Term 3 – Week 6

As we get into spring with the warmer weather and more rain falling, we are also getting closer to the end of the academic school year and have commenced our school-wide A, B, C…-countdown to the start of summer vacation. This does not mean that no academic work is taking place, and the students are hard at work learning new things and improving their skills.

In Math this week, we looked at length, area, volume and units used for these. The students converted between different units of measurements for area as well as converted between miles and kilometres.

In Science, we looked at the electromotor effect and made simple motors using magnets, batteries and wire. Some students were more successful than others in getting their motors turning, but everyone had fun while learning something new as they developed their growth mindset. For life science, the students researched and presented information on cardiovascular diseases in keeping with the unit on the circulatory system. In Geography, students looked at new urbanists and the Ahwahnee principles in designing modern cities to make them more friendly to live and work in. In History, we looked at the causes of the American Revolution, specifically actions taken by Briton that did not show merit to the colonists and led them to question the legitimacy of British rule.

In English this week, with have continued our work around Stone Cold by Robert Swindells. We explored dual narratives and character voices, and we wrote our own pieces of creative writing using these techniques. Also, we role-played as the antagonist of the story.

I would also like to remind everyone that next week Friday is sports day. This is an opportunity for all the school students to participate in outdoor activities and share some experiences together. It is not a competitive sporting meet, and there will be no winners announced at the conclusion of the day; the focus is more on our core values of leadership, respect, teamwork and growth mindset, and of course, having fun. The students have been divided into eight equal teams, so it is imperative that students be present on the day for this to run smoothly. The teams have been allocated colours, and we ask that each student wear a t-shirt that matches their team colours. Team Colours.

Just a few things to remember on the day:

  • Parents are welcome to come to enjoy the day watching their children have fun.
  • Sun caps
  • Sunscreen 
  • Water bottle
  • Non-microwavable lunch
  • Correct colour t-shirt
  • Winning is not everything
  • Appropriate footwear and clothing

That is all for this week, I hope everyone has a great weekend.