Term 3 – Weeks 8 & 9

Summer is approaching, and the weather is heating up, but that does not mean we are slowing down at HFS. The last two weeks were jam-packed with lots of activities and learning.

We had a fun filled and successful sports day at the end of week 7 where everyone had the opportunity to show off their sporting talent and have fun with their fellow students.

In Math, we have been looking at interpreting data, specifically at the difference between bar charts and histograms, looking at frequency density. We also looked at pie charts and how they represent data proportions, focussing on how to draw them and do calculations from already drawn pie charts.

This week in English, we finished reading Stone Cold by Robert Swindells. Based around the ending, students wrote a newspaper report and wrote diary entries from the perspective of the main characters.

In Science, the learners looked at the earth’s magnetic field, how this influences magnets in its area of effect, and how to use this knowledge to make a compass. They then had the opportunity to make an instructional video to showcase their skills. In History, the learners looked at the USA Declaration of Independence and what it meant for the colonists at the time and how it still influences the present time.

We also had a successful trip to Geoje, where the learners could make new friends from a different school and compete in sports against and with people outside our city. We are incredibly proud of how well our students behaved on and off the sports field.

End-of-year reports have been sent out with all the learners today; please take this opportunity to read through the report with your child and discuss with them what is written in the report. If you have any questions or comments or want to chat about your child’s progress, please use the link below to schedule an appointment with me.

Link to a parent-teacher meeting

We will also be taking a field trip to Busan on Wednesday 14 June. The students will be going by bus to Haeundae beach where we will then walk to Haeundae Blue Line Park where we will take the sea train to Songjeon Beach where we will eat a packed lunch before catching the train back to Haeundae beach. From there we will take the bus back to school. Please complete the permission slip below for the trip

Permission slip for field trip

That is all for this week I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend.