HFS Newsletter – Term 3 – Week 1

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Welcome back to school and welcome to Term 3. Lots of exciting things have been happening this week and we have lots of exciting things planned for the rest of the term.

Clubs start next week

Please remember that clubs start next week and therefore the bus schedule has also changed.

Here is a reminder of what clubs you have signed up for.

Here is the form if you still want to sign-up for clubs (before Sunday please)

  • Monday – Sports Club with Mr Jouini’s Sport Club
  • Tuesday – Football and Knitting
  • Wednesday – Environmental Awareness
  • Thursday – Origami
  • Friday – Board Games

We like students who sign-up for clubs to keep going all term and not quit. If a student wants to stop coming to a club we need an email or phone call from the parents. Last term we had a few students who wanted to not go to a club on a particular day and it is difficult for us to organise buses if we haven’t received confirmation from the parents. Thank you

Spoons for lunch

One of our Core Values is ‘Environmental Awareness’ so we try to reduce the amount of plastic we use. One way to help with this would be if students always had the right cutlery to eat their lunch. Sometimes we have to give students plastic spoons and forks at school.

COVID-19 Tests

We have sent another set of COVID-19 tests home today with the students. Remember, students only need to do a test on Sundays now. The school only needs to be informed of positive test results.

PTA Meeting

Thank you to everyone who came to Mrs Sim’s PTA Meeting on Thursday. It sounds like we have a great event planned for Saturday 28th May. Further details to follow.

Sports Day

Whole School Sports Day will be on Friday 13th May at Ulsan College. Parents will be able to attend this year (yeah). Further details to follow.

Class Updates

Don’t forget to read your Class Update every week!