Term 3 – Week 10

As we complete the penultimate week of school, summer is in the air, and everybody is getting excited for the summer break; we are still working hard and getting lots of learning done. It was also great to see so many of you for the parent-teacher interviews taking an interest in your child’s education and supporting them.

In Math, we continued with our unit on interpreting data, where we looked at drawing and interpreting time series graphs and stem and leaf plots. We also took the opportunity to collect some original data from activities in the class and will use this data to practice analyzing data.

In English, this week, the students were set the task of making a presentation on behalf of a homeless charity. They had to explain about the charity, history, aims, projects and what they would do if they were given a grant to fund a project. At the end of the week, they presented to the rest of the class.

In Science, learners researched how animals use the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate while migrating. In History, the learners looked at how different groups of individuals reacted after the revolutionary war and who those groups were. In Geography, learners looked at new urbanism principles when comparing two different designed settlements and giving reasons why they would instead abide in one of the settlements. In DTI, learners practically experienced how the division of profits could be unfair to workers and how the fair trade organization seeks to rectify this situation through collaboration with all the role players, and how consumers have the power to decide.

We also had a very enjoyable class trip to Busan with a ride on the sea train. The students enjoyed learning a little about the history and geography of the area and just spending time with their peers.

That is for this week, and I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend. Next week will be the school’s end-of-year trip to Gyeongju -world and many other activities to mark the end of the academic year.