Y1-2 Art – Term 3 Week 11

Year 1-2 kids have finally finished creating a stop motion animation. Here is their stop motion video. They were so proud of themselves when they saw the video they had created. Thank you so much to the great Year 1-2 kids for making this amazing art class possible this year. We will have even more fun activities next year!

Y3-4 Art – Term 3 Week 11

I love the Y3-4 class a lot. They are so fun and have really enjoyed our art lessons. You guys have created amazing artwork this year, and I hope you have learned a lot from the activities. Next year, we will have even more fun!

Y5-6 Art – Term 3 Week 11

We have finally finished our art project inspired by Eric Carle. Take a look at the beautiful artwork we created together. We spent the remaining time leaving messages for our classmates and teacher. It was a truly meaningful experience.

Thank you so much to the Year 5-6 students who worked so hard this year. I promise to make next year’s art lesson even more fun. Have a fantastic and safe summer vacation, and let’s meet again in the new school year!

Y7-9 Art – Term 3 Week 11

Year 7-9 students created a video and card for Mr. De Klerk this week. They were a little bit shy at first when leaving a message for him, but we were all satisfied with the video we created. We also left some messages for our classmates to remember this moment. It was a truly meaningful time. I hope everyone enjoyed the art lessons this year, and we will meet again in the new school year. Well done, everyone! I am so proud of all of you!

FS1-2 Art – Term 3 Week 10

Weaving is a wonderful art technique that allows kids to explore different textures, colors, and patterns. It’s a great way to encourage creativity and fine motor skills development.

This week FS1-2 kids have had a great time creating their beautiful fish weaving.

They cut the template of fish and cut the colour paper, weaved freely and creativity.

Well done to the FS1-2 kids for their artistic accomplishment!

Y1-2 Art – Term 3 Week 10

Y1-2 kids have been learning about a form of digital art called ‘Stop Motion Animation’. Last week, we explored how stop motion is created and discussed the necessary processes. This week, we completed drawing images for creating our own stop motion animations.

We took pictures and connected them to create a seamless animation. Next week, we will add text and music to enhance the final result. I am looking forward to seeing the wonderful completed animations from our little producers next week.

Y3-4 Art – Term 3 Week 10

We can’t talk about Island life without mentioning the sea. The Year 3-4 students have created beautiful waves using watercolor paints. We have learned about different tones of blue and how to express waves.

During our exploration, we discovered the various shades and hues of blue that exist in nature. We observed the colors of the ocean, from the lightest sky blues to the deeper shades of turquoise and navy. Inspired by this, we used watercolor paints to replicate these tones and bring our waves to life on paper.

We experimented with different techniques to capture the movement and texture of the waves. Using brush strokes and blending techniques, we created dynamic and flowing waves that reflect the energy and beauty of the sea.

Throughout this process, we learned not only about color but also about observation and interpretation. We studied how waves form and observed their shapes, patterns, and the interplay of light and shadow. We then translated these observations into our own artistic expressions, using the language of color and brushwork.

The result is a collection of stunning wave paintings, each with its own unique interpretation of the sea. We are proud of our achievements and are excited to share our artwork with others.

This project has not only allowed us to explore our creativity but also deepened our appreciation for the beauty and importance of sea life. We have learned to observe and appreciate the wonders of nature and express them through art.

Y5-6 Art – Term 3 Week 10

Year 5-6 students have been practicing the technique of illustration inspired by the artist Eric Carle.

Last week, we used watercolor paints and began experimenting with a variety of colors on paper.

This week, we drew images of ocean animals on the paintings we created last week. To create a cohesive underwater scene, we used a large cardboard paper and combined all our individual works.

I am excited to see the amazing final result when it is completed next week.

Y7-9 Art – Term 3 Week 10

Year 7-9 students have created a fashion magazine cover with their creative illustrations. Using different materials on the magazine cover adds a unique touch and showcases the students’ artistic abilities. Creating a fashion magazine cover allows students to explore their creativity and express their personal style. I hope the magazine cover turns out beautifully and serves as a source of pride for the students involved. Well done on this creative endeavor!

FS1-2 Art – Term 3 Week 9

FS1-2 kids created a scene where a scary and cute shark is biting a little fish. We used clothes pegs to create the opening mouth of the shark, and it looked really cool. The kids enjoyed playing with the shark toy. Additionally, we stamped bubbles around the ocean that we created.