Term 3 – Week 7

We are at the end of another busy and exciting week where we had the opportunity to learn, develop new skills and make fun memories with our classmates as we did various activities.

In English this week, the students continued to read Stone Cold by Robert Swindells. The class analysed characters, found quotes to support their ideas and made a missing person linked to the problem in the story.

In Math, we used different measures of area and studied the relationship between these measures; we also looked at why the mathematical formulae of area are what they are. We then used these mathematical formulas to calculate the area of compound shapes and the total surface area of 3D shapes. We also used a shape’s cross-sectional area and width to calculate its volume.

In DTI, we had the challenge to practice batch production while making pizzas, of which the ingredients are within a 100-mile radius of the school. Some groups stuck to the challenge more closely than others, but both groups made delicious pizzas and worked together wonderfully to batch-produce their allotted pizzas in a good time.

In History, we started looking at the road to independence that the American colonies took to gain independence from Brittain. The learners researched some key and presented these as part of a timeline of events.

In Science, learners were given a scenario where they were lost in the woods and had to use their knowledge of magnets and the Earth’s magnetic field to solve this problem. They will then produce a how-to-style video about making a compass and finding their way home.

In Geography, learners finished and presented their home adverts made to sell a house by mentioning the new urbanist ideals that surround the house.

And lastly, on Friday, it was Sports Day, where our class showed great sporting behaviour and were kind, compassionate and extremely helpful; being a big reason why the day was such a great success, and everyone had a great time. All the staff members mentioned how well they acquitted themselves and what great role models they were.

That is all for this week; I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend.