HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 13

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Winter Show

The Winter Show will be on Friday 17th December at 2 pm.

59% of parents who responded to the survey posted last week said that they preferred this time.

The show will feature…

  • The Drama Clubs presentation of ‘Dragon Trouble’
  • A performance by each class as a group
  • Individual talent show entries
  • A special surprise from the staff
  • Maybe even a special visitor

We will make a video of all the performances for anyone unable to attend.

If you still wish to sign-up for the Talent Show the form will be available until Monday morning.

This Week’s Core Value – Creativity

This week’s Core Value was Creativity.

We have been looking for ways to be especially creative in everything we do this week.


Hopefully, you should have received a box of masks this week. These masks were supplied by the Ulsan Ministry of Education.

Great Learning Happening

Going to the Post Office to send letters to Spain
Mr de Klerk’s class making bridges using all-natural materials
Reading with Mrs Sim
Marbling art made in art class with Miss Yuli

HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 12

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Global Citizenship Week

Week 11 was Global Citizenship Week.

Most classes chose to focus on ideas related to the environment and how we can take responsibility for making the world a better place. It was a great week and we are very proud of the learning that took place.

Winter Show

The Winter Show this year will be in the last week of term.

We would like to know parents preference between the following two possible times.

  • Thursday 16th at 6 pm – An evening performance so more parents can attend
  • Friday 17th at 1 pm – An afternoon performance which is easier for the students

Please let us know your preference using this form and we will go with the majority.

The Winter Show will feature the play that the Drama Club has been working on, a Talent Show part and maybe a few surprises.

Talents for the Talent Show

As the Winter Show will feature a Talent Show we would like to know who wants to be involved and what talent they would like to show.

Talent Show Entry Form

The school will work with all students who want to participate and help them stage a great performance. Remember, this is a talent show, not a competition and everyone is welcome and encouraged to get involved. Mrs McClellan’s class already have a group performance organized with Mr Green, but they can do more if they want.

All entries will be confirmed soon.

Fire Alarm Incident Report

Here is the report the school has created in response to the fire alarm incident on Monday 8th November.

If you would like more information, or to discuss this matter further, please contact the school to arrange an appointment.

Last Day of Term

For your information, the last day of term, Friday 17th December will be a full school day finishing at 3:30 pm.

Core Value – Curiosity

This week Core Value was CURIOSITY.

In assembly on Friday, we enjoyed reading these poems.

We also enjoyed this inspirational video about CURIOSITY

Book Sale

The book sale was a great success with lots of spare books finding new homes and 195,000Won being raised which will be used by the PTA for school events.

Great Learning Happening

Another great art display from Miss Yuli
Experimenting in art
Designing and making tents in IPC with Mrs Sim
Practising ball skills in PE with Ms McClellan
Balancing in Gym class
A game in Korean class with Mrs Jiyu

HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 10

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Global Citizenship Week

Next week (Week 11) is Global Citizenship week at HFS. Normal classes will pause for three days while the students all work on class projects linked to our school’s definition of ‘Global Citizenship‘. It should be a very interesting and exciting few days and a nice change of pace.

Mid-Term Break

Please remember that school will be closed on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th November for our mid-term break. I hope everyone can enjoy a bit of a rest and come back refreshed and ready to learn.


Recently, some students have suffered from a cold and flu bug.

Please remember that if your child is sick it is best that they stay away from school. We will still be here when you get better and you don’t want to risk making other students unwell. Any parents wishing to visit the school should also make sure they are not sick or potentially contagious.

Environmental Awareness

This week’s Core Value was Environmental Awareness. Each class has been thinking about ways we can be more environmentally aware.

Great Learning Happening

Little dinosaurs!
Young scientists experimenting with floating and sinking.
Cooking with Mr Morgan
They great… but how do they taste?
Cemistry in Mr de Klerk’s class
Look me up and down, I’m still the smartest teacher in town.
Solve equations in maths
Mrs Sim’s class learning about pushes and pulls.
Designing a costume for a clown.
The circus is coming to town1
Young architects
Designing and building in IPC with Mrs Sim

HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 9

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Halloween Special!

Last Friday was Halloween and here are some pictures to show you what a great time we had. Sorry if I have missed anyone in the pictures but everyone was moving around having so much fun it was hard to grab a picture of everyone. Also, I had a giant spider on my back!

A big thank you to all the PTA members and volunteers who worked so hard to make such a fun event for the children. Everyone had a great time and there were so many different things for everyone to do.

HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 8

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Halloween Event

Next Friday (29th) we will be having our Halloween Event at school.

Students are invited to come to school dressed in their Halloween costumes. If you don’t want to dress up that is also OK. There will be prizes for the most creative costume – including teachers!

In the afternoon we will be doing some fun activities like Trick or Treating (in school) and playing Halloween games. We have been very careful to make sure that nothing is too scary for our younger students but also fun for our older students.

Thank you to the PTA who have been working hard to prepare lots of fun decorations and activities for everyone to enjoy.

There will be no Gym club next Friday and students can go home at either 3:30 pm or 4:30 pm. There will be two buses running, the same as any other day. Staying until 4:30 pm is just for having more time to enjoy the Halloween activities and maybe watch a Halloween movie.

Please let us know using this form which bus you will take next Friday.

Unfortunately, it may be difficult to fit extra people, like PTA members who have been helping in school, on the buses next Friday. Please check with us closer to next Friday if you want to ride the bus and we can check if there is enough space.

This Week’s Core Value – Growth Mindset

Each week we focus on a different one of our Core Values. This week we have been thinking about Growth Mindset. We talked about what it means to have a Growth Mindset, why it is important and how we can show this at school.

Next week we will be focusing on – International Mindset

Book Sale

Our Book Sale is up and ruining in the foyer area.

All books are 2000won!

Great Learning Happening

Don’t forget to check out what is happening in each class on their class page

Mrs Sim’s class working on their phonics

Enjoying a story with Mrs M.

Working hard.

Mrs Sim’s class have been working on Data Handling in maths.

Who is this clown?

Parachute games in PE class.

Stretching in Gym Club with Mr de Klerk

HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 7

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It is Week 7 already and the term is nearly halfway through! There is always lots going on at HFS!

Cooler Weather

The weather is finally changing and autumn has arrived. We still like to be outside a lot for break times and P.E sessions so now might be a good time to think about bringing some warmer clothes.

Winter Show

There will be a Winter Show this year which will feature a Talent Show part. Now is time to start thinking about what you might want to do for the talent show.

Halloween Event

Remember that on Friday 29th October (2 weeks away) we will be having a Halloween Event at school. Students are invited to use their creativity to come up with a Halloween costume. If you don’t want to dress up that is also ok.

Thank you to everyone who has donated candy for this event. Donations are still open.

Book Sale

After tidying up in the library we have some books for sale. These will be available for parents and students to buy from Friday the 22nd of October. The books and an honest box will place in the foyer (outside the glass door). Books priced at the bargain price of 2000won each – please put your money in the honesty box on the book sale table. Sale proceeds will go towards supporting PTA events

Great Learning Happening

Ms McClellan’s class have been practising fine motor skills by sewing a spine on a Spinosaurus. Mr Green didn’t even know a Spinosaurus was a real dinosaur!

Mr Dunn’s class enjoying some time in the library.

Spelling test time in Mrs SIm’s class.

Toilet roll Diplodocus

Modigliani painting by Mr de Klerk’s class

Mr de Klerk’s class investigating non-Newtonian fluids

Mr Dunn’s class exploring a Sumerian tomb

Mr de Klerk’s class had to research, budget, plan and cook a vegetarian meal. Mr Green enjoyed taste testing the results!

Mr Sim’s class designed clown face-painting patterns and then found a clown to paint it on.

HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 6

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Not much to tell you this week.

New Bus Schedule

Thank you to everyone for being on time for the new bus schedule. Everything is running smoothly with some students arriving at school a bit earlier than before and some students arriving a little later. Everyone is in the classroom and ready to learn at 9 am when school starts.

Halloween Candy Donations

If anyone would like to donate candy for the Halloween Party on Friday 27th October donations can be left in the Admin Office. Mrs Sim and the PTA are planning a great afternoon of Halloween fun. Further details to follow.

International Week and Mid-term break

Week 11, which is the week beginning Monday 7th November, will be International Week at HFS. The students will spend three days working in different groups to explore what it means to have an International Mindset.

There is no school on Thursday 11th November or Friday 12th November. These two things will give everyone a nice break before Christmas.

Great Learning Happening

HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 5

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It is great to see all the students back in school after the Chuseok holiday. We are already in week 5 and it is amazing to see the progress that our students are making already this year. Lots of great things have been happening in all the classes so make sure you check out the Class Updates.

New Bus Schedule

From Monday 4th October the bus schedule in the morning will be changing.

Because student numbers are going up we have the nice problem of not being able to fit everyone on one bus.

Clubs are running after school and the students are split so after school buses can stay the same

Here is a link to the bus full bus schedule and further information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Admin Office.

INCAS Assessments

This week students in Years 1+ have started doing their Cambridge InCAS Assessments. These assessments are completed online and help the school measure the progress our students are making. Results will be shared with parents as part of students mid-year reports.

Parent-Teacher Association

Mrs Sim has kindly volunteered to lead the Parent-Teacher Association this year. We all know Mrs Sim loves organising fun events for the kids so she is sure to do a great job. We didn’t receive any emails volunteering to lead the PTA.

Mrs Sim will be in touch soon to organise a meeting for Halloween.

Parent Volunteer – Board Game Project

If any parent would like to spend some time in school volunteering we have some board games that need some tender loving care. The job would involve checking all our board games to make sure all the bits are there and mending the boxes.

If you would like to help with this, please get in touch.

School Open 4th and 11 October

Just to confirm, school is open on Monday 4th October and Monday 11th October.

We have two days off in November.

Here is a link to the full calendar

Great Learning Happening

HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 4

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Happy Chuseok

We wish everyone in the HFS community a happy and relaxing Chuseok holiday!

See you all again on Monday 27th September

HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 3

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Quite a long and complicated newsletter this week with lots of information to share. I hope I have got all the details correct but if anything is unclear please just get in touch.

New Newsletter System

From this week we are trying a new automated system for sending the Newsletters and Class Updates. Hopefully, you should receive the Newsletter and Class Updates straight to your email inbox.

Remember, if you don’t receive an email, the Newsletter and Class Updates are always available on the School Website.

Thank you for your patience as we try to find an email system that works consistently. It is not an easy problem to fix!

After School Clubs

After school clubs will start in week 5 (the first week after Chuseok) and we have a wide range of clubs to choose from this term. Please help us by making sure that your child really wants to do the club that they are signed up for.

Please sign-up using this form

Board Games Club

Day – Monday

With – Mr Green

Available to – Year 1+

Let’s play some different board games together. Chess – Set – Monopoly – Cluedo – Risk


Independent Study Time – Homework Club

Day – Tuesday

With – Mr Green

Available to – Year 3+

Do your Homework – Do some Mathletics – Read – Code. We provide a quiet space and some support, you get learning. NB – You need to come to this club knowing what you are going to do.



Day – Monday

With – Ms McClellan

Available to – Year 1+

Let’s prepare a great production for the Winter Show!



Day – Wednesday

With – Mr Dunn

Available to – Year 3+


Basic Body Movement and Gymnastics

Day – Friday

With – Mr de Klerk

Available to – Year 5 and younger

Let’s learn how to do some gymnastics and basic body movements.


Reading Club

Day – Wednesday

With – Mrs Sim

Available to – Year 1-3

I will read you a story, you can read me a story, maybe we will do some art based on our stories.



Day – Thursday

With – Mrs Lee

Available to – Year 1+

A chance to study some more Korean. (We will see who is interested and then decide how this cub will work)

Chuseok Celebrations

We will be celebrating Chuseok next Friday (17th) afternoon. The students will play some traditional Korean games and learn a little bit about this important Korean holiday.

Students are invited to wear Hanbok or their own national dress if they want to. Wearing special clothes is optional and just coming to school dressed normally is completely fine as well. There is also no need to go and buy anything just for school.

It is getting cooler

Some students have been complaining about being cold on the bus or in class. At the same time, some other students still think it is too hot. We like to have the air-conditioning on and windows open to make sure air is circulating.

It is a good idea for students to bring their school hoodies or another top to wear at school or on the bus if they feel cold.

P.E Attire

Please remember that students need to be dressed appropriately for P.E lessons. This is very important for safety.


  • P.E is mostly on Tuesdays and Fridays but you can check the class timetable on the school website.
  • Sports shoes are very important
  • The school grey P.E shirt is preferred, but not compulsory
  • Long hair should be tied-up
  • Jeans should not be worn

Scholastic Book Clubs

Remember book club!

Go to this website to browse the latest books and order online. 

Please place your order online by Friday 17th September

The books will be delivered to the school.

PTA Meeting

We will have our first PTA Meeting on Wednesday 15th September at 3:45 pm.

This meeting is to organise a Halloween event for the kids and all parents are welcome.

If you would like a meeting to discuss any issues other than the Halloween party Mr Green is always available.

Library Helpers

A big thank you to all the parents who have been helping out in the library this week. The massive jobs of cataloguing all our books are progressing nicely and the library is becoming a nice place for reading and research.

Staff Vaccinations

All staff at HFS has now received their COVID-19 shots and are fully vaccinated.

Great Learning