Term 1 – Week 5

After a storm-interrupted start to the week, we got straight into it and did lots of learning. A great thank you to all for your understanding about the school closure at such short notice, but the student’s safety is our top concern.

In Math, we looked at functions, expressions and equations and learned how to construct expressions from word situations, use expressions to find missing values, collect like terms, expanding brackets and inequalities. This brings us to the end of the unit and the chance for the students to show how much they have mastered the skills in an end-of-unit test on Monday.

We started a new unit in IMYC, called competition, where the big picture will be: “Trying to beat others have good and bad consequences”. On Tuesday we had our entry point where the class competed in a variety of physical and mental competitions to set the mood and get a feel of what competition can be like even if it is just in a class context. The students also had a debate on “Competition is healthy for young people at school”

In Science, we will be looking at the properties of metals and the reactivity series of metals. In ICT, we look at how ICT and computing have changed and are used in how people compete with one another, currently, the learners are looking at the good and bad consequences of competing online. There is also a Physical Education aspect to the unit where we looked at the good and bad influences of competition in professional football.

In English, we are coming to the end of our unit, ‘Travel Agency,’ a fantasy unit. This week we analysed different fantasy stories and wrote point, evidence, and explanation paragraphs to answer questions. The students also started to plan and write their own fantasy stories.

That is all for this week, I hope everyone has a good weekend and get back next week full of enthusiasm and ready to learn.

Term 1 – Week 4

Although this week has been short due to the Chuseok long weekend, it was a busy one full of learning and fun.

In Math, we started our unit on expressions, formulae and equations, looking at how to construct expressions from different terms, how to construct and manipulate expressions and how to substitute into expressions.

In IMYC, we completed our Brainwave unit, and the students had a lot of fun making an informational video regarding “brain breaks” and mindfulness. First having to write the script and then work as a team each fulfilling a role to record the different scenes that will be used to make the video, we are all eagerly awaiting the final product after editing. Keep an eye out on this platform where it will be shared as soon as it is done.

In English, we looked at creating tension in our writing and the literary devices needed to make a suspenseful piece of writing. The students also, created fantasy characters and described them; they used different figurative language to bring these characters to life.

During PE, students have been introduced to the different components of fitness and did some fitness tests for each of these components. They also planned and led some warm-up activities for the rest of the class and did a great job in getting their fellow students moving.

Term 1 – Week 3

This was a short but busy week with a little weather interruption from typhoon Hinnamnor causing the school to be closed on Tuesday. We also had a celebration of the school’s 40th year where Dave made the class proud by giving a very good speech about his time at HFS. The students also had time to chat to and ask questions to Mr Dyson a previous headmaster at HFS, about the school’s history, and his experiences at HFS. After the formal part of the celebrations, it was time to bond as a class by playing some party games and having delicious snacks provided by the PTA (thank you PTA, it was a hit). Then it was time to celebrate the Chuseok holiday long weekend. In between, we did manage to get some schoolwork done.

In English this week, the students continued their work around fantasy stories. The class explored secondary characters and how these are used in narratives and discussed the one in our text.  Also, we discussed personal voice and the types of writing that include it; before using it in diary writing. Also, we analysed a setting description then the students created their own based on a picture of their choice.

In Math, the students looked at indices and how to do calculations using them, HCF and square and cube roots. The year 9’s also leant how to write extremely large and small numbers using the standard form also known as scientific notation. As we got to the end of the unit on numbers we also wrote an end-of-unit test. This will be done at the end of each unit to identify if there are any gaps or misunderstandings in the learner’s knowledge at the end of a unit.

In IMYC, we continued with our Brainwave unit, where the students created a “community agreement” taking into consideration the needs of the teenage brain and what the class want us learning community to function like. We also studied three different parts of the brain that have an impact on how we study and react in different situations.

That is all for this week, I hope everybody comes back refreshed after the long weekend and ready to continue to work hard in class.

Term 1 – Week 2

At the end of the first full week of school and we are back in full swing with academic matters. It was also lovely to see some of the parents at the open afternoon we had on Thursday.

Just a reminder that clubs will be starting from next week and that this will affect the bus times coming back in the afternoons, there is still time till Saturday noon to sign up for any club. I would encourage students to be allowed to sign up for their choice of clubs to help develop a holistic education for our learners.

In class this week we started with Math and got into our new rotation system where each year group will get individual attention from me in class and the rest get to practice what we have learned previously or on the day. This week we looked at numbers and calculations of integers both positive and negative. The years 8 and 9’s also looked at prime factors and how they can be used to calculate the Highest Common Factor and the Lowest Common Multiple, they also started exploring indices and indice rules. The year 7’s also looked at multiples and common multiples of sets of numbers.

In IMYC, we are doing a Brainwave unit, aiming at understanding how our brains work, how we learn and how the teenage brain differs from that of children and adults. During this unit, we also looked at techniques to help meet the needs of the teenage brain and how mindset can influence our learning.

In English, our first unit is ‘The Travel Agency,’ based on a short story. At the start, the children did a quick assessment on story writing. The short story is about a girl who visits a travel agency, with various portals to different magical worlds. The children examined the features of fantasy stories and analysed the author’s techniques and the main character. Also,  we wrote a creative piece using figurative language; the children used their imaginations to describe objects that could be possible portals to another world. 

That is all for this week, I hope you have a relaxing weekend, and looking forward to seeing everyone back next week ready to learn some more.

Term 1 – Week 1

We had a great first few days getting to know each other and getting our mindset right for the start of the school year. It was great to welcome back our old students and welcome to our class our new students.

Next week the “serious” work begins when we start with the academic work of the term in full swing. Below are some pictures of what the class did this week.

That is all for this week, I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend and comes back refreshed and ready for next week.

Welcome to the new year

Hello Everyone

Welcome to the new year of school, I hope everyone is excited and ready for the exciting time ahead.

I would encourage everyone to keep checking in on this page to get information on what has been happening every week.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.