FS1-2 Art – Term 3 Week 8

This week, we watched the fairytale ‘The Little Mermaid’ and pretended to be mermaids as we explored the underwater world. We learned that besides sea creatures, there are many other living organisms in the ocean, and we expressed this through art. We had a lot of scissor cutting activities this week, and I can feel that our children’s fine motor skills are improving. Let’s meet again next week for more fun art lessons.

Y3-4 Art – Term 3 Week 8

What does Island life look like to you?

Island life can vary greatly depending on the geography and location.

The students in Year 3-4 shared their ideas and experiences of islands, and we discussed the different images they had in mind. Afterwards, we embarked on creating stunning watercolor sunsets of islands. During this activity, we learned techniques for using watercolors to achieve different tones. I am delighted to present the beautiful islands that the students created. Well done, everyone!

FS1-2 Art – Term 3 Week 7

This week, we read the story of “The Ant and The Grasshopper.” After reading the story, we had a lot of fun creating beautiful grasshopper headbands and guitars. We also learned about the fascinating life of jellyfish and expressed our understanding through watercolor paints and marker pens by creating stunning jellyfish artworks.

Y1-2 Art – Term 3 Week 7

The invention of the camera has indeed had a profound impact on people’s lives. It has transformed the way we capture and preserve memories, document events, and communicate visually.

In our Y1-2 class, we recently learned about the art of photography. The students learned how to take a picture and understand the importance of composition. We also had discussions about the significance of focus, lighting, and stability in photography. The children learned the techniques of “zoom in” and “zoom out” and applied them by taking pictures of the pine tree in front of our school.

It was a lot of fun for the students, and they were able to describe the object through their drawings and paintings.

Next week, we will be exploring the world of Digital Media Art. Stay tuned for more exciting creative experiences!

Y3-4 Art – Term 3 Week 7

In our recent Art in Entrepreneurship project, we focused on creating business cards. Business cards serve as a means to provide contact information and make a positive impression on potential clients or customers. For this project, we specifically designed business cards related to a hamburger shop. The students put their creativity to work and came up with their own unique and personalized designs for the business cards.

They incorporated elements that represented the hamburger shop, such as graphics of hamburgers, catchy slogans, and appealing colors. By designing their own business cards, the students learned about the importance of branding and how to effectively communicate information about their fictional hamburger shop.

It was a hands-on and engaging activity that allowed them to explore the world of entrepreneurship and marketing. Overall, the project provided a practical and fun opportunity for the students to apply their artistic skills and understand the role of visual communication in business.

We have started a new topic called “Island Life” this week. In this project, we will be using various art techniques to create and express beautiful islands.

Y5-6 Art – Term 3 Week 7

We completed a beautiful silhouette animal art project and added objects to describe their habitats. Moving on to making 3D DIY Cardboard Animal Crafts is an exciting new project. It provides students with an opportunity to work with three-dimensional materials and develop their crafting skills.

They can utilize their imagination and artistic abilities to bring their favorite animals to life using cardboard and other materials.

Throughout these lessons, the students are not only honing their artistic techniques but also learning about different habitats and the animals that inhabit them. This multidisciplinary approach combines art, biology, and environmental awareness, providing a comprehensive understanding of the natural world.

Y7-9 Art – Term 3 Week 7

We have completed our cup carrier design!

Then we moved on to the exciting world of fashion design. In this phase of the course, we have started exploring different types of fashion design and delved into the fundamental principles and elements that shape this creative field.

To begin our journey into fashion design, we discussed the basic principles that govern this art form. These principles include proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis, and harmony. We explored how these principles play a crucial role in creating visually appealing and well-balanced fashion designs. Students were encouraged to analyze and understand how these principles are applied in various garments and fashion collections. In addition to the principles, we also explored the essential elements of fashion design. These elements include color, line, shape, texture, and pattern.

We discussed how each element contributes to the overall aesthetic and visual impact of a fashion design. Students had the opportunity to examine different fashion pieces, analyze the use of elements, and identify how they influence the overall design concept. Throughout our discussions, we also highlighted the importance of creativity and innovation in fashion design. Some students started sketching their fashion designs, using their observation skills. They will sketch the models’ fashion designs, relying on their observation skills to capture the essence of their envisioned looks.

FS1-2 Art – Term 3 Week 5

We had a great time learning about insects and flowers. We enjoyed engaging in art activities, such as stamping insects around a ladybug to make friends. We also had fun creating clay ladybugs and adding them to our artwork.

This week, we learned about ants and created their nests underground. We expressed ants using stickers and fingerprints. We used sand and additional materials to show the realistic appearance of the ant nests. It was a lot of fun! Here are some beautiful artworks created by our FS1-2 friends. Well done, everybody!

Y1-2 Art – Term 3 Week 5

The Y1-2 children are currently exploring how art has evolved throughout history, from cave paintings to the printing press and now digital media. They began their journey by delving into the world of cave paintings, studying images and creating their own cave paintings on tin foil.

This week, the focus shifted to the significant changes brought about by the invention of the camera. The camera has revolutionized various aspects of human life, including the way we capture and preserve memories, document events, and communicate visually. The students had the opportunity to explore photography pictures and express their emotions and thoughts about them. They then selected a photograph they particularly liked and practiced their observation skills by drawing it.

Next week, the project will be further developed as the children learn how to use a camera. They will also have the chance to photograph different objects, adding another layer to their artistic exploration.

Y3-4 Art – Term 3 Week 5

Y3-4 students have recently engaged in a project where they designed hamburger boxes incorporating their own logos. Through discussions, we explored the factors that contribute to their effectiveness and visual appeal, including design elements such as color, typography, layout, and graphics. We examined various typographies and graphics and then proceeded to create our own unique designs.

Following this, the students used clay to craft their own hamburger models. The completed artwork by our Y3-4 students was truly remarkable. Each creation showcased their individuality and creativity. Congratulations on a job well done!