y1/2 with lots of learning happening.

In English this week, the students had fun using masks to retell the story “Finders Keepers”. The students were given roles and did a wonderful job acting with Ms Temple. 

The Year 2 students spent time writing their own comic strips whilst the Year 1 students drew pictures to tell theirs. We looked at story endings and story settings and finished off the week reviewing the four stories we have read over the unit. We also spent time speaking about mistakes and how they are a good thing as they help us learn. The Year 2 students’ homework is related to making mistakes and they have to help fix the sentences. My aim is to create a classroom environment where mistakes are totally and completely 100% okay. My wish is for students to respond positively to any corrections they may be asked to make. This is a work in progress 🙂 So far so good!

Rotations for phonics and guided reading are starting on Monday! We are ready to go now! Yay!

In Maths, we have continued on with our unit on Numbers. The Year 1 students are getting better each day at forming their numbers and spotting missing numbers on their number lines. They learnt some counting rhymes and had great fun catching the fish in the tuff tray and practising writing the numbers on them.

Year 2 have reviewed odd and even numbers, counting on in 2’s and 10’s and spent time estimating. The students were asked to find easier ways to count larger numbers. One way they came up with was counting in 10’s, therefore grouping the objects first and then counting in 10’s and then 1’s. The tuff tray on Thursday helped them to do this with manipulatives. The Year 2 students also worked on missing numbers in a 100 square. They had to think about whether to add 1 or 10 depending on the direction.  

Maths rotations are in full swing now and we are doing well with the transitions! Well done to everyone for their hard work 🙂

In IPC we finished our unit ‘Brain Wave’ and will be starting our new unit “If you’re happy and you know it” next week. We finished it by reviewing emotions that help us learn well and also looked at  good and bad behaviours in class. We created a poster with pictures of great choice behaviours and bad choice behaviours. 

In PSHE, we looked at teasing and how this can make others feel. We watched a lovely little video which showed how teasing can make others feel really sad and upset. In our class we never want anyone to feel like this.  We discussed what we can do if someone in the class says or does something we don’t like. The students all now know that they can come to me or Ms Temple if they have any problems. The students are still young and learning how to interact with one another. The PSHE lessons are wonderful and really help us build positive relationships as a class.

In PE, Ms Temple prepared a fantastic lesson for the students where they were working on several skills in pairs. The students are still working on teamwork and working with other members of the class. The activities built on these skills and it was great to see them working nicely together.

We ended the week with a nice games session this morning. I have never laughed and smiled so much at Ms Yuli’s enthusiasm on the piano. She played away for us while we played musical statues and the number game. When the piano stopped the children had to run to a mat in numbers. We all now know how many students are in the class 😉 

Homework and library books went home as normal and should be returned next Friday. 

I think that is all for this week! 

Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday!

Mrs Sim 🙂

Weekly Update – T1W4

Hello and Happy Friday to you all!

I hope you all had a lovely Korean Thanksgiving break.

We have had a busy week this week with lots of learning going on.

In English, we continued with our unit “Places we know” and worked on retelling stories and answering comprehension questions. We read a story called “Hide and Seek” and another called “The Park in the Dark”. In “The Park in the Dark” we discussed the rhyming words and how some things can look and sound different than what they really are. The students enjoyed Ms Temple’s lesson about class pets so much so that I decided to let them write/draw about their favourite pets for homework.

In Maths, we had our first week of full Maths rotations and I was so very proud of how well the students did. We had lots of fun with the different tuff trays, great focused faces around the teacher table and lots of progress using Zearn, our Maths online programme.

In IPC, we continued on with our Brainwave unit and learned about which emotions help us learn best and which emotions may make it more difficult to learn. The students love making a large string of emotions fo the classroom and designing their own emotion balls.

Yerang working on her ball skills in PE
Go Go Go!

We had great fun with the parachute in our games class this morning and the children did a great job working as a team. It was a lovely lesson filled with smiling faces.


Homework was sent home today along with library books. Please return them next Friday 🙂

I hope you all have a great weekend and I look forward to another great week ahead.

Take care, Mrs Sim 🙂

Weekly Update – T1W3

Dear Parents,

It has been a very short this week with the typhoon and Chuseok holiday approaching.

We have had lots of exciting things happening this week with the highlight being the party we had yesterday to celebrate the school’s 40th Birthday. The children really enjoyed all the treats that the PTA provided. Thank you!

In English, we worked on our story telling and sequencing skills. We read a story about a little girl who walked for miles to take milk to her daddy. The students performed the story to the class using pictures. The Year 2 students annotated their pictures and wrote some wonderful sentences to describe them.

In our rotations, we began to learn all about the “Work on Writing” station. The Year 2 students produced some lovely work and the Year 1’s practised using their book and pictures to write beginning sounds. We will be working on this more after the Chuseok break.

In Maths, we began our rotations after training hard in all the stations. The children really love the Tuff Tray activities and it consolidates their learning beautifully. We still have to work on our transitions but I was really pleased with how well they all worked today. Great job!

In IPC, we continued our unit on the Brainwave. We only covered one lesson due to the Typhoon and then the celebrations yesterday.

We had great fun looking at what we will look like when we are older. I, not so much (haha) but the children laughed lots. We put the pictures in our cards for the treasure box and these will be sent to the children in 10 years time.

Homework wasn’t sent home today-have a great holiday with your family. If you didn’t bring last week’s, today then please do so by next Friday 🙂 Thank you.

It was lovely to see all the children in their hanboks today. Mr Green took some lovely pictures for you all..

Hope you all have a great long weekend. See you on the 13th! Take care!

T1W2 – Weekly Update

Hello and Happy Friday to you all!

Firstly, it was so lovely to meet you all yesterday and thank you for coming.

We have had a great first whole week and I am so proud of how the children are settling in. Lots of teamwork, kindness and sharing has taken place. We are still learning our routines and getting used to our schedule but they have done fantastically.

In English this week, we read two stories and worked on re-telling them through pictures. We practised putting scenes in order with cut out pictures to help us. The Year 2’s worked on their sentence writing and reviewed past tense verbs with uncle ‘ed’. Year 1’s have been working on writing the date in thier workbooks and sticking their work in neatly.

In IPC, we started our unit “The Brainwave” and had lots of fun learning about the cerebellum. It was a difficult word for them so we clapped it out and sang the word to help us remember. We learned about relexes and tested some out. The funniest was when I shouted ‘boo’ and they all blinked. We then looked at the differences between conscious thinking and reflex actions. We made a large poster and had to separate the actions into ‘Conscious’ and ‘Reflex’. We did a little experiment with sponges to see if we would blink when the sponge was thrown. The students LOVED THIS! They practised recording the results on paper and clipboards and found that everyone blinks when a sponge is thrown towards the glass. We also spoke about how we can control some actions to help us learn better in class and be kind to others.

In Literacy rotations, we have been learning the first two stations “Read to Self” and “Listening to Reading”. We have our book bins ready and have been making ourselves familiar with Epic- our online reading programme. Next week, we are going to learn how to work independently when we do “Word work”.

In Maths, we have been learning all about our Tuff Tray station after finishing off learning what we do when we are “At our desk”. The rotations will be Meet with Mrs Sim/At your desk/ Technology (Zearn) and Hands On.

In PE, we started our unit “Time for an adventure” and played some animal based games. We also created a mini obstacle course today which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.

HFS 40th Birthday Party

Next Wednesday, the school will be celebrating its 40th Birthday with a little party in the afternoon. Children are asked to wear their school uniform on this day please (7th September).

Chuseok Thursday 8th September

Next Thursday we will be celebrating Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) with our annual Chuseok games and activities event. If your child has hanbok please send them in it. We also love to see other traditional clothes so if you don’t have a hanbok, you can wear your own country’s traditional costume.


Homework went home along with library books today. The students have a navy library bag and a file for their homework. The files were a little small to fit both their homework and the books in. Please return them next Friday together.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend! Can’t wait for another exciting week with lots of fun events taking place.

Mrs Sim <3

Weekly Update – T1W1

Good Afternoon,

It has been a very fun first two days here in Year 1/2. I am sure the children will sleep well tonight 🙂

It has been great getting to know the students and I hope they are now feeling a little more settled and ready for a great year ahead.

We spent the last two days getting to know each other and learning our class routines. Today, I can already see what good listeners they are and what a great team they will be!

We read several stories to help us learn our new routines and help the children feel welcome and loved! My all time favourite is “Our class is a Family”. We made our very own class family bracelets (which the girls enjoyed more than the boys) hehe 🙂

We learned about good choices and bad choices and spoke about what kind of class we would like to be. I was impressed by the students’ eagerness to be good students and I loved watching the Year 2 children be fantastic role models. Well done!

Today we read the book “The Dot” and spoke about growth mindset – one of our school’s core values. We decided to see if we could be as good as the character in the book and use our growth mindset to make beautiful dots. I can’t wait to put a display together next week as they did such a fantastic job! Pictures to follow.

The students took home library books today. These will be sent home every Friday and should be returned the following Friday in the plastic case they were given. Homework will also be sent in the same file case and I would really appreciate it if you could make sure they use this as it makes it easier for their little hands to carry everything 🙂

I hope everyone had a great first few days and rests up over the weekend. Get ready for our first fun week together!

Trainee Teacher

Next week Ms Temple, our trainee teacher will be joining us. She will be in our Class on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We are very lucky to have two teachers twice a week and I am sure the students will love her.

Parent Open Afternoon

Next Thursday 1st September, I would love to meet you all at our Parent Open Afternoon. It will begin at 2:45 and should last around 30 minutes. I will talk about our curriculum and it is a nice opportunity to ask any questions you may have 🙂

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Monday! <3

Mrs Sim

Welcome to Year 1/2 with Mrs Sim

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Year 1/2! I am looking forward to meeting you all and excited for our year ahead.

It is going to be a great journey! Please feel free to get in touch if there is anything at all you wish to discuss.

I can’t wait to meet you all 🙂