Term 1 Week 5 Update

Well, it was another short week due to the typhoon. I hope you all stayed safe and dry during that terrible weather. We hit the road running on Tuesday when we got back to school. We finished looking at inside/outside by creating a town diorama we can play with our small world characters in.

Tuesday afternoon we started learning about bears, both fictional and real. We talked about bears we knew from stories like Paddington and Winnie the Pooh. That led into a discussion of what bears eat. We learned, like Pooh Bear, real bears eat honey. So, we all tasted some honey!

On Wednesday we continued learning about bears. We played a game where we had to steal a bear’s pot of honey (which was really jingling bells) and had to determine who in the group stole the bear’s honey! We read Goldilocks and the Three Bears and we made some bear paw print art!

On Thursday we had a very special day! We baked bread! We went shopping in the Hall for ingredients. We mixed and kneaded it ourselves. Ms. M baked it while the students were having their lunch break. Finally later in the afternoon we had a bread party! Why bread? Because bears eat honey and this was honey bread! We also learned some simple table manners and practiced setting a table. The students had a lot of fun!

Today we started Learning Block 4 by talking about silly words and other things that make us laugh. We practiced making silly faces and silly noises. Mr. Mole came back and we learned about puppets and ventriloquism. We tried our hand at speaking without moving our lips and quickly determined that was not easy at all! Then, we made paper bag puppets.

This week while the students were doing literacy and maths centres, I pulled them out of the class to assess their phonics knowledge individually. Everyone has been assessed and will be placed into a group for small-group phonics learning. Students are grouped by both knowledge and readiness. Some of the younger students are not yet ready to be practicing phonics and our program allows for that as it recommends starting the youngest students later in the year.

Regarding this week’s homework. Some websites that may be fun to use when searching about your child’s chosen animal are:
I hope that is some help to you!

That’s all for this week! Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!

Term 1 Week 4 Update

It was a short week but a busy week yet again.

In IEYC we continued learning about ourselves and our classmates – this time through toys! Thank you to all the parents who remembered to send their child’s favourite toy with them on Tuesday. If you didn’t remember, that’s OK. Your child got to choose their favourite classroom toy to use for the day. We had a show-and-tell; we drew likenesses of our toys; we played a matching game with those likenesses, the toys, our names, and out pictures and even made a display piece from that; and we used our toys in PE class.

We also learned about toys in famous films such as Toy Story. We focussed on Mr. Potatohead and how many feelings he had and how he could change his face to suit the occasion. Then we made our own Mr. Potatohead figures from real potatoes!

Then, we started to focus on the world around us and the space outside our school. We went out, sat on a bench, and discussed what we could see from our vantage point. We saw cars, trees, flowers, cones, the clouds, and of course the school. We walked around to the garden near the Hanmaeum Centre and played some Eye Spy in nature. Later, we went back outside with our own bags and picked up some leaves, sticks, and stones which we combined with indoor art materials such as coloured pasta and pompoms to create some beautiful art which is now hanging in the classrooom.

Our Literacy Centres are going well and this week we added a new element to our afternoon rotations: Math Centres. In the morning we will focus on our literacy work: making letters, writing, letter matching magnets, reading to ourselves or to our friends, and in the afternoon we will have a selection of Math activities which currently are focussing on the numbers 1-5.

Of course we had plenty of play time to strengthen our minds and bodies as well as our social bonds through play. We also love to sing and dance in the class and do that quite often.

That’s it for Week 4. There’s lots in store for Week 5! Let’s keep learning!

Term 1 Week 3 Update

Wow! It was a short but exciting week! We learnt a lot and had a great time doing it.

Thank you to all the parents for reading my late-night email this week and getting a soft toy sent in with your children. I endeavour to give you more notice in the future. Case in point: please have your child bring one (1) toy of their choice to class on Tuesday when we come back. We will be doing a show and tell as well as some work around letters and sounds, names, and other activities using your child’s favourite toy.

But enough about next week; let’s talk about this week! We had a great time in IEYC learning more about letters. We went on a scavenger hunt around the school to find letters. Not only did we find letters but we found a parcel addressed to us. So, layer by layer we opened it. As each layer of wrapping came off, we found more letters. Finally we got to the box inside. Many guesses were made about what was inside (spoiler: it was letters). We played with those letters making our name, finding out the different sounds of the letters, and seeing if we could spell any simple CVC words when they were sounded out.

On Wednesday we spent our IEYC time writing a letter to ourselves 10 years in the future to put in the school’s time capsule. We certainly had a great time celebrating the school’s 40th birthday. I’m so proud of how well the children sat and listened to the speakers and how well they worked together to put our letter in the time capule.

Thursday was Chuseok and it was so lovely to see so many students in Hanbok or the traditional dress of their country. We had classes as normal – but it wasn’t entirely normal, we had our favourite soft animal with us! We started the day by learning a little bit about Paddington Bear and how far he travelled from Peru to London. We looked at a map carpet and globes to begin learning about different places around the world and to get a sense of where we live and where we are from. We made luggage tags because those are important if we have to travel far with our suitcases. Paddington came with a luggage tag attached! We learnt a little bit about animals who live underground like Mr. Mole and how they live there. So, we made dens to snuggle with our soft animal toys inside. Since it was Chuseok we also tried to play “gongi” – a Korean traditional game something similar to jacks (a game we played as children in Canada).

In our phonics rotations we added a new activity – letter magnet matching. Also in their free time, the students began to explore one of next week’s phonics activity centres (identifying initial sounds). Very soon we will begin small-group phonics with targeted learning for each child. They have also started exploring some of our maths centres activities which will be available to them in centres time from next week.

I think it goes without saying we also had lots of creative play time. The students are exploring different identities, social groups, and activities. They are learning to share and get along with one another. I am so proud of how wonderful our little community is becoming.

Have a wonderful Chuseok Weekend and we’ll see you on Tuesday! (Don’t forget to bring a toy!)

Term 2 Week 2 Update

Wow! We made it through the first full week of school. I’m not sure who’s more tired, the kids or me?! We had a great time learning through play this week.

In our unit Chattering Children we began by learning everyone’s name in a variety of ways. We played name games. We received mail from our class friend Mr. Mole and practiced handing it out to different people. We’re not only learning to recognize our own names, we’re learning to recognize the names of our classmates. What a solid start to reading! After we got mail, we made envelopes and wrote letters ourselves to bring home.

We also practiced asking questions. We put Mr. Mole in the “hot seat” and interviewed him. Sadly we had no child volunteers to sit in the hot seat. That kind of activity will become easier to participate in as the children get more comfortable with each other. Then we got a box of new dress-up toys and spent a lot of time pretending to be someone other than ourselves. (Those interviews I did on the voice recorder are still being processed. I am looking for a way to post them).

Finally we went searching for different animals, pretended to move like animals, and made animal sounds! How exciting.

We also began our literacy centres practicing Word Work and Working on Writing. Our word work was making play dough letters to hone our fine motor skills and working on writing saw us writing any letter or word we knew in our special blue writing books. Lots of children practiced writing their names and the alphabet.

PE was a hit playing Red Light Green Light and a variety of other games.

And of course we had plenty of play time!

Library books and homework were sent home today. If you have any questions about the homework – or anything at all – please do not hesitate to contact me at mariemcclellan@hyundaiforeignschool.com

Have a wonderful weekend. Stay dry. And we’ll see you next week!

Term 1 Week 1 Update

Wow! What a whirlwind couple of days we’ve had! It’s so exciting to see our new faces and returning faces. I am so pleased to have your wonderful children in my class this year.

We’ve spent the past two days doing a lot of getting to know each other through activities and a lot of play. We are practicing each others’ names a lot. We had a great game where we rolled a GIANT ball to one another and practiced saying each person’s name. We also started getting in the academic routine by making a beautiful rainbow with torn paper as a guided activity. We also really enjoyed all the art supplies, toys, and play dough in the class.

From next week we will be having our classes according to the timetable posted on the sidebar. Our first IEYC unit will be Chattering Children where we focus on getting to know each other, ourselves, our feelings, and communicating with oral language. More information about our curriculum will be posted very soon.

Some housekeeping notes:

Library Books – your children brought home a folder with a book in it. This came from our school library and is theirs to keep for the week. Please read it together with them. Reading with your child is proven to be one of the top markers of academic success as they progress through school. Please return the book, in the book bag, on Friday. They will have the opportunity to bring another book or two home then.

Homework – a very small amount of homework will be sent home each week, also in the book bag, on Fridays. This week’s is a get-to-know-you survey to be filled our with a caregiver’s help and also a sheet directly for the caregiver. Please return homework by Friday. Homework is not meant to be stressful. If it is too much or causing conflict at home please reach out to me so we can work something out. Do not stress yourself over it and certainly don’t stress your child over it.

PE Clothes – Every Tuesday morning we have PE. It would be nice if the children could wear their grey PE uniforms but it is not necessary. Appropriate footwear is necessary. We will be doing a lot of running and jumping and other vibrant activity so please make sure your child is wearing appropriate shoes.

Masks – COVID-19 is still with us. It is important that your child do their best to wear their mask at all times indoors. As there is no mask mandate outdoors, children are welcome to take their mask off on the playground but indoors we must wear them. Please help me encourage your child to wear their mask.

That’s it for this week! Have a lovely weekend and we’ll see you back and ready to learn on Monday!

Welcome to Ms. M’s Class

Hello! Welcome to the 2022/2023 school year here at HFS and more specifically in Ms. M’s class. We’ve got a whirlwind of fun learning ready to happen this year. We’re all set to hit the ground running!

I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Marie McClellan. I am a teacher from Canada who has spent the majority of my career teaching overseas. I began my journey in Korea but it has also brought me to Indonesia, the US, China, before bringing me back to Korea and HFS since 2018. I love to cook and make crafts. I collect postcards and have a collection of over 300 from all over the world.

In my classes I love to bring these passions into our day. The IEYC curriculum is perfect for that with lots of opportunities to explore the arts, food, and a wide range of topics and activities. I’ve been blessed being able to teach this class and I’m looking forward to co-creating an exciting learning journey with the children this year.

Watch this space for weekly updates with photos of your children learning and important news that needs to be passed on.

I look forward to growing and learning with your children this year!

Busy getting play dough made at home to start the year off right!