HFS Newsletter – Term 2 – Week 1 – Updated

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This newsletter has been updated as the previously sent version was missing some content.

Technical difficulties. Sorry.

Welcome Back

It was great to see the students back in school and to hear all about the exciting things people had been up to during the Winter Holidays. It was so nice to hear so many saying that they missed school and that they were glad to be back. It is going to be a busy and exciting 11-week term with lots to look forward to.

HFS 40th Anniversary

In 2022 HFS is celebrating our 40th Anniversary. The school was founded all the way back in 1982 and we have been serving the local community ever since.

As part of our celebrations, we are trying to connect with as many former teachers, staff members, students and families as possible. We have created a Facebook Group – Celebrating 40 Years of HFS where will be posting pictures, interviews and articles about the history of HFS. Go take a look and please share this group with anyone you know who might be interested.


Clubs will start in Week 4 and run until the end of term.

Mid-Year Reports and Parent Teacher Meetings

Mid-year reports will be published on Friday 28th January and Parent-Teacher consultations will be held in the week after the Lunar New Year Holiday.

Further details to follow.

Class Pages

Don’t forget to check out what is happening in each class on their class page.

  • Mrs McClellan’s Class
  • Mrs Sim’s Class
  • Mr Dunn’s Class
  • Mr de Klerk’s Class
  • Art
  • Lunar New Year Celebrations

    We will be celebrating the Lunar New Year with special events in school on Thursday 27th January. We usually celebrate on Friday but on Thursday Mrs Lee, our Korean teacher, is here and we will have the local press visiting. Children are invited to wear Hanbok or traditional dress from their home country on this day. This is of course optional.

    Great Learning Happening

    School Opening Term 2

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    Dear Parents,

    We hope you are enjoying a restful and relaxing Winter Holiday.

    Just a quick message to confirm that the school will be opening for in-person classes on Monday 10th January. We have received a number of phone calls and emails asking about this due to the current COVID-19 situation. We have consulted with the Ulsan Office of Education and confirmed that we are allowed to open as normal, following our existing protocols. We don’t anticipate this situation changing in the foreseeable future.

    We would also like to remind you that any families with family members who have travelled overseas during the holidays will need to follow the government requirements on self-isolation and quarantining. If you need any advice regarding these requirements the Admin Office is available to help.

    Also please note that the Bus Schedule has been updated and your times may have changed. Please take a moment to check.

    Please enjoy the rest few days of your holiday and we look forward to seeing everyone next week.

    Mr Green

    Proof of Vaccination and COVID-19 Tests

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    Sorry to bother you again but this information could be useful for those struggling with the COOV App, COVID-19 tests and proof of vaccination.

    • If you cannot get the App on your phone for any reason, a paper certificate can be used as proof of vaccination and this should be presented along with your Alien Registration Card.
    • Free COVID-19 tests are available, further details are available from the Admin Office

    Again, we apologize for the inconvenience these arrangements are causing, it is frustrating we know.

    If you need any help or advice Miss Yujin in the Admin Office is ready to help.

    Updated COVID-19 Regulations

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    We have just received details of the updated COVID-19 regulations issued by the government today. These regulations will affect parents wishing to visit school, including for the Winter Show on Friday.

    Starting today, the government’s new regulations allow only fully vaccinated individuals or those with a negative COVID-19 test result to visit multi-use facilities such as the Hanmaeum Centre. People who are over 18 years old must use the QR code App that confirms their vaccinated status.

    All parents and visitors will need the QOOV App for QR codes on their phones in order to be able to enter the Hanmaeum Centre, or proof of a negative test. Detailed information on the QOOV App system is available here.

    If you intend to get a test in order to come to the Winter Show on Friday, we suggest getting tested on Wednesday as this will allow time for the results to be issued and the test will still be valid. The Admin Office can provide information on where tests are available.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and late notice. The school responds and passes on new information as we receive it.

    HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 15

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    The last week of term has arrived and lots of great things are going on at HFS. The kids are busy getting ready for the Winter Show and finishing off their units of study for the term. Everyone is looking forward to some Christmas fun a well earned holiday.

    Winter Show

    The Winter Show will be on Friday 17th December at 2 pm.

    Due to COVID-19 regulations and the need for social distancing we would like to ask each family to only bring a maximum of two members of immediate family to the show. It would also be very helpful for us to know how many people will be coming to watch the show and if your child needs the bus after the show.

    Please help us by using this form to let us know who is coming and about the bus.

    If you have any questions regarding arrangements for the Winter Show please contact the Admin Office.

    Please help the show run smoothly by remembering:

    • The show will start at 2pm so please arrive at school in good time and be in your seat at 2pm
    • Temperature checks will be carried out so please stay away if you have a fever
    • If you must bring a small child or baby, please sit at the back where it is easy to pop out quickly if you need to
    • We will be filming the performances
    • Parking is very limited in front of the Hanmaeum Centre but parents can park free of charge in parking tower located next to the Hanmaeum Centre
    • Clap, cheer, smile and sing along!

    It should be a great show and the kids are really looking forward to performing.

    No Clubs Next Week

    Please remember that there are no clubs in Week 16 (next week).

    The bus schedule for next week is as follows.

    Students on the second bus will wait at school with their teachers until the bus departs.

    Mid-Year Progress Reports and Parent-Teacher Meetings

    Mid-Year Progress Reports will be published and Parents-Teachers Meetings will be held in Week 3 of Term 2. From this year the school publishes two sets of written progress reports each year, instead of termly. Class teachers are always happy to meet parents, just call and make an appointment if you would like a meeting before next term.

    Covid-19 Regulations

    Please remember that the new Covid-19 regulations require 10 days quarantine for anyone returning from abroad, regardless of vaccination status. Also, if a family member is quarantined in the same location as a student attending school, that student should not attend school during the period of the quarantine.

    If you have any questions or need any advice regarding Covid-19 regulations the School Admin Office is always ready to help.


    With Christmas and the end of term coming up, please remember HFS staff are not permitted to receive any gifts from parents due to the Korean Prohibition of Improper Solicitation and Graft Act and the school’s Anti-Graft Policy.

    Thank you for the thought but this is the law.

    Fire Drill

    There will be a fire drill at school on Wednesday next week.

    HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 14

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    New Covid-19 Regulations

    Please remember that the new Covid-19 regulations require 10 days quarantine for anyone returning from abroad, regardless of vaccination status. Also, if a family member is quarantined in the same location as a student attending school, that student should not attend school during the period of the quarantine.

    If you have any questions or need any advice regarding Covid-19 regulations the School Admin Office is always ready to help.

    Term 2 Invoices

    Term 2 invoices have been issued today and will either be sent home with the student or sent directly to a site office. Please contact the Admin Office if you have any questions.

    Winter Show

    The Winter Show is still scheduled for Friday 17th December at 2 pm, with parents welcome to attend. Hopefully, this arrangement won’t be affected by any new Covid-19 restrictions but we will keep you informed. We will also be filming the event for those unable to attend.

    This Week’s Core Value

    Each week we focus on a different one of our school’s Core Values. This week’s Core Vale was CONFIDENCE. We will certainly need to show some confidence when we perform in the Winter Show.

    HFS 40th Anniversary

    In 2022 HFS will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary. As part of these celebrations, we will be trying to get in contact with as many former students as possible to hear about their memories of HFS and where they are now. We are hoping to inspire our current students by showing them that they are part of a long tradition of international education in Ulsan and that HFS students go on to do great things in the world.

    More details to follow.

    Great Learning Happening

    Data Handling in Maths with Mr Green
    Our Christmas tree is up!
    Writers’ Workshop with Mrs M
    Book bags packed and ready for the weekend
    The stage has been made for the Winter Show
    The Upper School had a great trip to Ongi Village

    HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 13

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    Winter Show

    The Winter Show will be on Friday 17th December at 2 pm.

    59% of parents who responded to the survey posted last week said that they preferred this time.

    The show will feature…

    • The Drama Clubs presentation of ‘Dragon Trouble’
    • A performance by each class as a group
    • Individual talent show entries
    • A special surprise from the staff
    • Maybe even a special visitor

    We will make a video of all the performances for anyone unable to attend.

    If you still wish to sign-up for the Talent Show the form will be available until Monday morning.

    This Week’s Core Value – Creativity

    This week’s Core Value was Creativity.

    We have been looking for ways to be especially creative in everything we do this week.


    Hopefully, you should have received a box of masks this week. These masks were supplied by the Ulsan Ministry of Education.

    Great Learning Happening

    Going to the Post Office to send letters to Spain
    Mr de Klerk’s class making bridges using all-natural materials
    Reading with Mrs Sim
    Marbling art made in art class with Miss Yuli

    HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 12

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    Global Citizenship Week

    Week 11 was Global Citizenship Week.

    Most classes chose to focus on ideas related to the environment and how we can take responsibility for making the world a better place. It was a great week and we are very proud of the learning that took place.

    Winter Show

    The Winter Show this year will be in the last week of term.

    We would like to know parents preference between the following two possible times.

    • Thursday 16th at 6 pm – An evening performance so more parents can attend
    • Friday 17th at 1 pm – An afternoon performance which is easier for the students

    Please let us know your preference using this form and we will go with the majority.

    The Winter Show will feature the play that the Drama Club has been working on, a Talent Show part and maybe a few surprises.

    Talents for the Talent Show

    As the Winter Show will feature a Talent Show we would like to know who wants to be involved and what talent they would like to show.

    Talent Show Entry Form

    The school will work with all students who want to participate and help them stage a great performance. Remember, this is a talent show, not a competition and everyone is welcome and encouraged to get involved. Mrs McClellan’s class already have a group performance organized with Mr Green, but they can do more if they want.

    All entries will be confirmed soon.

    Fire Alarm Incident Report

    Here is the report the school has created in response to the fire alarm incident on Monday 8th November.

    If you would like more information, or to discuss this matter further, please contact the school to arrange an appointment.

    Last Day of Term

    For your information, the last day of term, Friday 17th December will be a full school day finishing at 3:30 pm.

    Core Value – Curiosity

    This week Core Value was CURIOSITY.

    In assembly on Friday, we enjoyed reading these poems.

    We also enjoyed this inspirational video about CURIOSITY

    Book Sale

    The book sale was a great success with lots of spare books finding new homes and 195,000Won being raised which will be used by the PTA for school events.

    Great Learning Happening

    Another great art display from Miss Yuli
    Experimenting in art
    Designing and making tents in IPC with Mrs Sim
    Practising ball skills in PE with Ms McClellan
    Balancing in Gym class
    A game in Korean class with Mrs Jiyu

    HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 10

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    Global Citizenship Week

    Next week (Week 11) is Global Citizenship week at HFS. Normal classes will pause for three days while the students all work on class projects linked to our school’s definition of ‘Global Citizenship‘. It should be a very interesting and exciting few days and a nice change of pace.

    Mid-Term Break

    Please remember that school will be closed on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th November for our mid-term break. I hope everyone can enjoy a bit of a rest and come back refreshed and ready to learn.


    Recently, some students have suffered from a cold and flu bug.

    Please remember that if your child is sick it is best that they stay away from school. We will still be here when you get better and you don’t want to risk making other students unwell. Any parents wishing to visit the school should also make sure they are not sick or potentially contagious.

    Environmental Awareness

    This week’s Core Value was Environmental Awareness. Each class has been thinking about ways we can be more environmentally aware.

    Great Learning Happening

    Little dinosaurs!
    Young scientists experimenting with floating and sinking.
    Cooking with Mr Morgan
    They great… but how do they taste?
    Cemistry in Mr de Klerk’s class
    Look me up and down, I’m still the smartest teacher in town.
    Solve equations in maths
    Mrs Sim’s class learning about pushes and pulls.
    Designing a costume for a clown.
    The circus is coming to town1
    Young architects
    Designing and building in IPC with Mrs Sim