Sports Day is on!

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This is just a quick note to let you know that Sports Day will go ahead tomorrow (Friday 13th May).

The weather forecast shows a chance of some rain but we think it will be very light. If the weather is like today it will be perfect.

Some things to remember:

  • Parents are welcome to come and watch (meeting us at Ulsan College)
  • Events will start at about 9.30 am
  • Students will need a packed lunch that doesn’t need a microwave and a snack
  • Lunch will be at around 12.30 and we will return to school afterwards
  • Hats and sunscreen might be needed
  • Sensible footwear is important
  • Students should wear their regular PE clothes

All the students are very excited and it should be a great day.

HFS Newsletter – Term 3 – Week 3

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Sports Day

HFS Sports Day will be held on Friday 13th May at Ulsan College.

Here are some things to know:

  • Parents are welcome to come and watch (meeting us at Ulsan College)
  • Events will start at about 9.30am
  • Students will need a packed lunch that doesn’t need a microwave
  • Lunch will be at around 12.30
  • If rain is forecast we will postpone until the following Friday – We will let you know on Thursday
  • Hats and sunscreen might be needed
  • Sensible footwear is important

Class Photographs

We took class and individual photographs last Friday. We will share them with you when they are been edited.

It was so nice to see all the students in their uniforms!

Outdoor Play and Masks

We have updated our COVID-19 Protocol in line with the most recent change in the guidelines from the Ministry of Education.

Students are now allowed to remove their masks if they are outside to play, for PE or for other activities. The students have been taught to put their masks back on as we are leaving the field and returning to school.

If any student wants to keep their mask on while they are outside that is also ok. We have talked to the students about respecting each other’s choices.

It has been great to see some smiling faces again!

HFS Newsletter – Term 3 – Week 2

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COVID-19 Update

You should have received a new set of RAT tests on Friday. This will be the final set of test we will be sending home. From May students are no longer required to take weekly RAT tests.

On Friday the government announced that masks will not be required outside starting from May 1st. We just waiting for confirmation from the Ministry of Education regarding how this applies to schools. We are hoping that soon we may be able to allow students to remove their masks when playing outside. For the foreseeable future masks will still need to be worn inside school and on the bus. We will update you when we hear any news.

Hanmaeum Center Parking

Please remember that all cars visiting the Hanmaeum Center and the school need a visitors pass. Passes are available from the Admin Office upon submission of a car registration certificate and a refundable deposit of 20,000.

Class Photos

We would like to take class and individual photographs next Friday. We would like student to wear their red school shirt on this day.

Sport Day

Please remember at Sports Day is planned for Friday 13th May (Week 4). We will be going to Ulsan College and parents will be welcome to attend. We will arrive at around 9am and stay until after lunch. It should be a great day out!

Further details to follow.

Class Trips

Each class is planning a trip and you should receive details in the Class Update. Don’t forget to sign-up. It is great to finally be able to go on school trips again after be restricted for so long due to COVID.

Great Learning Happening

HFS Newsletter – Term 3 – Week 1

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Welcome back to school and welcome to Term 3. Lots of exciting things have been happening this week and we have lots of exciting things planned for the rest of the term.

Clubs start next week

Please remember that clubs start next week and therefore the bus schedule has also changed.

Here is a reminder of what clubs you have signed up for.

Here is the form if you still want to sign-up for clubs (before Sunday please)

  • Monday – Sports Club with Mr Jouini’s Sport Club
  • Tuesday – Football and Knitting
  • Wednesday – Environmental Awareness
  • Thursday – Origami
  • Friday – Board Games

We like students who sign-up for clubs to keep going all term and not quit. If a student wants to stop coming to a club we need an email or phone call from the parents. Last term we had a few students who wanted to not go to a club on a particular day and it is difficult for us to organise buses if we haven’t received confirmation from the parents. Thank you

Spoons for lunch

One of our Core Values is ‘Environmental Awareness’ so we try to reduce the amount of plastic we use. One way to help with this would be if students always had the right cutlery to eat their lunch. Sometimes we have to give students plastic spoons and forks at school.

COVID-19 Tests

We have sent another set of COVID-19 tests home today with the students. Remember, students only need to do a test on Sundays now. The school only needs to be informed of positive test results.

PTA Meeting

Thank you to everyone who came to Mrs Sim’s PTA Meeting on Thursday. It sounds like we have a great event planned for Saturday 28th May. Further details to follow.

Sports Day

Whole School Sports Day will be on Friday 13th May at Ulsan College. Parents will be able to attend this year (yeah). Further details to follow.

Class Updates

Don’t forget to read your Class Update every week!

PTA Meeting

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Just a quick reminder…

Mrs Sim will be holding a PTA Meeting this Thursday 21st April at 2.30 pm in the Cafe on the first floor of the Hanmaeum Community Center. The meeting will be to plan a PTA event for Term 3.

All welcome.

HFS – Sign-up for Term 3 Clubs

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Clubs will start in Week 2 so please sign-up before Friday.

Here is the sign-up form

Please note:

  • Sports Club with Jouini costs 70,000won for the whole of Term 3. This is a simpler way to organise payments than monthly. Please send the money to the Admin Office in a named envelope. All other clubs are free
  • Please think carefully before signing up for lots of clubs. Our teachers give their time to make interesting and fun clubs happen and we want kids who really want to be there.
  • There will be a bus running after clubs
  • Clubs start in Week 2 (next week). No clubs this week.

HFS Newsletter – Term 3 – Week 0

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We hope everyone is having a great holiday and enjoying the lovely weather.

A full newsletter will be published on Monday next week but here are a few things to help the term start smoothly.

We are looking forward to seeing all the kids on Monday!

Bus Schedule

There are no clubs in week 1 so please check the bus schedule.

After School Clubs

Details of clubs will be published next Monday and clubs will start in week 2. Get ready to sign-up!

COVID-19 Tests

Please remember to do your COVID-19 test on Sunday before returning to school. We will be sending new test kits home on Friday. Starting from next week, students are only required to do one test per week, on Sunday.

PTA Meeting

Mrs Sim would like to hold a PTA Meeting on Thursday 21st April at 2.30 pm to gather ideas for a PTA event in Term 3. Everyone welcome. Further details on Monday.

Term 3 Calendar

HFS Newsletter – Term 2 – Week 11

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Have a Great Holiday

The end of Term 2 is here and it is time for a break.

Well done everyone for a wonderful Term 2!

We hope you can all enjoy a restful Spring Break and we look forward to seeing you rested and ready for Term 3 on Monday 18th of April.

Academic Calendar 2022/23

The Academic Calendar 2022/23 is now available

Hiring a New Teacher

We are happy to announce that HFS will be hiring a new class teacher for the academic year 2022/23. This is in addition to all of our current teachers, who will be returning. Having an extra teacher will be a great help.

We will not be announcing class splits and which class teacher will take each class until later in Term 3. We would like to have as much information as possible about our student numbers before making any decisions.

Great Learning Happening

IPC Exit Point – Explaining the phases of the Moon
Mrs Sim’s class learn about chance.
Art with Miss Yuli

HFS Newsletter – Term 2 – Week 10

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The end of Term 2 is rapidly approaching and it will soon be time for a well-earned break. In the meantime, we are all still working hard and learning lots at school!

COVID-19 Update

Just a few things for you to be aware of:

  • We have sent a new set of RAT tests in the student’s bag today (Friday)
  • Students should still be doing a RAT test every Wednesday and Sunday
  • We have had confirmed cases in school with students and teacher being absent from school
  • The current guidelines from the Ministry of Education mean we don’t have to go into online learning even with confirmed cases in school
  • We will continue to do or best to ensure that our community is safe and that learning is not interrupted
  • If you have bee affected by COVID-19 in any way and need advice, please contact the Admin Office and they will be happy to help
  • Thank you for your cooperation – Hopefully we are coming to the end of this annoying time now!

Term 3 Invoices

Term 3 invoices have been placed in students’ bags today or may have been sent directly to site offices.

Celebrating 40 Years of HFS

If you have not seen our Facebook Group – Celebrating 40 Years of HFS be sure to take a look. There are some great pictures of the school at various points in our history. This week we have pictures of when our students got to meet Prince Charles when he visited the shipyard.

Last Day of Term

Friday 1st April (next week) is the last day of Term 2. This will be a full day.

Great Learning Happening

Making weather measuring instruments with Mr Morgan
Dancing in PE
Making a town in IPC with Mrs Sim
IPC Exit Point activity

HFS Newsletter – Term 2 – Week 9

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COVID-19 Update

We continue to do our best to keep the school running as smoothly as possible during these difficult times, whilst also following all appropriate guidelines and keeping our staff and students safe.

Here are some recent developments and things to consider:

  • Mr Dunn had been absent from school this week but he will return on Monday
  • We have updated our COVID-19 Protocol to reflect the most recent guidelines from the Ministry of Education
  • The most recent guidelines mean it is unlikely that we will have to have online learning again
  • As long as student tests negative they can still attend school even if a member of their family is positive
  • A positive test result for a student at HFS would not mean that other students would have to go into online learning
  • Students should continue to do a RAT every Wednesday and Sunday and the school will continue to supply test
  • If you need any advice regarding a COVID-19 related issue the Admin Office is always ready to help


The government will offer vaccinations to all children aged 5-11 starting at the end of the month.

  • Reservations can be made from 24th March
  • Vaccinations will begin on 31st March
  • Students are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Access to School on Tuesday

On Tuesday 22nd March (next week) HHI will hold their shareholders meeting in the auditorium on the first floor of the Hanmaeum Center. The car park of the Hanmaeum Center will be closed in the morning and parents will not be able to drive in to drop off their children. Staff from HFS will be waiting at the entrance to the car park, by the guard hut to meet students arriving by car and help them get into school on this day. The bus will also be met at the guard hut and students supervised into school.

Payment Calendar 2022/23

The school fees and payment calendar for the academic year 2022/23 have been published on the school website. Fees have been increased by 3%, in line with inflation.