Term 2 – Week 4

Please note that all students have received their reports today and are bringing them back home with them this afternoon. Please take the opportunity to read through the report with your child and discuss what is being said with them. I also sent an email with a form attached that I would appreciate if you could complete indicating if and when you would like to meet with me to discuss your child’s report. Alternatively, you can use the link below to complete the form:


This week in Math, we completed our unit on percentages and started a new unit on functions and graphs. The students wrote functions from descriptions and used functions to complete tables that generate coordinates to plot straight-line graphs.

In English, this week, we started a new unit called ‘Monsters.’ We analysed extracts, wrote an account based on the modern myth of the Chupacabra and designed a leaflet. 

In History, we saw how the beliefs of Martin Luther changed the political landscape in Europe, especially due to King Henry VIII of England. We also looked at how people suffered for their beliefs during different times. For Science, we studied terminal velocity and the forces influencing when a falling object reaches terminal velocity. The students made parachutes to try and reach the lowest terminal velocity during a drop. In Geography, we studied China’s one-child policy and examined how it gained and suffered due to its belief in this system. The students also researched different strategies to control populations from different areas of the world. During Design, the students handed in their clothing designs that reflect a belief they feel strongly about. They also started making manufacturing manuals to illustrate different simple clothing item manufacturing methods and a way to decorate these items.

That is all for this week, I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend.