Term 1 Week 5 Update

Hello everyone,

Another short week due to another typhoon but a busy week full of fun and lots of learning.

In Math, we finished our unit on 2D shapes by looking at lines of symmetry and reflections over the vertical and horizontal mirror lines. The students also had a chance to see how well they have mastered the skills they have occurred by writing an end-of-unit test.

We are coming towards the end of our English unit ‘There’s a lesson in that’. This week, the students created a presentation giving their opinions and ideas on different versions of ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’ and presented them. They also planned, their fable ready to write next week, they will base it on ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’ and make a few changes to give their own twist on this tale.

In IPC, we also reached the end of our ‘Brainwave’ unit and began our new unit ‘The Great, the Bold and the Brave.’ As an entry point to this unit we looked at different structures from the period of History, we will study and recreated them.

Term 1 Week 4 Update

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had an enjoyable Chuseok break. We had a busy week with lots of fun and learning going on.

This week, in English, we looked at writing dialogue; going over the rules and creating our own short written piece. Also, we went over different types of figurative language and explored idioms and their meanings. The students had fun playing some games while learning about synonyms and antonyms.

In IPC, the students finished their graphic organisers to plan the steps to reach their goals. Also, we spent some time looking at the importance of questions when learning. We looked at questions we could ask ourselves before, during and after a task. Then the students made a tower from craft sticks and clips but asked questions to ensure they were successful.

This week in Math, we started a unit on 2D shapes, where students get to explore the different properties of triangles or quadrilaterals. We also learnt about the symmetry of shapes as a property of the shape as well as symmetry in patterns and pictures that include colour.

Photos from last week

Hello everyone.

Sorry, as these are very late, here are the photos from last week’s learning and the 40th Birthday Celebration.

IPC and exploring different Graphic Organizers.

40th Birthday Party games, meeting former Principal Mr Dyson, and placing letters in our time capsule.

Term 1 Week 3 Update

Hello everyone.

A short week due to a typhoon on Tuesday and the start of the Chuseok holiday on Friday. Despite the short week, we had a lot of fun on Wednesday celebrating the school’s 40th Birthday. In the afternoon, we had a special assembly, placed letters to our future selves in a time capsule, played party games and had lots of treats to enjoy from the PTA.

In English, this week, we continued our work around fables. We compared a traditional fable and a fable with a twist. The students had fun exploring proverbs and created a comic strip that explained a proverb’s meaning. Also, we explored possessive apostrophes and plurals; we played a game to identify when to use an apostrophe.

For our Brainwave unit in IPC, the students set themselves a goal and made a learning journal to help keep track of this goal. Also, we explored different graphic organisers and how these may help us plan steps to help us achieve our goal.

In Math this week the learners continued to look at place value of numbers and how multiplying and dividing by factors of 10 change the value of a number. We also learnt about rounding numbers and more importantly decimal numbers up to two decimal places. On Thursday the students wrote an end-of-unit test as we came to the end of our unit.

I apologise for the lack of photos in this update; I did not transfer them to my laptop. I will add these as a separate update tomorrow.

Term 1 Week 2 Update

Hello everyone!

The first full week in school is complete with lots of fun learning experiences. The children settle back in well to routines, timetables, and daily school life.

In English, our first unit is ‘There’s a lesson in that,’ which explores Fables and Traditional Tales. To start the unit, we did a quick assessment to see how well the children write stories. As a class, we defined fables and looked at the key features and the lesson each story provides. Also, the children role-played different Fables to help them understand the story; we also delved deep into the character’s thoughts and feelings.

This week in Math we divided into our groups for rotations. This allows the students to get more individual attention as well as enables them to get time in class to practice the newly explained work. This week we looked at the numbering system especially multiplying and dividing by 10′ and 100’s and how this affects number values and decimal

Our first IPC unit is ‘Brainwave,’ the focus of the unit is how we learn. The first lesson was a knowledge harvest, where we looked at different questions about our brains and how we learn and shared what we know. Then we spent some time exploring growth mindset, the key ideas, and phrases; before creating a poster on it.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend!

Week 1 Term 1 Update

Hello Parents,

We’ve had an excellent two days back at school! It was great to see familiar faces in class and around school and meet plenty of new students. We welcomed; Aubrey, Dana and Ryan to our class, they settled in very well and have made a fantastic start.

Today and yesterday, we got to know our current and new classmates; we created an all-about-me poster to add to a display and played games. Also, we spent some time getting used to routines and getting familiar with the school and new timetable. Lastly, we also spent some time writing letters to our future selves. The letters are part of Hyundai Foreign School’s 40th Birthday celebration; the letters are going to be placed in a time capsule and opened in the future. The students thought carefully about where they will be in their life and what they want to achieve. Mr Green also showed us some pictures that are displayed in the school of past HFS students, teachers, classes and events.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend. I am excited to see what the first full week brings.