Week 2 – Term 3

Assessment week! This week all the students completed their respective Cambridge assessments; I would like to congratulate them on their resilience and the positive way they approached the exams. This is a necessary evil in school cycles and is a valuable skill the students are acquiring that will benefit them in their future academic endeavors.

Additionally, this week we continued learning new things and acquiring some new skills, in IMYC conditions were perfect for students to take their prototype kites they made in Design for a test flight. They then had to evaluate how well their kites performed and how they could improve their initial designs. The initial flights mirrored that of the SpaceX rocket launch and did not quite get off the ground the first time. Still, after a couple of alterations and design changes, there was more success with Dave, Haley and Julia making a fully functioning kite that maintained flight. In History, students completed our look at the cold war and are currently in the process of researching and producing a presentation about another conflict occurring during the cold war times. We also completed our Geography activities, where students looked at the complexities of global cooperation on climate change issues. In Science, we learned about the Doppler effect and its applications.

In Math, students started a unit about Maps, scale and directions. We looked at compass directions and scales and how to calculate real-life distance and map distance.

We also welcomed Mr Craig into our class; he is a learner teacher that is currently in his final year of studies and is doing his practical teaching at our school. He will teach Science and Geography and has already started the learners on a stand-alone life science unit on the circulatory system today.

We would like to remind parents that mobile phones and smartwatches that are connected to phones should be turned off and handed to the teacher or alternatively left in the student’s bag at their own risk.

We are also very excited about the upcoming residential trip that will be taking place next week, Wednesday through Friday.

That is all for this week, I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend.