Term 3 – Week 3

It was another busy week with lots happening inside and outside the classroom. The students wrote the Cambridge progression tests, and also had the opportunity to act as mentors to our youngest learners.

In IMYC – Science, we looked at different ecological relationships and identified these relationships in a marine setting. In History, we looked at historical figures and how they acquired a particular reputation and how different media portray this reputation. In Geography, we started looking at maps and particular how we use grid references to describe a place on a map.

In English, we continued our setwork book Skellig and looked at how to use the text to write PEE paragraphs and how to build tension in our writing.

In Math, we studied visual represented data and how to draw conclusions from visual data, also how to intrepid data and make valid conclusions.

On Friday we had sports day, everyone had a good time and was very helpful and kind towards the younger members in their mixed teams.

A reminder that on Monday we will be going on a field trip to Busan to visit the SEALIFE aquarium, we will be taking the Ulsan to Busan metro. Students are reminded to wear the school shirt or hoodie for the trip and to bring either a packed lunch or money to buy lunch in Busan.

Term 3 – Week 3

As we come to the end of a short week, I hope everyone enjoyed their children’s day celebrations. I would like to thank everyone for their prompt responses and for sending back the reply slips for the field trip in such a timely manner.

This week we had the opportunity to look at the subway map and plotted our route to get to the aquarium.

In Math, we looked at 2D and 3D shapes. We looked at the criteria for congruency of triangles as well as how to calculate the missing angle in a triangle if necessary. We also looked at plans and perspectives of 3D shapes and how to calculate the volume of any three-dimensional prism.

In English, we started our network book for this term, Skellig, We looked at hooks the author uses to draw the reader in and reading between the lines of what the author is saying and delving deeper into the symbolism of the writing.

In IMYC – Science we looked at food webs and chains, the importance of balance in an ecosystem and how the removal of one species can influence the whole system. in ICT the students presented their “about me” presentations as well as the logos they designed and assessed each other on our previously decided upon success criteria for each of those. In Geography the students looked at balance within a community and what factors affect the balance of a community, the students then looked at a crime map and is comparing the different factors found in an area of high crime vs an area of low crime.

Next week we will be writing our Cambridge progression tests which is a teacher marked assessment of the phases’ work covered. The students will be writing two Math and two English papers.

On Friday of next week will be sports day, please read the school newsletter for more information.

That is all for this week, enjoy your weekend.

Week 2 – Term 3

A huge congratulations on our year 6 and 9 students who persevered through their Cambridge Checkpoint assessments this week. By all accounts it went well, we now eagerly await the results.

Next week we are back to business with normal teaching continuing, and just a friendly reminder that Thursday is Children’s Day which is a Korean public holiday, so no school for our students.

This week in Science, we went to the reservoir to try and identify different species in the area and to create a display board that will categorize these species into their different levels. We also learnt more about different biomes and looked at different places where these biomes occur. In Geography, we examined proportions in communities including our school community and how this effect the balance within the community. We then played an interactive game to show how different ecological and socio-political factors are out of balance that can affect people’s lives and livelihood. In ICT we looked at the logos of different brands and identified what makes a good balanced and effective logo. The students then had the opportunity to design their own logo that we will measure against the success criteria that we identified.

In English we started today with a new novel for this term entitled Skellig. We will be using this novel to learn more about fiction.

In Math, we looked at conversions of times and used bus and train timetables to plan itineraries.

Please be advised that the class will be undertaking a class trip on Monday 16 May to SEALIFE aquarium in Busan, We will be making use of our new Math knowledge and going by train, which also fits in with our core value of Environmental awareness. Be on the lookout for a permission slip that will be going out next week.

That is all for this week, have a relaxing weekend.

Please remember to do a home Covid test on Sunday and let us know in the case of a positive test result.

Week 1 – Term 3

Welcome back to a very busy term 3, this term starts off quickly for some of our learners with them writing Cambridge Checkpoint tests next week. Cambridge Primary Checkpoint is a series of assessments for use in the final year of a phase. It enables us to obtain an international benchmark of learner performance to identify and address learning needs.

So with that in mind as well as the upcoming progression tests that will be written in week 4 of this term we dedicated time during English and Math to look at how test questions are structured, how best to approach them and how to answer them.

In IMYC the students were set a couple of tasks to try and identify the theme of the unit we will be doing this term. After many different activities which included walking with books on their heads, finding the weight of a calculator, getting a chemical equation to balance as well as balancing as many nails as possible on another nail, the learners identified the topic as Balance.

This term we are going to look at the balance in many aspects of the world and how an absence of balance can influence the world we live in.

For Science, we are looking at balance in nature and the balance created by the organisms in the different trophic levels that make up an ecosystem.

For History we looked at the balance of popular opinion and how it could affect other people’s opinions of people., in Geography we looked at the balance between different peoples and professions that make up a community, in ICT we looked at balanced visual presentations and in Technology we are looking at balanced diets and food groups.

Term 2 – Week 11

As we stand at the end of another busy term we gaze back at the term and all we have accomplished. This week we took the opportunity to do some end of term assessments for the students to gauge their mastery of the different subjects. All the students applied themselves admirably to the task of test writing and took it very seriously, and for the most part, could be happy with their results. But yet again this is not about the results but about the students evaluating if they have mastered the skills required of them during the term.

In IMYC, we finished off our study in Science of inheritance and genes by looking at dominant and recessive alleles and learning how to predict the phenotype of the offspring from the parent’s genotypes. In History, we looked more at sources used in history and especially at photos and the different techniques used to manipulate what is shown in photographs. As a fun activity, the students got a chance to take and manipulate some pictures for themselves.

In Math, we wound the term down by doing some Fibonacci sequences and spirals, as well as using some of the maths we learnt throughout the term to solve the mystery of who poured chilli oil into the Easter egg chocolate mix. Margo was the first to solve the mystery.

Incorporating our core value for the week: “environmental awareness” into our English lesson we did some reading on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and looked at some ideas of how we can help alleviate the problem in our daily lives.

Sadly we are saying goodbyes to two of our class members at the end of this term. Iris is moving back with her family to their home country of Malaysia and Theo is moving schools to Busan. We wish them all the best and great success in their future endeavors and will miss their contributions to the class.

Term 2 – Week 10

As things are winding down towards the end of the term we come to the end of the second last week of term 2. With this in mind, we will be doing an informal test week next week as an opportunity for the students to see what they have learnt during the term. These test does not count towards any grade or progression but is purely a way for students to show what they excel in, and inform me what students still need to work on.

The test schedule as well as the areas covered have been handed out to the students. In short, the test schedule is as follows: Monday – Math; Tuesday – English Writing; Wednesday – IMYC and Thursday – English (SPaG)

This week in English, we concluded our unit on persuasive writing by looking at news articles, their structure and their purpose and tone.

In Science, we looked at DNA, Genes and inheritance of traits. The students got to “create” a unique DNA sequence for a dog that yielded a unique dog for each student.

In History, we looked at Chronology seeing what we know about when significant events took place.

In Math, we focused on algebra, especially equations and manipulated them to give the desired outcome. Students solved equations and changed the subject of the formula.

We also had the opportunity to act as mentors and help Ms Sims’ class to construct their model houses for their unit on buildings.

Remember to take the home Covid test on Sunday and to only let us know if there is a positive result.

That is all for this week, I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend,

Term 2 – Week 9

Back to in-class teaching, to everyone’s great relief, as we continue with great learning.

In Math, we did some pre-algebra number work in preparation for the algebra section that we started on Friday. The students revised adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with positive and negative integers as well as with decimal numbers. We also had a quick recap on rounding decimal numbers.

In IMYC, we started with a new subsection of science and are looking at living things and the seven characteristics of living things. The students also did a survey amongst their fellow pupils to gather data on different characteristics to present graphically. For History, we looked at different sources of history and identified whether they are primary, secondary or tertiary sources, as well as ranked them on reliability and usefulness for the study of history. In Design the students had to manufacture a fabric mask along the theme of their chosen celebration, concurrently they had to think about how to write a step by step design plan to manufacture their mask. The students will next complete their design plans to give to another student to manufacture their mask.

In English, we looked at different ways to enhance our persuasive letters to friends, including humour, puns, reframing arguments and antithesis. The student then had to write an informal letter and use a peer review system to help improve their letters.

That is all for this week, hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend, remember to do a rapid Covid test on Sunday (students did receive two more tests – for Sunday and Wednesday).

Term 2 – Week 8

Well done to everyone for completing a week of online teaching. It was the last short week for the term due to election day on Wednesday.

This week in English we looked at the difference between formal and informal letters in their format and how they differ in tone. We also looked at how we can use persuasive techniques when writing informal letters.

In Math we looked at the equation for linear functions (y = mx + c). We used tables as well as the equation itself to draw straight line graphs as well as getting the equation from straight lines and just two points on the line.

In IMYC: Science we studied the electromagnetic spectrum its uses and dangers and how it is divided into seven sections. In History, we looked at the shortcomings of primary sources of history especially eyewitness accounts of things.

For PE we did an online work out and then tried some just dance videos for a fun cardio workout.

Sorry for the lack of pictures this week, but since we were online all the time there was a lack of photo opportunities.

Term 2 – Week 7

We are at the end of another week, this one being a bit shorter due to the public holiday on Tuesday the 1st of March. It is known as ‘Samil Jeol’ in Korean and is a public holiday in South Korea, that commemorates March 1st Independence Movement in 1919.

This week in Math, we continued to learn about enlargements of shapes using scale factors as well as enlargements of shapes from a given Centre of enlargement. We also started looking at straight line graphs and how to draw them using a table and a set of generated coordinates.

In English, we looked ad some more persuasive devices to be used in persuasive writing, especially formal letters. We also explored how to use different punctuation marks and what their function is when writing.

In IMYC: Science we looked at different properties of waves and how these affect sound waves. In Design and Technology, we used food items to create natural dyes and made use of different dyeing techniques to create a pattern on the material we dyed. In History, we looked at some primary sources that we could use to research the history of the school.

This week we also celebrated world book day and some of the students dressed up as characters from their favourite books, we also set aside some time just to read in celebration of the day.

As you are all aware there a staff member has tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday and the students were required to return home according to the school’s Covid policy. This, however, does not impact next week’s classes and school will resume for our class on Monday.

All students have also been issued with two Covid home test kits and we ask that you self test on Sunday and Wednesday evenings as a precaution against the spread of the virus. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

That is all for this week, see you all back at school on Monday.

Have a great weekend.

Term 2 – Week 6

This week in a nutshell:

In English, we looked at more persuasive devices, especially how it relates to writing speeches. The students chose topics with partners to create persuasive arguments and counterpoints for what they think their “opponent” might say.

In Science, we looked more at light and are busy learning more about waves in order to understand the wave nature of light. We had some fun creating different types of waves using a slinky spring.

In History, the students created an information “website” researching different days celebrated in a country of their choice. During Design the students looked at different natural dyes used for colouring materials as well as different techniques to create patterns in the material when dyeing it. Next week Wednesday we will be creating pattern dyed materials using natural dyes.

In Math, we looked at translations and especially rotations around different points. We also started looking at enlargements and revised scale factors.

As you all know we had a day and a half of me online teaching from home while I waited for the result of my Covid PCR test. The students did well to continue their learning even with this disruption.

That is all for this week. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.