Newsletter 2019/20 Term 2 Week 2

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Dear Parents,

We hope you are keeping warm as the Winter chill sets in. At HFS we have been very active this week and there are a number of newsworthy items that I wish to share with you in this newsletter.


International Hat Day Celebration

I was extremely pleased that all of the HFS students literally got their creative caps on and made such fantastic hats for our “International Hat Day” celebration. Well done to the winners from each class, Maximos Kopanas, David Song, and Leo Chaudet, for their wonderful cranium creations. A big congratulations to our overall winner, Aki Storie. The whole school was impressed with your “Flags from around the world” hat. It was a fun event that I look forward to repeating next year. Please enjoy these pictures from the day.

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HFS Open Day on Monday 20 January

I am excited that we will have another open day on Monday 20 January. This is a great opportunity for you to see the fantastic inquiry-based learning that is happening at HFS. Join us from 09:30 am for a brief presentation followed by a tour and refreshments and Q&A session. You can then wander and explore each classroom from 10:30 am to 11:30 am to see the teaching and learning in action. There will be ample parking so bring anyone who you think may be interested in seeing what goes on behind the scenes at HFS. I look forward to seeing you there.


Seollal Festivities on Tuesday 21 January 

Korea will celebrate the Seollal Lunar New Year from 24 to 27 January and HFS will be closed on those days to commemorate the holiday. HFS always honours the important customs and traditions of its host country so we will have our Seollal celebration program on Tuesday 21 January a few days before the holiday. Join us from 1:30 pm as the students share their knowledge and understanding of what Seollal means to them. We will have some participatory games for you to enjoy. It promises to be an enjoyable and fulfilling event.


Violin and Swimming Club starting in February

I am pleased that parents have signed up for violin and swimming club this term. There are still spaces left in each club so if you wish to join in these semi-private lessons please phone the HFS admin office to enroll your child. The cost and schedule of lessons is as follows.



PTA Meeting on Tuesday 21 January

I am always happy to announce the monthly PTA meetings at HFS. This is an important school tradition that HFS is proud to continue. If you would like to be a part of the HFS PTA please join us on Tuesday 21 January at 3:35 pm in the school cafeteria for the first PTA meeting of this term. I hope to see you there.


That is all for this week. Thank you for your continued support and do keep warm this weekend.


Mr. Kearney

Newsletter 2019/20 Term 2 Week 1

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Dear Parents,

Even though the weather is cold we are wishing you a warm welcome back to HFS in the second term of the 2019/20 academic year. It is a new calendar year of a new decade and there are many new items that I must share with you in this first newsletter of our new term.


Club Activities to Commence from Monday 13 January

Term 2 After School Activities

I am pleased to report that again we have a full complement of after school club activities for your child to participate in this term. Thank you for completing the online sign-ups for the clubs. Sign-ups are now closed. On Mondays we will have Chess and Mind-games club with Mr. Kearney and Tuesdays will be Mad Science club with Ms. McClellan, both of these are for Year 1 – 9 students. I am happy to announce that we will have a Taekwondo club on Wednesdays for the Year 3 – 9 students. Thursday and Friday clubs will be open to all students and these are the Creative club with Ms. Nurse and Touch Football club with Mr. Dunn. Regarding swimming and violin clubs, please join if you would like your child to learn how to swim or play the violin. A fine mix of creative, active and stimulating activities for your child to enjoy from Monday 13 January from 3:30 to 4:30. Please make sure to collect your child promptly at 4:30 pm after club activities since no supervision can be provided after club activities are finished.


ESL Classes on Wednesdays and Fridays

I am happy to announce the start of new ESL classes this term. HFS is growing in its faculty and curriculum and we will offer English Support Lessons to students who require them. Participation in these classes is by recommendation of the class teacher. The classes will be conducted by Mrs. Rosa Edholm-Kim, who as some of you may know, is a highly qualified and experienced ESL Teacher. She will conduct the classes on Wednesdays and Fridays in two streams; a beginner and advanced level. I am sure that these support lessons will be of great benefit for the students. Welcome to HFS, Rosa!


National Hat Day on Wednesday 15 January

Hat Day

Calling all Mad Hatters – On Wednesday 15 January we will commemorate International Hat day. Students are encouraged to make and wear the silliest hat that they can create for the day. We will vote in class for the funniest hats and then choose the overall best hat in the school from the four finalists. So, get your creative caps on in designing, making or buying the craziest cranium cover you can for a fun-filled day of mad hattery on Wednesday 15 January.


HFS Open Day on Monday 20 January

200120 오픈데이 포스터

On Monday 20 January you will once again have the opportunity to see the fantastic inquiry-based teaching and learning that is taking place at HFS. We will open our doors from 09:30 to 11:30 am to allow you to see the inner workings of the school. We will start the proceedings with an informative presentation and tour of the school facilities. After the presentation there will be some refreshments, then from 10:30 am you can have a peek at an engaging lesson unfolding as it normally would on a typical school day. There will be ample parking available so invite any friends or relatives you may know who are interested in finding out about Hyundai Foreign School. I look forward to seeing you there.


Seollal Festivities on Tuesday 21 January

The Korean Lunar New Year holiday of Seollal will soon be upon us and HFS has a dynamic program in store for the celebration. We will be celebrating the holiday early so please join us on Tuesday 21 January from 1:30 pm if you would like to be a part of the Seollal festivities at HFS. Students are encouraged to wear traditional Korean clothing or clothing from their own countries for the day.


Pneumonia Reported in Korea

Recently, a mysterious case of pneumonia, whose pathogen has been identified as a new strain of coronavirus, has been spreading in various countries in East Asia. A single non-life-threatening case of such pneumonia was first reported in Korea yesterday. Due to frequent international travel, there is a small chance that the disease might spread further, so doctors are recommending increased action toward personal hygiene such as frequent washing of hands. While this is no cause for alarm we are encouraging all parents to be vigilant as to any symptoms that may appear. HFS will also step up its actions toward personal hygiene with the thorough use of soap and hand washing to curb the spread of germs. Thank you for your understanding.


That is all for this week. Thank you for your continued support and do have a wonderful weekend and keep warm.


Best regards


Mr. Kearney

Term 2 Clubs Sign Up

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Dear Parents,

Please sign up for the club activities by Friday 10 January. Click here to go to the sign-up form. Sign-ups will work on a first-come-first-serve basis so sign up quickly. Clubs will commence from week 2, Monday 13 January.

Thank you.


Newsletter 2019/20 Term 1 Week 16

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Dear Parents,

The holidays have arrived as we have reached the end of the first term of the 2019/20 academic year at HFS. I am pleased at the progress that everyone involved in the school has made in cementing our place further in its new incarnation; our roots are firmly planted and we are functioning like a well-oiled machine. There are a few items I wish to share with you in this final newsletter of the term.


Final Term Assembly and Award Winners

The final assembly was a fitting culmination of a fun yet challenging term where examples of the hard work that the students have done was put on display. Firstly, congratulations to the recipients of the academic commendations: Ezra Lee, Lisa Fatet, Seongyun Seo and Dave Gomes. Your diligence and hard work has earned your name on the HFS Wall of Honour. A further congratulation to the recipients of our HFS Citizenship Award: Aarna Patil, Gabriel Tillier, Minsuh Cherry Blossom Kim and Jeongwoo Seo. You too will have your name on our wall and I hope you continue to display these fine character traits that have earned you this award.


I was excited to see the excellent video made by our student council to promote HFS. It will be shown on our website and social media pages to spread the good name of HFS. Well Done!

The work that the students displayed clearly shows the high level of teaching and learning that is taking place at HFS. I am always impressed at how it seems to get better and better each year.

Sadly, we had to bid farewell to Erin Yun as she departs HFS this term. Erin, you have made yourself a part of the HFS family with your bubbly personality and cheerful demeanor. We wish you all the best in the next step of your journey and would like you to know that you will always have a place at HFS.

Finally, thank you to the parents who attended today’s assembly. The students always appreciate it when their parents take time out of their schedules to see the work that they have made. Without you HFS would simply cease to be. Please enjoy these pictures of the day’s proceedings.

1 2 3 4

Term 2 will commence on Monday 6 January and here is a link to the Term 2 planner. Please note that we may add or modify dates and will keep you informed of any changes that may be made.

I wish everyone a happy and blessed festive season and new year. Stay warm and if you are travelling please take care. Thank you, as always, for your continued support.


Best regards


Mr. Kearney



Newsletter 2019/20 Term 1 Week 15

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Dear Parents,

How time has flown this term. We are already in our final week of teaching and I am sure that everyone is eager and ready for a well-earned Winter break. There are a number of newsworthy items in this week’s newsletter.


HFS Winter Show Success

Music! Drama! Dancing and Singing! It was a night to remember and it seems that each year the production gets bigger and better. From the wonderful songs of the HFS singing club, brilliantly coached by Ms. Yeo, to the excellent staging of “The Grinch” by Ms. McClellan and the drama students as well as the individual class and solo/duet pieces. With the HFS staff working tirelessly behind the scenes, everyone put on an amazing show.  We were also lucky to have a visit by the man of the season himself. Well done to all involved for their hard work in putting the show together. I know the students have been rehearsing diligently throughout the term to make the event the success that it was. Thank you also to the volunteers of the HFS PTA for making such delicious refreshments for the evening. It will be a hard act to follow. Please enjoy these pictures from the evening’s festivities.  

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 09


Term 1 Progress Reports Sent Home Today

It being the end of the term we have sent out your child’s report showing their academic and behavioral progress for the term. Please read and review the report and complete the parent comments section to bring to the Parent-Teacher conferences on Wednesday 11 December. I have no doubt that you will be pleased with the progress that your child has made in their learning this term at HFS.


Workbooks Home Overnight on Monday

On Monday 9 December you will find that your child’s English, Math and IPC books have come home with them for you to read through. Please go through these to see the work that your child has done throughout the term at HFS and ensure that the books are returned to school on Tuesday. You will then be able to discuss the learning with your child’s teacher at the parent teacher conferences on Wednesday 11 December. I hope you have filled in a time slot on the sign-up sheet. I look forward to seeing you there.


Dongrami Theater Production of “The Snow Queen”


On Monday 23 December at 7:30 pm Dongrami Theater will be staging a production of “The Snow Queen”. The show features our own Year 5 and 6 students Jeongwoo Seo, Ashleigh Herd and Dave Gomes in major roles in the play. I am always pleased when our students display the confidence, courage and creativity necessary to perform in front of an audience. Please go along and enjoy the performance on December 23rd and see the fantastic work that Miss Yoojung Im is doing with the students.


Final Week

 Next week is the final week of the term and as such there will be no club activities in the afternoons from Monday 9 December to Friday 13 December (Save for the swimming lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday). If your child does not take the school bus in the afternoons, please make adequate arrangements to collect them from school at 3:30 pm. Thank you for your understanding in this regard.


End of Term Assembly on Friday 13 December

On Friday 13 December HFS will close for the Winter break. As such we will have our end of term assembly from 11:15 am. Please join us for the assembly in which we will showcase some of the work that the students have produced throughout the term, bid farewell to any school leavers and award the academic and citizenship awards to the students who have earned them. School will end at 12:30 pm on the day and the bus will leave promptly at 12:40 pm. If you attend the assembly, you may depart with your child straight after.


Finally, Term 2 will commence on Monday 6 January and I wish all of our parents and children a blessed and happy festive season. If you are travelling do take care and enjoy the break everyone, you have earned it! Thank you for your continued support.


Mr. Kearney

Newsletter 2019/20 Term 1 Week 14

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Dear Parents,

The Winter holiday is fast approaching. I do hope you have your decorations up for the festive season and are counting down the days to the end of term break. There are a number of newsworthy items that I must mention in this week’s newsletter.


Year 1-2 Trip to Kidzania

 The Year 1-2 students enjoyed a fantastic trip to the Kidzania theme park today. Their eyes were full of wonder at the variety of “rides” that they could experience. From being doctors, nurses and veterinarians to piloting a jumbo plane and seeing what it is like to make chocolate, it was a spectacular outing as well as a valuable learning experience. I am glad that they made the most of their full-day excursion. Please enjoy these pictures from the trip.

KakaoTalk_20191129_112631860 KakaoTalk_20191129_122336941 KakaoTalk_20191129_140252347 KakaoTalk_20191129_143842077


HFS 2019 Winter Show

2019 HFS Winter Show Web Banner

Once again the time has come for the annual HFS Winter Show. It promises to be an enchanting evening of music and entertainment. On Thursday 5 December from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm the students will enthrall us with performances of theater, song and dance. The drama club has been rehearsing studiously throughout the term to stage a production of “The Grinch” and each class has been practicing their musical numbers feverishly in anticipation of the event. I am also pleased that this year’s production will include a variety of independent solo and group performances by some of the students. Parking will be available in the square as well as the parking tower for the duration of the show and doors will open at 5:45 pm. Bring your friends and plenty of cash since there will be refreshments and food on sale as well as a cornucopia of Christmas crafts made by the students to raise funds for this year’s school year book. Let the show begin!


PTA Meeting on Monday 2 December

 We will have our next HFS Parent-Teacher Association meeting on Monday 2 December at 3:35 pm. Please join us if you would like to be a part of this vital and dynamic school initiative. The agenda for this month’s meeting will largely be devoted to the organisation and preparation of the HFS Winter Show next week. I look forward to seeing you there.


Parent Teacher Conference Sign-ups

On Wednesday 11 December we will have our termly parent teacher conferences during the day. This is an essential opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher and discuss their learning progress or any concerns you might have. Each interview will last 20 minutes and the sign-up sheet will be at the HFS admin office for you to complete. Simply fill in your child’s name on the sheet in your desired time-slot by Friday 6 December. It will work on a first-come-first-served basis so please select your slot as soon as possible.


Invoices for Tuition Fees

 You may have noticed that the invoices for the tuition fees went home with your child on Wednesday. Tuition fees for Term 2 are due by Friday 27 December. All fees must be settled by this date for HFS administrative and accounting purposes. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this regard.


To all the families celebrating or who have celebrated this important cultural holiday we wish you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. That is all for this week. Thank you for your continued support and do have a wonderful weekend.


Mr. Kearney

Drama Club – The Costume for the Winter Show Play

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Dear Drama Club Parents, 

The time has come to think about costumes. Most of the children in the play are characters called “Whos” who dress wacky and colourfully. The narrators are considered Whos.
The costume for the play is any kind of wacky, colourful, mismatched clothing, odd socks. The brighter the better. Pajamas are totally OK! Be weird and wonderful. 
There are some exceptions:
  • Grinch – dress in all green
  • Who Mouse – dress in mouse colours (Grey, Brown, or Black)
  • Max the Dog – dress in dog colours (Grey, Brown, or Black)
For the Who Mouse, Max the Dog, the Who Chef, and the Who Doctor we will provide the little bits (ears, etc) of the costume to complete the look.

Attached are some pictures to inspire you.
Thank you for your cooperation.