Parent – Teacher Meetings

Hello parents, next week (week 5) I will start scheduling parent teacher conferences to talk about student progress. Please find linked my Google Appointment Page to reserve a time.

As there are many parents to see, please let me know if the time you may need is not available. I would be happy to meet up week 6 or by special arrangement.

Thank you and see you soon!

Mrs. Leah

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Term 2 Week 3

Short and sweet week! On Wednesday we all were confused it was Monday, but we found our stride a picked up where we left of last week.

In math we practiced with finding the perimeter of shapes and introduced area. Everyone faired well on the mini questionnaire about the properties of 2D shapes and calculating perimeter; we need some review on rounding so expect such exercises this coming week.

In English we focused on our word study and went over how to put the most into our time to study our spelling words. Everyone did fantastic on the spelling test Friday! I hope to see this energy and effort continue. We reviewed a story from the legend of Sinbad and explored how character choices can change our plot line dramatically. There should be some pretty interesting stories happening in the next two weeks at we start the writing process to create our own myths!

Everyone became a detective for our IPC lesson. Students analyzed photos of the belongings of the body of a man murdered in the Italian mountains and speculated how he could have gotten there, have been killed, and why… but come to find this man is 5,300 years old. Ötzi ‘the ice man’ is the perfect case study of a life from the late Stone Age, or, the Neolithic era. Everyone was very focused and engrossed in the activity – it was great fun to watch.

We also did some guided internet research in Digital Literacy to brush us up on using websites to find information. Next week there will be some research done on Neolithic settlements, but everyone proved that they are much more comfortable and capable with the computer than earlier this school year.

For PE we messed about in the Hall as it is so freezing outside. Some rackets and a pack of balloons proved enough fun and aerobic activity for everyone 😀

Hope everyone has a great weekend and see you all next week for another full(!) week of learning!

Mrs. Leah

Term 2 Week 2

This past week has been an exciting one, and I must comment how well everyone has been getting on.

In math year 3 students looked at measurement and using centimeters, meters, and kilo meters for length. We looked at 2D shapes and determined regular and irregular polygons, and then started finding perimeters of such shapes. Year 4 students explored 2D shapes as well and looked into tessellations and lines of symmetry. We reviewed perimeter and started finding area using grids.

In English everyone has been devoting 15 minutes each day to their word study, which is time to work with the week’s spelling list. Then we jump into our Cambridge lesson where we are continuing with myths and legends, and focusing on preparing to write our own myth using compound sentences with conjunctions, and paragraphs with adverbial opening sentences.

In reading we looked at the classic myth of King Midas and the Golden Touch. Students read the story and then analyze it with th teacher, and complete tasks with their reading group independently. It is very rewarding to hear student thoughts and ideas about the value of money, the importance of life and family, and practice shifting their mindset by arguing alternate opinions than their own! Our EAL students are doing awesome as well, hearing them read so fluently and continue to build vocabulary is very motivating.

For IPC we went out on a nature walk Monday to scavenge for supplies for our Stone Age dioramas. We learned about life in the stone age, primarily the Paleolithic era, and how humans would find shelter, food, cook, what they wore, and how their communities worked. Then on Wednesday we build our models of a dwelling using our boxes (thank you for sending them in!), paint, paper, scissors, glue, and our bobs and bits from outside. The results are fantastic and I look forward to doing more crafty projects in the near future.

We have a four day weekend for Lunar New Year, so everyone enjoy the mini break and I will see everyone Wednesday!

Mrs. Leah

Welcome Back to Term 2!

It’s been three whole weeks since we’ve seen each other last, but our return on Monday showed that everyone was well rested and excited to continue on with school!

We switched things up a bit now having math class first thing in the morning and English after break time. In math 3rd year students are using centimeters and meters to measure lengths and 4th year students are exploring the properties of shapes. Week 1 was about finding our current abilities and reorganizing to optimize our learning as we get into perimeter and area the next few weeks.

English we are looking at myths and legends and in our small groups we were able to read and discuss the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. We revisited the story arch from our very first English unit back in September and were able to plot the myth on a story arch. We will continue to read and analyze various myths through out this unit. English language learners continue to show amazing progress through their reading books as well; as we gain fluency the stories will become more and more challenging – keep it up!

Students also jumped right into their word study building up familiarity and confidence with the spelling list. This coming week’s spelling list is long, but the words are not too difficult. The important feature is that all the words share the same long vowel sounds. Focusing on the different vowel teams that make the same sounds is the key.

In IPC we started our unit on the Stone Age. We studied history before back in the start of term 1, but now we are looking much further back into the beginning of human history. This week we focused on understanding the timeline of this era of our history and how we today can study humans from such a distant past. Everyone was keen to discover the roles of archeologists and anthropologists and how their discoveries unlock the clues to how we lived from 3 million years ago. Next week we will do some diorama building so please bring in a shoe box or small parcel box by WEDNESDAY of next week.

In Digital Literacy we started our unit on exploring the concept of coding using Scratch Pad. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun while getting a hang of it so I hope we can continue to play and learn with this program.

Have a wonderful weekend and see everyone Monday!

Mrs. Leah

Term 1 Week 16

We made it!

Everyone have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and fantastic winter break! Keep warm, stay safe, and enjoy your time with your family!

This past week was really fun; at the Winter Show everyone performed beautifully and did an amazing job. We still managed to squeeze in some winter themed math and English, but otherwise focused on practicing for the show and finishing up our units before the break. Friday was our class party and thanks to the wonderful contributions of parents everyone was stuffed with treats!

There is no assigned homework but I advise all students to read, read, read, then read some more. Then, learn to cook or bake something with mom or dad, take some nice long walks (all bundled up) as a family, and call everyone you know and remind them how special they are. Clean your room really good, play with all the toys that were lost in the closet or under the bed, draw and color a few pictures, and be rested and ready to meet again in 2023.

Take care and I wish everyone a wonderful break and amazing new year!

Mrs. Leah

Term 1 Week 15

Second to the last week down! As we creep closer to winter break everyone has been so focused and engaged in their learning, good job class on staying on track this past week. We finished our units on multiplication and the human body, we are finishing our poetry unit this coming week, and practiced our winter show performance!

In English we took a look at onomatopoeia, or words that indicate the sound something makes. We also learned about Haiku poetry and spend Friday writing our own. Students are still doing word study every morning, reading and writing in their reading journals, and using Education City to bolster their knowledge in English grammar topics and poetry.

We finished our look at multiplication for the time being; students reviewed what we covered with a fun review board game with Ms. Mary and broke down word problems with me. Word problems can be tricky for anyone, but with so many English language learners they proved extra challenging. We will be reviewing multiplication again after the break along side division, so everyone will get even more chances to practice their skills and those pesky word problems.

Our unit on the human body came to a close with a look at the nervous system. Students revisited the brain (which we touched on in our very first IPC unit ‘Brainwave’ at the beginning of the year!) We looked at the central and peripheral nervous systems and the parts of the brain and what each controls. We will do a few activities this coming week to close our unit and finish our Human Body Research Books – but well done class on such a long and intensive look at the rather complex system of ourselves.

In Digital Literacy we did some more touch typing and did an internet scavenger hunt. Students practiced finding information in search engines and recording the URL of where they found information. We used our PSHE time to work together perfecting our song for winter show; there are quite a few of us so moving in synch and getting it all down takes some work!

I will see everyone Monday for our last week of the term!

Mrs. Leah

Term 1 Week 14

This week we kept busy with the digestive system, similes and metaphors, algorithmic multiplication, filling up each other’s buckets with kindness, and practicing our class performance for the Winter Show.

IPC was full of action as students traced each other and filled up the outlines with the organs of the digestive system. We learned abut the major parts and how the digestive system functions.

Not really sure about this…

As we scoot closer towards winter break the class is experiencing a bit of social turmoil. Years 3 and 4 are a time of great social development and friendships at this age truly matter. Many of us are feeling a bit frustrated with one another and both in-class and break time disputes are at an all time high. For PSHE we took some time to write some kind words for every member of the class. School, peers, friends, life can take it’s toll on us sometimes and we all needed to refill our buckets with reminders of kindness.

Back in IPC, on Thursday we did an experiment with recreating the process of digestion with a plastic bag and some old crackers. Students mashed the crackers with their teeth (knuckles), mixed it with saliva (water) to make mush, and after we swallowed the cracker it reached our stomachs where it mixed with stomach acid (baking soda and vinegar) and really dissolved. Then the cracker found itself in the small intestines which absorbed all the nutrients (a sponge), leaving a thicker waste product to venture through the large intestines. After snipping a hole in the corner of the bag, the cracker waste exited our bodies into the toilet (trash can!) – Everyone loved it and it was a lot of fun!

We will finish up with our units on multiplication and poetry this week, as well as complete our last body system unit of study. As we get close to closing out term one, lets keep working hard and be kind to one another.

Mrs. Leah

Term 1 Week 13

This week we had a great time at Champion Black Belt! Students were able to run free and use their whole bodies to push, pull, limp, jump, and have fun doing the exciting physical activities. Afterwards we piled back onto the bus to Ochi-Gil park were we ate and played even more on the amazing play structures, hipline, and hammocks. It was a great day to let out some energy, spend time with friends, and work with each other outside of school. I was so very very happy and impressed with every ones excellent behavior, it made for such an enjoyable day!

Back in class we spend English going over poetry and introducing the idea od figurative language while sharing our thoughts on poems. We also looked at the use of subject and object pronouns and noun phrases. With Ms. Mary students have been having a go at writing some simple poetry. I love reading what student’s have wrote and hope to see them continue to practicing expressing themselves creatively. Word study has also been going well, but not everyone is making the marks I know they are capable of! Let’s be sure to also write out our words at home in addition to morning in-class activities!

For math we have been been working with the commutative and associate properties of multiplication. Next week we will finally break into algorithmic multiplication but our class is ready to work with double and even triple digits with all the different techniques we have mastered; equal groups, arrays, number lines, skip counting, and understanding that the order of our factors may affect our model, but the product stays the same! The idea is that everyone has a tool in their arsenal to help them breakdown problems and work them out in the method that works best for each individual. It is still a great idea to keep practicing and drilling the multiplication table at least up to 10 (it will help us so much with math later on!) and we will have plenty of that in class too.

In IPC we look a look at the circulatory system focusing on the heart and blood vessels. We connected our prior knowledge of the muscular system and respiratory system to understand that the heart is a muscle and that it pumps the blood which carries the oxygen inhaled by the lungs. I am always impressed by how much everyone retains and can explain in class, I think we will have some fun next week with the digestive system.

We continue to do touch typing and working on our computing skills with programs such as our online reading library epic! and the new platform Education City which offers some great supplementary math and English activities and practice. I would like to remind everyone that laptops and tablets are amazing tools – but they are fragile and expensive. Please try to handle such devices with care; there has been a lot of rough handling and dropping of the computers. We are lucky no screens have cracked so far, but let’s show respect to our learning tools as if they were our own.

Finally, in the homework folders there is a lot of checked in-class work going home. Please remove these papers from the folder before turning it back in. Feel free to check out some of the word study and math practice we’ve done through the week, then please recycle 🙂

Mrs. Leah

Term 1 Week 12

After a much need break, the first week back is already over!

Please be sure to check the permission slip for the field trip Tuesday November 22 (next week!) We will be going to the Champion Black Belt followed by a picnic lunch at Ochi-gil park. Parents must submit the permission slip form and give ₩8,000 by Tuesday morning. If any parents are interested in going, please let me know!

A shout-out to students who were so well behaved on Friday during the Kindness Market. I was very impressed with everyone who waited patiently for the event to start; many had their reading books and poems to finish! The Market was a great success and everyone was patient, helpful, and had a lot of fun for a great cause. Special thank you to Kindness Club and Mrs. Sim for hosting such a wonderful event.

Back to our class, this week in English we started our unit on poetry. We are looking at the structure of poems and figurative language, and writing some of our own poetry to exercise our creative minds. Everyone is doing marvelously with word study; on Monday students used a children’s dictionary to look up and define their words, and throughout the week they wrote out each word, broke down each word into its syllables, and even decoded the words from symbols to letters. Spelling tests are looking really good, so keep up the good work!

In IPC we learned about the respiratory system and the amazing lungs. Students should understand the purpose of the lungs, the major parts of the respiratory system, and how respiration works. We also discussed the importance of taking care of our lungs by keeping our air clean and not smoking. Students made their own anti smoking posters in small groups and discussed the dangers and effects smoking causes on their bodies.

This week we focused a lot on taking notes from reading passages in IPC and putting the information into our own words rater than directly copy. Then, we used our notes to write a perfect paragraph with an introduction and conclusion. I am really pleased with the results and hope to continue building upon our reading and writing skills across our content areas.

Math was all about multiplication again, but this time we used number lines and skip counting to solve our problems. It is is bit tricky at first because we must approach each problem in a particular way based on our method, however everyone was breezing through number lines and factor chains by the week’s end, so we are ready to start solving some bigger problems next week. Remember all the ways we have learned to approach multiplication and the bigger equations we encounter will seem like a breeze!

We have 4 more weeks until Christmas break come Monday, so let us continue to work hard and do amazing work! We will be practicing our class routine for the Christmas show a few times each week so that should keep us entertained and spirited at we head into the winter. Have a lovely weekend, don’t forget to submit the field trip form, and see you next week.

-Mrs. Leah