Term 1 Week 3 Update

Wow! There was a lot happening this week in Ms. M’s class.

In Maths we finished off our unit on Numbers 1-5 and began our unit on Sorting and Classifying. We practiced writing our numbers using games and worksheets and did a lot of hands-on work ordering numbers 1-5. We also learned about the number 0 and how that means there are absolutely none of something. We finished off our unit with the song Five Little Ducks and did a small roleplay where everyone got to be a duck and had to sit down when their number was called. When we began sorting and classifying we used a variety of methods to look at things that are the same or different than each other. We worked in pairs one day to line up matching objects from a bag and the next day we made sure our objects were different. It was a lot of fun.

In Phonics we looked at the letters K-O. The students really are starting to learn their letter sounds!

In Writer’s Workshop we began applying those letter sounds to our stories by adding “labels” to our illustrations. For example, if a student drew a story about a cat, perhaps they could sounds out C-C-CAT and write the letter “C” next to their cat. This is our goal for Writer’s Workshop this unit and we’ll be working more and more towards this goal as time goes on.

In IEYC we played with the keys we made last week while hunting around the classroom for a treasure box. But! When we found it, it was empty so we made some treasure ourselves to go into it. Finally we wrote some cards to send home in the mail. Please keep an eye on your mailbox over the coming days. I’m not sure when they will be coming as they are traveling through Korea Post but it should be too long. Then we moved onto our next learning block about when we were babies and our families. We made a poster of our families (thank you for sending those photos) and we did a matching game on the interactive board putting our baby pictures together with our school photos. Finally, we made an “I Can” book about all the things we might be able to do now that we’re not babies. anymore.

That’s it for this week. Lots of excellent learning. And of course, we played.

Term 1 Week 2 Update

Well it was rainy week but we didn’t let that get us down. We had lots of great learning happening.

In IEYC we finished off learning about ourselves by discussing our feelings and making a feelings wheel where we used collage materials to represent how each of 4 feelings felt: happy, sad, angry, and worried. Then we moved on to learning about our home and different homes around the world. We looked at our apartment buildings or the parks nearby on Google Earth. We got on an aeroplane and flew around the world looking at different homes like houseboats, tree houses, igloos, and yurts. We also discovered and explored some keys. Following each of those lessons we created apartment floor plans so we could learn what furniture went in each room. We build apartment blocks for our little Minion friends. We made some houses with chairs and blankets. Finally we created our own keys out of clay. They’re drying over the weekend and hopefully we can play with them a little more next week.

In Maths we continued looking at the numbers 1-5 but we also added 0. We compared less and more and we learned to put those numbers in order. We used the book Five Little Monkeys a lot during these lessons. We represented numbers with snap cubes and straws. We also used number cards with numerals, dots, and fingers. Of course we also used our own fingers and even our whole bodies counting actions like 5 jumping jacks.

In Phonics we learned the letters F-J. In writer’s workshop we focused on adding more details to our stories and some people have started feeling comfortable trying writing some letters. We’ve graduated to lined paper to write our stories on.

In PSHE we learned about friendly and unfriendly actions.

And of course we had lots of play time!

Thank you all so much for coming to our Curriculum Morning. It was great getting to tell all of you about what we’re doing in this class and how we do it.

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend and do try to get outside if the weather clears up! We’re in for another rainy one next week. See you Monday!

Term 1 Week 1 Update

Well that’s our first week done and dusted! We had so much great learning happening this week. Here’s a recap.

In Maths we continued working on the numbers 1-5. We counted objects; we built block towers; we looked at different ways to represent numbers to 5 such as using a five-frame and also writing the numerals. We have begun using our “Math Talk” to discuss different maths concepts using appropriate language which is a skill we will be working on all year in order to build a solid maths foundation. We worked as a whole group, in small groups, and individually.

In IEYC we began our This Is Me! unit. We talked about how clothes show our different personalities. We discussed our favourite outfits and what we liked about them. We then found a mystery suitcase and tried to sort out who it belonged to. We discovered it must belong to a very large man. We continued learning about ourselves and our classmates by reinforcing our names and making posters with the first letter of our names. We also used collage materials to make self-portraits. We unscrambled cut up photos of our faces like a puzzle to recreate our likeness. Finally we explored our hands and feet playing a simple game of Twister and making finger paintings.

In Phonics we learned the names and sounds of the letters A-E. We will be doing 1 letter and sounds a day until the Chuseok holiday at which point we’ll have covered the whole alphabet.

In Writer’s Workshop we have been illustrating stories. Every day we draw a new story, working on our “writing” stamina. We try to add on, add details, and keep trying even if it’s hard. Eventually we will be working our way to writing letters, then words, then sentences.

Please be reminded that on Thursday September 2 we will be having a Curriculum Morning. Please join me from 9:00-9:30 to discuss what great learning we have planned for this year (and this term specifically) and ask any questions you may have about what goes on in the Early Years Program. Parents who drop their children off are welcome to wait in the school Hall for 9am when I and other parents will join you. Ms. Jiyu will mind the class as we have our time together.

That’s all for this week!

Term 1 Week 0 Update

Week 0, that sounds a little odd but here we are. These first two days getting the hang of school certainly were fun and we’ll be ready for energetic active learning starting Monday.

But don’t think we weren’t learning this week! We learned about the school and its routines, our class rules, we met our classmates and all the teachers we’ll be interacting with as well as so much more. We even began our Math and Phonics.

In Math we started right at the basics – learning about the number 1. We’ll be building on this knowledge for most of the next 2 weeks as we go through numbers 1-5. We counted Popsicle sticks. We counted each other. We counted farm animals in a picture. We represented numbers 1-5 with blocks on a five frame and then did a corresponding worksheet colouring in squares to represent how many of a given animal we saw.

But it’s definitely not all worksheets in this class. We read stories. We dressed up. We played with Lego, dinosaurs, cars, and kitchen toys. It’s going to be a fun year with all these creative children in the class!

For Monday, please have your child come dressed in either their favourite outfit. We’re beginning our first IEYC unit called This Is Me and we’re going to begin by getting to know each other. A great show and tell will be talking about our favourite clothes!

You may have noticed your child brought home a yellow folder today. That is their library book bag. Every Friday afternoon the students have the opportunity to go to the library with Ms. Yuli. They can choose a book to bring home and you can read it with them. Please return the books in the book back every Friday so they can receive a new book.

A reminder that Tuesday afternoon we will have PE. There will be lots of running and activities going on so please send your child wearing appropriate gym shoes.

That’s all for this week! Have a great weekend and we’ll see you for a full, action-packed week of learning on Monday!

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to Ms. M’s class.

On this page you will find a weekly update about the fun and exciting activities we have been engaged in.

You will also find reminders and updates about special events.

I am very excited to have you all in my class this year. We have lots of awesome activities planned. We’ll be easing into school with some fun games, stories, and even some homemade playdough Ms. M made just for you!

One request I have for the parents: Please pack a spare change of clothes (including socks an underwear). Our classroom is very close to the bathroom but still, accidents happen and we want to be prepared. They will be kept in your child’s locker.

Keep an eye on this space for more news and updates!