FS 1-2 Art – Term 1 Week 13

We have started a variety of Christmas art projects from this week.

FS1-2 friends created a Christmas wreath using straw stamps.

We applied two different tone of green colours and stamped them on for making the shape of Christmas wreath.

And we added the images of Christmas such as a snowman, a snow flake, a warm hat and scarf and a Christmas tree.

The rest of the time we drew green leaves on our painting we did last week.

Next week we are going to fingerprint on our wreath and also apply some fancy sequins and shiny glitters.

Y 1-2 Art – Term 1 Week 13

We have started a variety of Christmas art projects from this week.

Y1-2 student are going to explore of Christmas atmosphere with winter tree and hills.

We learned how we can change the tone, control the colour with water.

Next week we are going to draw a winter tree and use some fabric materials for making a warm mood.

Y 3-5 Art – Term 1 Week 13

Last week Y3-5 students had an experiment how oil and paint mixed and explored the effect.

Y3-5 students used real marbling paints this week.

This time it showed clearer and prettier colours than last week.

Kids were so excited to see their completed marbling work.

Next week we are going to draw beautiful Christmas images and collage skills with these patterns. I am looking forward to see their progress.

Y 6-9 Art – Term 1 Week 13

Y6-9 students kept processing on our project Gustav Klimt’s ‘the tree of life’. They painted golden colour on their tree trunk and branches and added some gold leaves papers.

FS 1-2 Art – Term 1 Week 12

FS1-2 friends have been creating beautiful art work in connection with the story “The very hungry caterpillar” by Eric Carl.

We learned and explored what the very hungry caterpillar eats, how the very caterpillar changed in this story.

This week FS1-2 friends created beautiful butterflies using marker pens.

Through this lesson we explored the different patterns of butterflies.

Here is our beautiful piece of art!

Well done, FS1-2 friends. You guys are superstars!!

Y 1-2 Art – Term 1 Week 12

Y1-2 students have been working on a circus theme in IPC. We made these trapeze artists. The trapeze itself is just a straw with a piece of string threaded through and tied.

The acrobat’s bodies were made from a simple template of body shapes with arms above the head. The students added their own faces, hair, costumes and slippers with bright colours.

Y 3-5 Art – Term 1 Week 12

Marbling traditionally uses water with oil-based paint. The oil paint floats on top of the water and when a piece of paper is immersed into the water the pattern shows up on the paper.

This week Y3-5 students experimented how immersed water colour paints and oil mixed.

Our aim was to create a flowing river, it wasn’t easy to do at first time.

However, this was a fantastic experience! Although we made a lot of mess in the art room 😊.

We really loved this activity! I was impressed with their enthusiasm.

Y 6-9 Art – Term 1 Week 12

Y6-9 students have been studying Gustav Klimt.

This week we created the masterpiece of Gustav Klimt, “The tree of life” which is well known around the world. For this project we made 3 groups and used a box for the trunk of the tree, gold paint, string and paper scraps. So far, the students have been very good at working in their groups.

Next week we are going to use gold leaves and sequins to decorate our trees.

FS 1-2 Art – Term 1 Week 9

FS1-2 read the story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and then created their own caterpillar with paints. It was a lot of fun! Next week we are going to make food that the caterpillar eats daily. Also, we are going to create our very own butterfly!

Y 1-2 Art – Term 1 Week 9

In our IPC unit this week we started investigating the circus. So, in art we learned about and watched a video about circus performances and talked about what we felt was the most impressive part of the circus. We expressed our opinions about the best animal performances with drawings. They all look amazing, well done!