Update week 3

Another week of learning has come to an end.

This week in Math we worked with 2 D shapes, learning about the difference between perimeter and area. We also learnt how to calculate the perimeter of compound shapes made out of different 2 D shapes.

During English we worked on expanding our descriptive language and explored different ways to write more descriptively. The students also worked on planning their adventure tales using a story spine and learning about the relationship between the protagonist and antagonist of a story. Finally we introduced the students to Victorian London to introduce our set work book “The Ruby in the Smoke”.

In Science we looked at the phases of matter, density and why things will float or sink. The students had the opportunity to design and make a boat attempting to carry the largest weight without sinking.

In History we looked at the consequences of the speech that Pope Urban II gave at Clermont in 1095 and how that led to the Crusades.

In Geography we are learning about different factors that contribute to climate and looked at orthographic cooling and how it affects rainfall in certain areas of the world.

For Technology we researched what a healthy balanced meal contains and compared it to the food we eat.

That is all for this week, enjoy your weekend.

Update week 2

It is hard to believe that we are already at the end of week 2, another week of enquiry, improving our knowledge and learning new skills.

In IMYC this week we started with Science and investigated falling objects and whether their weight makes a differance, and thanks to the help of some slow motion videos could come to the conclusion that it does not. We also investigated different factors that affect friction.

During History we discussed consequences of decisions that leaders of industry or countries have made on the world by looking at who it affected and what the effect was on those people. During Geography students started to do some research on the affect of weather and climate on the people living on the African Savannah and how it compares and contrasts with our local weather and climate.

For Technology we got to the much anticipated food technology activity where students had to make a tuna broccoli bake from scratch for lunch. The reviews of their own cooking and the dish were mixed and ranged from 2 to 9 out of 10. The students did very well and worked together to successfully make their lunches, and the only thing that could prevent them from eating their creations was being a picky eater. (I might have had to lend a helping hand on occasion.)

During English we looked at how the voice of a character can be different as well as how different voices can influence what meaning a written piece can convey. The students had to come up with a charachter with a “voice” different from their own for the adventure story they are working on. Some decided to dress up too as their character.

In Math we were looking at different ways to represent very large and very small numbers as well as rational and irrational numbers. We also used prime factors to work out LCM and HCF values for different numbers.

It was great to get to see some of the parents at our curriculum meeting on Thursday. Thank you to those that could attend.

That is all for this week, enjoy your weekend.

Update Week 1

And just like that we are back into the swing of things! Our first week of full academic classes gave the students opportunities to work together to learn new skills and gain specific subject knowledge.

We also focused on learning the HFS core values: Creativity, Curiosity, Confidence, Responsibility, Respect, Leadership, Teamwork, International Mindset, Growth Mindset and Environmental Awareness.

In Math we looked at multiplication and division with powers of ten both positive and negative as well as rounding decimal numbers. We have instituted a new system where there will be homework to practice the Math we did in class everyday, and so far I am very impressed with the commitment of the student to do their homework daily.

During English we started by looking at different genre of stories and looking at the specific characteristics of these types of stories. For the beginning of this term we will be doing Adventure stories and read a short adventure story in preparation. The students also prepared a short role play where the two main characters were interviewed for a talk show.

Our IMYC unit to start this term is Consequences, with the big theme being: “Very few actions are neutral. Most actions create impact or change that then have to be dealt with.” We will be looking at this in the context of Science, History, Geography and Technology.

During Science we looked at forces and and the effects that they will have when acting on objects

We also looked at the relationship between mass and weight and did a practical experiment to work out the mathematical relationship on Earth between the two.

In history the students had to share a personal decision they have made and the positive or negative consequence of this decision.

In Geography the students explored the difference between weather and climate and how this has a impact on the activities and behavior of people by looking at our local context.

In technology we looked at safety and hygiene when preparing food in preparation of out cooking activity for next week.

Last but not least a friendly reminder about homework and books that go home, please make sure that they are packed in for the following day.

That is all for this week, enjoy your weekend.

Update Week 0

Yes that is correct week 0, we were so excited to start that we starting the count at zero. This week we used to get to know each other and to talk about the rules and expectations.

The class worked together to come up with some rules that is easy to remember as well as that everybody can buy into for the year going forward. We also spoke about what is expected from each other in class.

We also got rid of some mental cobwebs and started with some Math problems.

Just a couple of house keeping issues. We will be having PE on Tuesdays and Fridays, so please make sure to have appropriate kit for this.

Homework, this year we will give out homework on most days in order to make sure that the work that was discussed in class is understood and practiced. Please make sure that if books are taken home to do homework the books are packed in the next morning to come back to school.

That is all for this week


Hello and welcome back to another exciting year of learning.

On this page you will find out about what has is happening in class on a weekly basis, as well as get information about upcoming events and activities.

There will be no subject learning happening this week but we will be doing important class building and year setting up activities. We will be getting to know each other and what is expected from you as students in the class during this year.

The class is empty without you and I am very excited to get to see you all and get the year going.

That is all for now, see you tomorrow.