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Global Sidekicks Taekwondo Belt Test

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Global Sidekicks Taekwondo will be holding a belt test on Wednesday 19th October – 1:30pm in the Main School Hall.

Everyone is welcome to come and watch.

Term 3 Debate Club

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Miss Dingli and Miss Fuller will be running a Debate Club

  • Tuesdays – 3:45-4.30
  • Open to Years 5-9

For further details or to sign-up for this club please send Miss Dingli an email –

Term 3

  • April – 18th and 25th
  • May – 16th and 23rd
  • Show Debate – date to be confirmed – parents are warmly invited to come and watch!


Rising Star Football Academy – Term 3

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Rising Stars Football Academy offers football coaching for children in Korea.

Coaching sessions happen weekly on the football pitch at the main school.

For more information

Currently Happening

Rising Star Football Academy Term 3 sessions are from April 18th-June 29th
Please sign up here.

If anyone would like more information or to speak with Coach Matt please email him at

Staffing and Classes 2016-17

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Please find below a list of the classes and staffing for 2016-17. I know you will join us next year in welcoming all our new staff members and congratulating those who are moving into positions of more responsibility.

A special congratulations to Josie Strang on her appoint as deputy Principal and Leozanda de Klerk on her appoint as the EYC Team Leader.

EYC (F1 & F2)

  • F1 – Ms Leozanda de Klerk
  • F2 – Ms Kristy Dingli
  • F2 – Mr Dan Green

Lower School (Year 1 & 2)

  • Year 1 – Mr Chris McCrimmon
  • Year 2 – Ms Alina Zorina

Upper School (Year 3-6)

  • Year 3/4 – Mrs Kathryn Munden
  • Year 3/4 – Ms Natasha Fuller
  • Year 5/6 – Ms Josie Strang
  • Year 5/6 – Mr Edward Fairclough

Senior School (Year 7-9)

  • Year 7-9 – Mr Dominic Munden

Specialist Subjects

  • Creative Arts – Ms Sena You
  • Korean & Library – Mrs Gang Lee
  • E. – Mr Richard Moss
  • ESL & SEN – Ms Karen McIlwraith


  • Principal – Sameem Khan
  • Deputy Principal – Josie Strang
  • EYC Team Leader – Leozanda de Klerk
  • Lower School Team Leader – Mr Chris McCrimmon
  • Upper and Senior School Team Leader – TBC
  • Head Office Administrator – Miss Esther Yeo
  • Office Administrator – Ms Yujin Lee

Please note: Classes and teacher allocation is subject to change based on enrolment needs.

Newsletter Week 11

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The Last Newsletter – A message from the Principal

With the final day of school less than two weeks away, this will be my final Newsletter. As many of you are well aware this is to be my last year at HFS and I believe this letter is an important opportunity to thank those who have helped HFS and myself over the years.

Firstly, I’d like to thank all the students. If there is one thing I will never forget and always look back positively on, it will be all the fantastic students that I have taught over the years at HFS. I have never worked in a school with such a positive young group learners.

I would also like to thank the staff. Without their support I can honestly that I would not have been able to my job and that HFS would not be the school it is today. Additionally, I would like to thank the community. The kindness, understanding and support so many of parents, volunteers and PTA give our school every day true makes it a magical place to work. Finally, I would like to thank HHI and the HFS management team for not only believing in me and supporting the HFS leadership team, but for giving me the opportunity to have worked at a school as great as HFS.

And now on to the news…

Parent Volunteer Luncheon

This Wednesday June 22nd is the HFS Volunteer Luncheon. It’s a time where all the staff at HFS take a few moments to share our appreciation for all the hard work the community volunteers have made this past year.

Invitations to the event have been sent via email to respective parents. If you have not received your invitation it is likely that the email contact information we have on file is out-of-date or contains a typo. If this is the case we apologise for the oversight and ask that you please contact the office to let us know you will be attending so we can make the proper arrangements.

Reports Home

End of year reports will be sent home this Friday. Included in with the report will be a class placement letter for the 2016-17 year stating your child’s year level and assigned teacher. Please note that while this will not likely be subject to change, increases or decreases in enrolment may result in class allocations being adjusted.

If you receive a letter that states your child is not enrolled but they will be attending or a letter which places them in class but they will not be attending please contact the office so we can amend our records.

Parent Teacher Interview Sign-up

A reminder that Term 3 Parent Teacher Interviews will take place on Wednesday June 29, 2016. A signup sheet is posted across from the office, with sign-ups taking place on a first come first serve basis.

If you are unable to attend or are leaving before this date alternative arrangements to meet can be made with your child’s classroom teacher.

Sports Day Congratulations

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the 2015-16 HFS Sports Day! The day was hot but everyone still managed to have a great time! Another big thank to Ms Van Helden for her preparations in making the day possible, the PTA for putting together the much needed refreshment stand and all the staff who braved the sun to make the event a success.

BYOD Info 2016-17

A few questions were raised concerning our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies during the past Community Forum. The policy has been reviewed with all requirements and practices remaining the same.  The policy and requirements may now be accessed through the Parent Handbook on the school website.


This Friday is a shared learning day at the EYC. F1s will have their shared learning at 11:40am and the F2s will have theirs at 2:50pm.

The EYC team would also like to remind parents who would like a copy of their child’s Tapestry to please provide a USB stick. For more information speak to your child’s class teacher.

A Message from the School Manager

Please be advised that given the increasing number of costs associated with operating HFS and a change in the number of students enrolled, the HFS management has had to raise the tuition rates for the 2016-17 academic year. Though we understand increased fees can place a burden on many of our families we feel the new tuition fees still represent a great value to our community and are extremely competitive.

To view the new fee structure please visit the School Fees and Payment section of the parents handbook, here.

End of the Year Assembly

HFS’ final assembly is Friday July 1st at 11:30am. We’ll be taking this opportunity to say goodbye to our friends who are leaving and to celebrate some of the success we’ve had over the year. Parents and families are welcome to attend.

Summer Holidays

Finally, I’d like to wish all our students and their families a happy summer holiday. Have a great time but most importantly please make sure you stay safe to HFS (or wherever else your planning to go) for the 2016-17 year.


Newsletter Week 10, Term 3

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June 13, 2016

Spring into Summer!

A big thank you and congratulations to the PTA for their Spring into Summer festival held last Wednesday. A lot of work and planning clear went into creating such an event and the students thoroughly enjoyed it.

Creative Arts Exhibition

Another big thank you to Ms You and all the students who participated in the Creative Arts Festival last Friday. I was honoured to be a judge but must admit the quality of all the contestants made the job a challenging one. I can without reservation say that the teacher’s and audience were justifiably impressed with the quality performances we saw.


As last week was a short week and there was no newsletter, I thought it best to provide everyone with a bit of feedback on our CIS visit from two weeks ago.

In our opinion the review went extremely well with CIS noting the many changes in the school since their last visit. At the end of visit we also had the chance to get feedback from the visiting team and were not only pleased by the many positives they saw in our school but also that most of the areas they had identified as being areas in need of improvement had already been targeted by school teams.

We’ve been told the CIS official report will be made available in 4-6 weeks, so we are optimistic it will arrive before the end of the year.

Sports Day

HFS_Web_Img (1 of 1)

This Friday is our annual Sports Day. The event will be held at the Spanish Pitch with all families welcome to attend.

All EYC Students will need to arrive at main school at 8:45am and gather in the ICT suite (Upper school building). 

Students will be bussed from HFS to the Spanish Field. Students (including F2) may be picked up 3:00pm from the field or return with their classes on the bus. F1’s will need to be collected by parents at 12:05 from the field.

We ask the parents ensure that their child comes with the following items:

  • Running shoes (no open toed footwear)
  • Sun Protection (hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc…)
  • Water Bottle
  • Cold Snack
  • Packed Lunched (no microwaves will be available/F1’s do not need a lunch)

Ms Van Helden has prepared a download giving a brief overview with a map for the day here.

EYC Online Learning Journals (Tapestry)

For all F2 students and any F1 students who are not returning to HFS after the summer, we ask parents to please supply a labelled USB memory stick / flash drive by Friday 24th June to receive the downloaded version of your child’s Learning Journal. Please add your CHILD’S NAME to the USB memory stick / flash drive cover. If you plan to leave HFS before Friday 1st July, please send the USB to school at least one week before your child’s final day of attendance.

Community Forum Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night at 7pm in the ICT Suite HFS Management will be hosting a short Community Forum.  The purpose of the forum is for HHI to share important information about the school with the community and to give the community an opportunity to feedback directly to HHI. We hope to see many of you there.

Parent Interviews

Parent interviews are scheduled for Wednesday June 29th. The signup sheet will be located across from the main entrance to the office and will be available this Wednesday.

EYC parents, your meetings have been scheduled for you and you should receive a letter by the end of this week.



The HFS office is going to be placing a large order for school uniforms on the 30th of June for the 2016-17 year. If your child requires a new uniform for next year please visit the office or email Ms. Yujin at Don’t forget to include the size, colour and number of shirts/hats you would like. Payment is due in advance and orders can be picked up throughout the summer or prior to the start of school next year.

The HFS uniform includes a Grey PE T-Shirt (7,000₩), a Navy Polo-Shirt (15,000₩), a Red Polo-Shirt (15,000₩) and a Cap (10,000₩). One full set is ₩47,000 but are available to buy separately as well.

Please note that while we endeavour to get the best price for our uniforms as possible items, we are therefore unable to make changes once a shirt has been supplied. If you have ordered a uniform item that is too big or too small for your child, then you will need to order (and pay for) the correct replacement. Sizing examples are available in the office.

A Short Message from the PTA:

Yearbooks have arrived!

‘After much anticipation, the 2015-16 HFS yearbooks are here.  If you pre-ordered a yearbook, they will be available from Thursday (June 16) starting at 3pm in the Main School cafeteria.  Members of the PTA will be in the cafeteria from 3p-4:30p on Thursday to distribute.  

Congratulations to all students that submitted artwork for the yearbook.  You can see many wonderful student creations inside the book.  A special congratulations to our front and back cover artists:  Angela (Y8), Lakshaniya (Y5), Fariha (Y5), & Soi (Y8).’




Week 8 Newsletter

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A big week but a short newsletter!

CIS is Here

This week HFS is proud to welcome Ray Davis of CIS and Kevin Skeoch of Dulwich College (Seoul). They will be here Tuesday to Thursday to inspect our school and help us set goals for the future. They will most certainly be approaching students, teachers and members of our community to help them paint a picture of our school. We ask that everyone do their best to help them to feel welcome and support them in their efforts.


PTA Events

Two big PTA events are coming up soon. The PTA Board Elections will be held this Thursday at 2:45pm in the cafeteria and the Spring into Summer festival will be held next Wed
nesday. If you plan to attend the Spring into Summer event please ensure that you have signed up here. Thank you.


BIFS Sports Day

Tomorrow some of our year 4s and all of year 5-9s will be travelling to Busan Stadium for BIFS’ annual sports day. We wish them a safe journey and the best of luck.


Absent Days

Just a reminder that HFS has updated its attendance practices for all students (EYC to Year 9), so that the school has a way to ensure that everyone who leaves home arrives safely at school.

If your child is going to be absent can you please inform the (main) school office directly or your child’s teacher.  If you inform the teacher you shouldn’t receive a call from the office. 

This is a new system, so if you do receive a call in error in the next few weeks we apologise.

Have a great week and I hope to see you all at the next PTA meeting this Thursday!