Week 3 & 4 Term 3

We have had a busy time recently, with the residential trip at the end of week 3. What a fantastic trip it was; I was super impressed with each student’s attitude; they participated well in each activity and pushed themselves when things got hard. I am very proud of those for whom it would have been their first time away from their parents for a trip like this. I know we all had a lot of fun, made some precious memories, and gained unique experiences outside of the classroom. I am sure you all have seen the pictures Mr Green shared, but I would be remiss not to add the link again since they show how much fun the learners had so clearly. Here is a link.

We continued reading Stone Cold by Robert Swindells in English, analysing characters and writing descriptive pieces.

In IMYC, the students finished their unit on reflection and started on a new unit entitled Respect. The students also continued with their special life science unit on the circulatory system by looking at blood pressure. In Geography, we started looking at Urban Geography and what makes a city good or bad. In History, we started by looking at rules and systems of governance that have merit in the school and how we can affect change to these systems. In Science, the students studied magnets and what substances are magnetic and which are not. In Technology, we looked at the sustainability of food and things we can do relating to good and bad food for the environment.

In Math, the students learned how to use scale and bearing on maps and how to use those to find places on maps. We also looked at finding the length of line segments between two coordinate points, the midpoint and other points on a line.

That is all for this week; I hope everyone enjoyed their time as a family during the Childrens long weekend.