Weekly Update – T1W3

Hello and happy Friday to you all! I would like to begin by giving you some more information about Mathletics. 

You can download the app for iOS or Android or access Mathletics on a computer.  The Apps are great and younger children seem to have more success on tablets as it is easier to press the buttons.

-The log-in and password details are attached to the student’s homework files on a small keyring. If you wish to use the QR code to log-in on a tablet, I have attached this also to the homework files. Just point the camera at the QR pattern.

– Mathletics is always optional extra homework so you can do as much or as little as you want

– We reward kids in school each week for earning Mathletics points

– Sometimes Mr Green sets specific tasks for the kids to do based on what they have learned in class but usually, they are free to access whatever they want.

– It is possible for Mr Green to change the level (difficulty) of the work if your child is finding it too easy or too hard. Just let us know.

Let’s now take a look at what we have been learning this week!

In IPC, we have been finishing up our unit ‘Brainwave’. We looked at how to solve some of ‘Professor Spark’s’ maths problems, made our very own brains and made a mind map of everything we have learned so far. Yesterday we looked at how we can create a good learning environment.  We designed our own classrooms and discussed how various factors can help us learn. Thank you for taking the time to help your child complete their sleep and food journal, we had fun discussing them this morning. 🙂

Literacy Rotations- Daily 5

My goal is to introduce classroom routines and structures in a way that removes all of the guesswork from the children and allows them to concentrate fully on learning. In reading, the classroom structure I use is called “Daily Five”- Literacy Rotations. Your child may be talking about these at home. I would like to explain to you what “The Daily Five” is. 

The Daily Five is a literacy structure that teaches independence and gives children the skills needed to create a lifetime love of reading and writing. It consists of five tasks that are introduced individually. We have now introduced four of them.  ‘Read to Self’, ‘Listening to Reading’, ‘Work on Writing’ and ‘Word Work’ and next week we will be adding our final rotation.

When introduced to each task, the children discuss what it looks like, sounds like, and feels like to engage in the task independently. Then, the children work on building their stamina until they are successful at being independent while doing that task.

Daily 5 Tasks include:

1. Read to self

2. Read to someone

3. Listen to reading

4. Work on writing

5. Word work

The rotations all provide the students with time to focus on their reading, spelling and writing. 

In English we have done various activities this week, including an Alphabet Hunt, sentence practice and read a lovely story called “The Doorbell Rang” which the students enjoyed.

Snack Bags

At break time could I please ask that the students put their snack in a little pouch bag. There has been some confusion at times with which one is their lunch and which one is their snack. This will also make it easier also for the students to carry outside or to the gymnasium. I bought my children’s from Daiso. 🙂 I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Weekly Update – T1W2

Dear Parents,

 I can’t believe it is Friday already. Time really does fly when you are having fun!

I would like to begin by saying thank you to all who joined the curriculum meeting yesterday. I hope it was informative and not too overwhelming. There was a lot of information to take in 🙂 It was so lovely to meet you all in person.

Let’s take a look at what we have been learning this week! 🙂

In English, we have been enjoying reading lots of fiction stories as a class and discussing what we liked about them as well as relating them to our own experiences.  Our favourite was “The day the crayons quit”. It is a fantastic book! 

During our “Work on Writing” rotation,  I have been encouraging the students to form their letters carefully  and remember their capital letters and full stops.  It has been great to see the children write about things that they enjoy. They have been doing a superb job practising our Daily 5 rotations and I can already see how effective it is.  During our “Read to Self” rotation,  I encourage the children to choose books that they can read themselves using the IPICk method below. This ensures that the children are reading books at the right level for them. 

In IPC we learned the importance of knowledge and practising skills and how these both help us understand things better. We made some fantastic 3D glasses with the red=knowledge and the blue=skills. The children were sent a challenge from Professor Spark on Monday and we worked hard to complete it throughout the week using the knowledge and skills we had. The children did a great job and Professor Spark was impressed. We will be finishing up the Brainwave unit next week. I have sent home a “Sleep and Food Diary” that we made together in class as we are learning how to take care of our brains. The children can add in their food each day and also colour in when they go to sleep and wake up. I thought it would be a nice activity to discuss how important sleep and healthy eating is! 🙂

I have emailed the presentation to you all from yesterday. Again, if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch. 

Library books and homework went out today and should be returned by next Friday. Great job on last week’s homework too!

That’s all for this week. I hope you all have a great weekend. See you on Monday :)))))

Weekly Update – T1W1

Dear Parents, We have had another great week! The children are all settling into class well. Their enthusiasm for learning is a delight to see.

This week we have been busy learning…

In IPC – We started our new unit “Brainwave” and had a surprise visit from Scientist Sim. 🙂 We explored what our brain helps us do, made our own brains from clay and looked at neurons and how they connect! We also tested our memory and played some fun games.

In English we have been looking at fiction books and learning how to give our opinions on them. The homework this week relates to this. I have been encouraging the students to choose books that not only interest them but also choosing ones that they can read by themselves. Hopefully they will be able to read their library books to you at home this week.

For Maths please refer to the homework sheet each week where the learning from the week will be written.

I am really looking forward to meeting you all next Thursday 2nd September at 3pm-3:30pm. I will be going over the curriculum and can answer any questions you may have.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will see you all next week!

Mrs Sim 🙂

A Great Start!

Hello and happy Friday! It has been a lovely two days getting to know the students and I think we are going to have a great year together. We have had lots of fun getting to know each other and making new friends. We created our classroom rules, practised our class song and made lots of wonderful art. It was great to find out more about the children through our introduction games and I can’t wait to get to know them even more. It was a hot day outside today so I think they might fall asleep early after a busy two days 🙂 Library books will be sent home every Friday and should be returned the following Friday. The children will take them home from next Friday. Next Tuesday and Friday we have PE class. Please make sure to wear appropriate clothing and trainers. 🙂 I hope you all have a lovely weekend! See you on Monday for another fantastic week of learning!


Hello and Welcome to my class. I am so excited to meet you all. Not long now 🙂 I look forward to welcoming new students next Wednesday morning (18th) and to seeing all returning students on Thursday (19th). Please feel free to contact me at the email address below if you have any questions.