Update Week 12

This week in Math we looked at probability, we started the week by each rolling an eight-sided dice 100 times and recording our results. We then learnt about theoretical probability and compared our experimental outcomes with theoretical probability. We also learned about simultaneous events and used two-way tables and tree diagrams to work out the probability of some combination of events occurring.

In English we started a new unit on Poetic Language, each student had to analyze their favourite song as if it was a poem. We then looked at different features and types of poems and had to identify a variety of poems into their types. Students also learned about different features of poems and had to identify them in their song lyrics.

In IMYC we looked at how we know chemical reactions take place, exothermic and endothermic reactions and combustion in Science. In Technology learners had to look at how materials used in winter clothes has changed over time and look at the advantages as well as disadvantages of some of the traditional and modern materials we use.

That is all for last week, hope everyone had a good weekend and is ready for the week ahead.

Please look out for an email that will contain a permission slip for the class trip that will happen on 30 November.

Update Week 10 and 11

Over the last couple of weeks, we had a busy time in class.

In Maths we learnt about sequences linear patterns in numbers and how to find the n-th term in a sequence. We also looked at equations and simple functions and how to solve for the unknown variable.

During our English lessons we used the SMILE method of looking and analyzing a poem related to extrema weather, we then looked at the difference between poetic language and the language used in news articles. The students then used the writing process to plan and write either a poem or a news article about extreme weather or one of Earth’s wild places.

In IMYC for Science, we looked at atoms as the building blocks of all matter and what can be found in atoms, we also looked at the development of the atomic theory and how this explains reactions.

In Geography we looked at how people from different places in the world make use of their natural environment to make life more comfortable,

In Technology we looked at clothing and how specific materials are used for individual purposes in clothing manufacturing.

During our ICT lesson, we looked at the history of specific genres of video games and how they developed and influenced different genres of gaming.

During our global citizenship week, we looked at how we are all linked together on earth and how we can make the Earth a better place for everyone. We discussed the carbon cycle and how it impacts global weather and climate change. We researched what we as individuals and as a school can do to limit our impact on the environment. Look out for the informational videos the students created as part of our awareness campaign.

Update Week 9

This week in English we looked at extreme weather and how it is depicted in literature. First we looked at the language and structure used in news articles and secondly we looked at the language and structure of a poem dealing with the same type of weather. We looked at the why both of these types of literature are written. The students also got the opportunity to act out a scene from an explorers diary, making use of different techniques to bring the story to life.

In Math we looked at different forms of transformations with figures on a X,Y-plain. We looked at translations, reflections and rotations.

In the Science component of IMYC we are starting with chemistry and this week we were looking at atoms and how our understanding of atoms has progressed through the years, students also looked at the periodic table of elements and how it is set up. We learnt more about protons, neutrons and electrons and how these influence an atoms atomic number, mass number and charge.

For Technology we looked at different factors that influence our choice in textiles and where textiles come from. We compared the feel of different textiles both man-made and natural.

As a study into our local Geography we looked at a survival situation in and around the school area and what natural and man-made resources are available to us.

In IMYC we looked at the evolution of computer games and how the development of technology lead to an advancement in games, as well as how creative thinking influenced games.

On Friday everyone looked positively spooky (or cute) as they dressed up for the Halloween activities at school.

Update week 8

During English class this week we looked at presentation skills. During last week the presentations were recorded so we had the opportunity to look at ourselves and do self assessment. This helps us be more honest with ourselves and also see where we are going right and what we can improve on. We then used this new insight to prepare another presentation, using our reading skills we learnt last week. The learners then had to opportunity to present their Halloween presentations aimed at their groups specific target age group and evaluate each other and give constructive feedback.

During Math we looked at direct and inverse proportions, and how to use formulae to work out these relationships. From there we moved onto substituting into different formulae. We also looked at how to manipulate equations to find the value of a variable.

During IMYC we had the opportunity to look at the history of money and why money developed. We also looked at different of systems that was used before the invention of money and their drawbacks. The class also completed and presented their history assignment about the consequences of world War II on the Korean peninsula.

Update week 7

As we are getting to our IMYC unit the students are working hard on several exit point to demonstrate what they have learnt during the unit. For Technology the students planned and prepared a vegetarian or vegan meal with a budget of 40 000 won. The students divided themselves into two groups and both did exceptionally well to produce great meals.

For Science the students are busy preparing something to show a clear understanding of a scientific concept, the students can use a method of their choosing to demonstrate their understanding. We also had loads of fun making and playing with non-newtonian fluids. In History the students are using some research skills along with skills acquired in English to create presentations about the consequences of WWII on the Korean peninsula.

During Math we are working with fractions, percentages and ratios, that is leading us into direct and inverse proportions and the use of equations to solve mathematical problems.

In English we improved our writing by looking at different ways to use sentence openers and connectives to create more engaging text when writing. We also had a look at presentation skills do’s and don’ts. The students then had the opportunity to create a presentation and deliver it while being recorded so that we can do self assessments next week to tie into our core value for the week, Growth Mindset.

That is all for this week.

Update Week 6

What a busy week we had with loads of learning opportunities.

In Math we continued learning about statistics especially Venn diagrams and how to use them to make predictions. Students also learnt about the calculations and measurements involved in Pie charts The students are also working on a project where they have to go through the whole cycle of the data collection and interpretation process.

In English we started an new section entitled Earth’s wild places. The students are learning more about non fiction writing and creating short informational texts. The students also had to evaluate different layouts of articles and how it affects the reading of these articles.

In Science we looked at the effect of low and high pressure systems on the human body by looking at altitude sickness and how it as well as what happens to free divers bodies as they dive to extreme depths. The students also got the opportunity to plan their vegetarian meal for their Technology practical. In History we looked at some consequences of the reformation that happened in Europe.

That is all for this week enjoy your weekend.

Update Week5

Welcome back after a long Chuseok break. We jumped right into things and had an interesting week of learning.

In Math we started looking at statistics, collecting organizing and displaying data. Students had the opportunity to work with numbers in a more everyday context, and learn how to interpret numbers and make decisions based on the math of a situation.

In English we learnt how to read a poem and not just look at the surface of what is written, but to see what is meant by the author. We also looked at extending our vocabulary by using words from “The Ruby in the Smoke”. The students also had to complete a quiz to see if they were reading the book with comprehension.

In Science we looked at some “magic” tricks and discussed the science behind each of these. We also looked at the expansion of metal in heat and discussed its implications in construction.

In Technology we made “Spicy Bean Burgers” where the students got the opportunity to put their culinary skills to the test in preparing a vegetarian meal. We also looked at the consequences of what we eat on nature in a more international context.

In History we looked at the European Renaissance and how it lead to the Reformation, leading us into the consequences of this action.

In Geography the students had to make an information pamphlet for potential travelers to Ulsan, advising them on what to expect and how to prepare during the different seasons.

Update week 4

It was a very busy week to lead us into the Chuseok break.

In Math we looked at areas of compound shapes, as well as the applications of this in real life situations. The students learnt when to add or subtract shapes depending on the situation.

In English we looked at presenting and the way we communicate our ideas to others. Students had to research an adventurous character and present it to the class.

During Science we looked at how heat affect substances in different phases, the students gathered data and plotted a heating curve of water. We also investigated how the boiling point can be used to identify different liquids. We also looked at what happens to gases when they are heated and used this information to figure out for ourselves how hot air balloons work.

In Geography we looked at how plants react to different climatic conditions, and how this influences food production.

In History we discussed the consequences of the crusades and are drawing links to how some of these consequences still affect the world today as well as out daily lives.

On Friday we celebrated the Chuseok holiday by playing some traditional Korean games.

That is all for this week, I wish everyone a happy Chuseok break and an enjoyable time with family. See you all back on Monday 27 September.

Update week 3

Another week of learning has come to an end.

This week in Math we worked with 2 D shapes, learning about the difference between perimeter and area. We also learnt how to calculate the perimeter of compound shapes made out of different 2 D shapes.

During English we worked on expanding our descriptive language and explored different ways to write more descriptively. The students also worked on planning their adventure tales using a story spine and learning about the relationship between the protagonist and antagonist of a story. Finally we introduced the students to Victorian London to introduce our set work book “The Ruby in the Smoke”.

In Science we looked at the phases of matter, density and why things will float or sink. The students had the opportunity to design and make a boat attempting to carry the largest weight without sinking.

In History we looked at the consequences of the speech that Pope Urban II gave at Clermont in 1095 and how that led to the Crusades.

In Geography we are learning about different factors that contribute to climate and looked at orthographic cooling and how it affects rainfall in certain areas of the world.

For Technology we researched what a healthy balanced meal contains and compared it to the food we eat.

That is all for this week, enjoy your weekend.

Update week 2

It is hard to believe that we are already at the end of week 2, another week of enquiry, improving our knowledge and learning new skills.

In IMYC this week we started with Science and investigated falling objects and whether their weight makes a differance, and thanks to the help of some slow motion videos could come to the conclusion that it does not. We also investigated different factors that affect friction.

During History we discussed consequences of decisions that leaders of industry or countries have made on the world by looking at who it affected and what the effect was on those people. During Geography students started to do some research on the affect of weather and climate on the people living on the African Savannah and how it compares and contrasts with our local weather and climate.

For Technology we got to the much anticipated food technology activity where students had to make a tuna broccoli bake from scratch for lunch. The reviews of their own cooking and the dish were mixed and ranged from 2 to 9 out of 10. The students did very well and worked together to successfully make their lunches, and the only thing that could prevent them from eating their creations was being a picky eater. (I might have had to lend a helping hand on occasion.)

During English we looked at how the voice of a character can be different as well as how different voices can influence what meaning a written piece can convey. The students had to come up with a charachter with a “voice” different from their own for the adventure story they are working on. Some decided to dress up too as their character.

In Math we were looking at different ways to represent very large and very small numbers as well as rational and irrational numbers. We also used prime factors to work out LCM and HCF values for different numbers.

It was great to get to see some of the parents at our curriculum meeting on Thursday. Thank you to those that could attend.

That is all for this week, enjoy your weekend.