Term 1 Week 5

Another great week of learning, and another typhoon! We are still having some sun and hot weather, so enjoy it while it lasts! Please remember to bring your water bottle to school; we have used a lot of disposable cups these past weeks, but it’s more convenient and spill free to use a bottle.

In IPC we looked at timelines and how we can see when our significant figures of the past lived. Students placed worked hard to identify people and place them on a timeline based on their birth and death years. We also talked about fame and it’s connection to people of historical significance. It was great to see just how far back human history goes and the explosion of famous people and their inventions at the turn of the 20th century! Next week we will be looking into the lives of famous inventors and some of the amazing things they contributed to the world.

We finished out our unit in math with estimating and rounding to the nearest ten or hundred place value. We will revisit rounding a bit this week as it can be a bit tricky, as we go into adding and subtracting larger numbers, there will be opportunity to revisit and practice these skills. We will also start to work with decimals as we will look at counting money.

In English students have continued to identify and use adjectives when describing settings and characters. This week we looked at the ever changing form of verbs and how we use a verb to indicate a character is speaking, along with speech marks. We also analyzed the classic story arc for sequencing events. This next week students will be writing their own creative stories so they can utilize the skills we have learned in a unit-end piece of work. I look forward to seeing what everyone writes about!

Also, great job everyone studying their spelling words last week. The scores were significantly improved! Just a bit every night makes all the difference on the test, and helps us write better as well! I am a very happy to see how hard everyone has been working on their homework in general, so keep up your amazing work.

Enjoy your weekend and see everyone on Monday 🙂

Mrs. Leah

Term 1 Week 4

This week has been busy as we all got down to work after a nice four day weekend. We both welcomed back, and said farewell to some friends, and had a few birthdays!

In IPC we started our new unit ‘They Made a Difference’ focusing on significant people of history. Students did their best to match some famous names to portraits, and while we are still becoming familiar with these important figures, it was great fun to see the guesses! We then all chose one person to research and discover key facts about for our mini-biographies. Everyone did well navigating the internet and finding the information they needed to tell more about their chosen figures. They turned out great and now adorn our hallway!

In Math we continued to look at place value and went over inequalities. After marking our in class work this weekend, everyone is working hard and demonstrating a good understanding of the materials. In the homework you will find more practice writing out numbers and equations in different forms, ordering numbers, and inequalities. Students are expected to sometimes write out answers and using inequality symbols rather than writing ‘greater than’ or ‘less than’, so pay attention to the directions of each problem! On Monday we jump into estimating, which should be good fun.

For English, adjectives have been on our minds. We have been writing sentences using descriptive adjectives to make our writing more informative and interesting. Students have been describing settings and characters as our unit will culminate in our own creative writing samples. In the homework there is a list of adjectives to help with writing descriptions, be sure to reference it to help with the homework (and don’t be shy to look up words you may not know!) Also, we had our first spelling test on Friday. Please remember to study the words all week; just ten minutes each night helps! I hope to see more of us prepared next week 🙂

Also, just a reminder, please return the homework in it’s folder by Friday. (Sooner is okay too).

And, one more thing, the temperature is starting to fluctuate; sometimes it feels too hot or cold in the room, especially after playing outside. But, the room stays a consistent temperature. Please bring a light sweater to easily feel comfortable if the room or wind outside makes you feel a bit chilly.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see everyone Monday!

-Mrs. Leah

Term 1 Week 3

This week has been a bit unusual as we had Tuesday off for the typhoon, Wednesday the school’s 40th Anniversary, and Friday the start of Chuseok!

In English we wrote letters to ourselves for the school time capsule and we started our Cambridge Primary unit on nouns and adjectives. We are still getting some reading assessments done so whole class instruction was implemented, and I have to say, everyone showed me their very capable and determined attitudes! The homework includes a worksheet on adjectives. If this is tricky due to English language ability, please do not feel obliged to complete it. If this seems too easy, try finding nouns and adjectives in whatever you may be reading at home! You could write them out and turn them in if you’d like a very happy teacher. 🙂

You will also find a spelling words list, please study these words for a spelling test next Friday. I may differentiate lists based on how our class does these next weeks, so if you find these words too challenging, do your best and please don’t stress. (If you are an English Language Learner, please note that you will not need to partake.)

For IPC we closed our Brainwave unit with a reflection on one of the schools core values: Growth Mindset. As students progress through the year, I hope they will continue to remember that the process of growth carries as much, if not more, value as being correct or perfect the first time or every time. Next week we will start the unit ‘They Made A Difference’ on figures of historical significance. I look forward to some great projects for this unit!

Math also saw the beginning of our Cambridge Primary curriculum starting with whole numbers and place value. Student’s are encountering digits and their values from various approaches, and while it may have been a bit tricky at first, most everyone was feeling confident with whole class practice! The homework features problems exactly like the ones tackled in class, and if there are any particular problems that are extra tricky, circle them so I can see where additional review and support can be implemented. Again I am very proud of the can do attitudes and focus shown during these lessons.

Lastly, a big kudos to all the students as they really showed their best behavior at the 40th Anniversary Assembly. Everyone was very respectful and got to place their letters to themselves in 10 years in the school’s time capsule. However, I think the highlight of the student’s day was all the delicious cake, cookies, fruits, and snacks provided by the PTA. We thoroughly enjoyed our treats and played some games before calling it a week.

I hope everyone enjoys the Chuseok Holiday and I will see you all back in class Tuesday!

Table Group Teamwork
Fun together in the Library.
Max Enjoying the party snacks.
Detective Alex looking for the suspect in a game.

Term 1 Week 2

Happy Friday!

This week everyone was settling in and getting readjusted to being back in school. I am happy to report that students have all become very friendly with one another and there is so much support continuing to happen between students. We all have gotten used to our schedule and continue to practice our routines and transitions to ensure a smooth workflow each day.

In English students flexed their reading stamina with their self-selected books in class. They are keeping reading logs to be accountable for the books they have read this year. They also worked on writing and illustrating story recalls to prepare for book reports later down the line. I am very impressed with the focus and work put into reading and writing so early in the term.

In Maths there were a few assessments to gage were the class is for addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division skills. You will find some addition and subtraction fluency worksheets in the homework this weekend, these are to wake up our math minds and rebuild confidence in these skills. If students find these exercises too simple, please try setting a timer for 5, 3, or even one minute! There is also a 100 frame to fill in; we will be working with problems using segments of 100 Frames so this is just to familiarize with one.

In IPC we continued to discuss learning to learn and our personal learning styles. For homework, students should use the ‘How my ______ Learns Best’ to interview a parent and discover their learning style. In class, everyone played brain games to see which activities their minds performed best. We also brainstormed how we can support ourselves and others when we may not feel our best. Everyone made really great images of themselves not feeling ready to learn, and their peers wrote messages of support and encouragement to stick on each picture. It was great fun!

Other activities this week included learning when and when not to share various types of information online in Digital Literacy, presenting a little about what makes each one of us unique in PSHE, and creating celebration cards for Hyundai Foreign School’s 40th Anniversary next week.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and stay dry!

-Mrs. Leah

Term 1 Week 1

Back to school and the first two days have been a great success!

Getting to know everyone has been a lot of fun, I can already get a sense of interests, likes, and learning styles. We spent these last two days do many getting to know you games, team building activities, and discussing the expectations and routines of the classroom. I was so pleased to see everyone jump right in and participate!

Those new to HFS really impressed me with their courage and confidence. Starting a new school can be nerve wreaking, however, I am proud to see such positive attitudes and behaviors – welcome and thank you.

Those students returning to HFS have also blown me away with their support of new students. From being tour guides of the school, offering language support, or just a friendly face in the hall or play yard, you have made these first days special.

I am so excited to learn more about you all and teach you this school year!

So what have we done?

On Thursday we designed a hoodie that showed off who we are and what we like, we then brainstormed and wrote down what rules and behavioral expectations best suited different areas of the school and classroom. Together, we crafted our classroom rules and expectations and all signed in agreement.

To lighten the mood, small groups played a fun dice game where students answered questions all about themselves. Students liked it so much we played again after lunch with new groups to get better aquatinted with everyone. Student’s learned about the classroom jobs they will take turns being assigned to starting next week. A mix of business and games made our first day fun but productive.

Friday, we went over our class schedule and talked a bit about what to expect for next week. Notebooks were prepared to be filled up starting Monday! We practiced transitioning from carpet to desk, and using our white board etiquette. I read out loud ‘First Day Jitters’, a book about the first day of school – with a twist!

The main event of the day was an engineering activity; students attempted to build structures with spaghetti and marshmallows! It was tricky, but everyone was on task and doing their best to get some towers up. Teams for this activity were a little different than our table groups, but everyone was hands-on and able to work together as a team! We did a little math with our building materials numbers, and took a quick visit to the library to stock our classroom shelf for reading materials for Monday.


On Thursday September 8th I will be holding my Parent Open Afternoon. Starting at 2:45 I will talk about our curriculum and be taking any questions you may have. It would be great to see you!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and I will see you on Monday!

Mrs. Leah