HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 7

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It is Week 7 already and the term is nearly halfway through! There is always lots going on at HFS!

Cooler Weather

The weather is finally changing and autumn has arrived. We still like to be outside a lot for break times and P.E sessions so now might be a good time to think about bringing some warmer clothes.

Winter Show

There will be a Winter Show this year which will feature a Talent Show part. Now is time to start thinking about what you might want to do for the talent show.

Halloween Event

Remember that on Friday 29th October (2 weeks away) we will be having a Halloween Event at school. Students are invited to use their creativity to come up with a Halloween costume. If you don’t want to dress up that is also ok.

Thank you to everyone who has donated candy for this event. Donations are still open.

Book Sale

After tidying up in the library we have some books for sale. These will be available for parents and students to buy from Friday the 22nd of October. The books and an honest box will place in the foyer (outside the glass door). Books priced at the bargain price of 2000won each – please put your money in the honesty box on the book sale table. Sale proceeds will go towards supporting PTA events

Great Learning Happening

Ms McClellan’s class have been practising fine motor skills by sewing a spine on a Spinosaurus. Mr Green didn’t even know a Spinosaurus was a real dinosaur!

Mr Dunn’s class enjoying some time in the library.

Spelling test time in Mrs SIm’s class.

Toilet roll Diplodocus

Modigliani painting by Mr de Klerk’s class

Mr de Klerk’s class investigating non-Newtonian fluids

Mr Dunn’s class exploring a Sumerian tomb

Mr de Klerk’s class had to research, budget, plan and cook a vegetarian meal. Mr Green enjoyed taste testing the results!

Mr Sim’s class designed clown face-painting patterns and then found a clown to paint it on.

HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 6

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Not much to tell you this week.

New Bus Schedule

Thank you to everyone for being on time for the new bus schedule. Everything is running smoothly with some students arriving at school a bit earlier than before and some students arriving a little later. Everyone is in the classroom and ready to learn at 9 am when school starts.

Halloween Candy Donations

If anyone would like to donate candy for the Halloween Party on Friday 27th October donations can be left in the Admin Office. Mrs Sim and the PTA are planning a great afternoon of Halloween fun. Further details to follow.

International Week and Mid-term break

Week 11, which is the week beginning Monday 7th November, will be International Week at HFS. The students will spend three days working in different groups to explore what it means to have an International Mindset.

There is no school on Thursday 11th November or Friday 12th November. These two things will give everyone a nice break before Christmas.

Great Learning Happening

HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 5

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It is great to see all the students back in school after the Chuseok holiday. We are already in week 5 and it is amazing to see the progress that our students are making already this year. Lots of great things have been happening in all the classes so make sure you check out the Class Updates.

New Bus Schedule

From Monday 4th October the bus schedule in the morning will be changing.

Because student numbers are going up we have the nice problem of not being able to fit everyone on one bus.

Clubs are running after school and the students are split so after school buses can stay the same

Here is a link to the bus full bus schedule and further information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Admin Office.

INCAS Assessments

This week students in Years 1+ have started doing their Cambridge InCAS Assessments. These assessments are completed online and help the school measure the progress our students are making. Results will be shared with parents as part of students mid-year reports.

Parent-Teacher Association

Mrs Sim has kindly volunteered to lead the Parent-Teacher Association this year. We all know Mrs Sim loves organising fun events for the kids so she is sure to do a great job. We didn’t receive any emails volunteering to lead the PTA.

Mrs Sim will be in touch soon to organise a meeting for Halloween.

Parent Volunteer – Board Game Project

If any parent would like to spend some time in school volunteering we have some board games that need some tender loving care. The job would involve checking all our board games to make sure all the bits are there and mending the boxes.

If you would like to help with this, please get in touch.

School Open 4th and 11 October

Just to confirm, school is open on Monday 4th October and Monday 11th October.

We have two days off in November.

Here is a link to the full calendar

Great Learning Happening

HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 4

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Happy Chuseok

We wish everyone in the HFS community a happy and relaxing Chuseok holiday!

See you all again on Monday 27th September

HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 3

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Quite a long and complicated newsletter this week with lots of information to share. I hope I have got all the details correct but if anything is unclear please just get in touch.

New Newsletter System

From this week we are trying a new automated system for sending the Newsletters and Class Updates. Hopefully, you should receive the Newsletter and Class Updates straight to your email inbox.

Remember, if you don’t receive an email, the Newsletter and Class Updates are always available on the School Website.

Thank you for your patience as we try to find an email system that works consistently. It is not an easy problem to fix!

After School Clubs

After school clubs will start in week 5 (the first week after Chuseok) and we have a wide range of clubs to choose from this term. Please help us by making sure that your child really wants to do the club that they are signed up for.

Please sign-up using this form

Board Games Club

Day – Monday

With – Mr Green

Available to – Year 1+

Let’s play some different board games together. Chess – Set – Monopoly – Cluedo – Risk


Independent Study Time – Homework Club

Day – Tuesday

With – Mr Green

Available to – Year 3+

Do your Homework – Do some Mathletics – Read – Code. We provide a quiet space and some support, you get learning. NB – You need to come to this club knowing what you are going to do.



Day – Monday

With – Ms McClellan

Available to – Year 1+

Let’s prepare a great production for the Winter Show!



Day – Wednesday

With – Mr Dunn

Available to – Year 3+


Basic Body Movement and Gymnastics

Day – Friday

With – Mr de Klerk

Available to – Year 5 and younger

Let’s learn how to do some gymnastics and basic body movements.


Reading Club

Day – Wednesday

With – Mrs Sim

Available to – Year 1-3

I will read you a story, you can read me a story, maybe we will do some art based on our stories.



Day – Thursday

With – Mrs Lee

Available to – Year 1+

A chance to study some more Korean. (We will see who is interested and then decide how this cub will work)

Chuseok Celebrations

We will be celebrating Chuseok next Friday (17th) afternoon. The students will play some traditional Korean games and learn a little bit about this important Korean holiday.

Students are invited to wear Hanbok or their own national dress if they want to. Wearing special clothes is optional and just coming to school dressed normally is completely fine as well. There is also no need to go and buy anything just for school.

It is getting cooler

Some students have been complaining about being cold on the bus or in class. At the same time, some other students still think it is too hot. We like to have the air-conditioning on and windows open to make sure air is circulating.

It is a good idea for students to bring their school hoodies or another top to wear at school or on the bus if they feel cold.

P.E Attire

Please remember that students need to be dressed appropriately for P.E lessons. This is very important for safety.


  • P.E is mostly on Tuesdays and Fridays but you can check the class timetable on the school website.
  • Sports shoes are very important
  • The school grey P.E shirt is preferred, but not compulsory
  • Long hair should be tied-up
  • Jeans should not be worn

Scholastic Book Clubs

Remember book club!

Go to this website to browse the latest books and order online. 

Please place your order online by Friday 17th September

The books will be delivered to the school.

PTA Meeting

We will have our first PTA Meeting on Wednesday 15th September at 3:45 pm.

This meeting is to organise a Halloween event for the kids and all parents are welcome.

If you would like a meeting to discuss any issues other than the Halloween party Mr Green is always available.

Library Helpers

A big thank you to all the parents who have been helping out in the library this week. The massive jobs of cataloguing all our books are progressing nicely and the library is becoming a nice place for reading and research.

Staff Vaccinations

All staff at HFS has now received their COVID-19 shots and are fully vaccinated.

Great Learning

HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 2

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Another great week of learning and fun!

It really feels like the year is in full swing now!

Curriculum Meetings

It was great to see so many parents at our curriculum meetings this Thursday. We hope you feel well informed about what our students will be learning this year.

Remember, teachers are always available for meetings, quick chats and questions.

Meetings can be arranged through the Admin office and you should have your child’s teacher’s email address.

  • Mr Green – dangreen@hyundaiforeignschool.com
  • Mr de Klerk – andredeklerk@hyundaiforeignschool.com
  • Mr Dunn – nathandunn@hyundaiforeignschool.com
  • Mrs Sim – leighemmasim@hyundaiforeignschool.com
  • Ms McClellan – mariemcclellan@hyundaiforeignschool.com

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is a group of parents and teachers who organise events for the students and help the school.

If you would like to be involved with the PTA this year please send us an email.

We are looking for some ideas and help with a Halloween event for the students.

Scholastic Book Clubs

Our new Scholastic Book Club is up and running and the kids will have brought a catalogue home on Friday.

Go to this website to browse the latest books and order online. 

Please place your order online by Friday 17th September

The books will be delivered to the school.

Creativity at HFS

Don’t forget to have a look at the wonderful Art happening at HFS.

Miss Yuli posts updates every Friday on her Art page


Lots of students are really enjoying doing extra maths outside the classroom using Mathletics. This week students from HFS did over 24 hours of extra maths learning using Mathletics. Each week in assembly we celebrate the students and classes that get the most points. Who will be the top students and the top class next week?

Library Helpers Meeting

We could use some help with the never-ending job of keeping the library tidy and looking great for the kids. If you have some free time and would like to help out in the library we are inviting you for a quick meeting on Friday next week (10th) at 2:30 pm. Here we can show you how the different library systems work and what jobs need doing. Even volunteering for half an hour a week to tidy and shelf books would be a great help and is a great way to be more involved with the school. Thank you.

Great Learning Happening

HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 1

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Our first full week is finished!

After taking two days to get to know each other last week, this week has been full of lessons and learning. I have been very impressed with how well each class has started the year with lots of great learning happening and the quiet hum of hard work emanating from every classroom. Take a look at the Class Posts to see all the great things that have been going on.

I am looking forward to meeting as many parents as possible on Thursday for Curriculum Meetings. Remember to pop in and say hello to Mr Green.

Curriculum Meetings

Remember that Curriculum Meetings are happening next week on Thursday 2nd September. Each class may arrange their meeting slightly differently and you should have received further information from your child’s teacher. These meetings involve the teacher giving a presentation and answering questions from parents. It is not individual appointments for each student.

Thursday 2nd September

  • Ms McClellan’s Class – 9 am – 9:30 am
  • Mrs Sim’s Class – 3.00 pm – 3.30pm
  • Mr Dunn’s Class – 11 am – 11:30 am
  • Mr de Klerk’s Class 11:30am – 12 noon

This is also an excellent opportunity to pop in for a chat with Mr Green or the Admin Office.

We look forward to seeing you all.

N.B – Please remember that in accordance with our COVID-19 protocols, parents will have their temperatures checked as they enter the school and should not attend if showing any signs of fever.

Class Updates and Newsletters by Email

You should be receiving an email every time a Newsletter or Class Post is published. If you are not receiving these emails or would like to not receive these emails, please get in touch with the Admin Office. We had some technical issues last week but I think I have fixed them now.


Mathletics is an online Maths program that the school provides access to for all students in Year 1 and above. This week all students should have received their Mathletics log-in details and been shown around the website a little.

Mathletics is a great way for students to do some extra maths at home. It is possible to change a students Matheltics level and some other settings if you contact their teacher. There is also an iOS and Android App available. Students may spend a little bit of time each week in class using Mathletics to encourage them to use it more, but it is mainly for use outside of the classroom. We also give out Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates for getting lots of Mathletics points. The classes are also competing against each other to see who can get the most points.

English as an Addiational Langauge (EAL) Lessons

Unfortunately, Mr Baker, our Part-time EAL Teacher will be moving with his family to Seoul soon so he is no longer able to work at HFS. The EAL Part-time teacher position was advertised and we received some excellent applications.

Mrs Mila will be joining us to work as a Part-Time EAL teacher starting very soon. Mrs Mila is a fully qualified teacher and the students already know her from the time she has spent in school volunteering. EAL lessons happen on Thursdays and all parents of students who will have EAL lessons with Mrs Mila have already been contacted.


Here are some pictures of all the great things that have been happening at HFS!

HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week 0

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Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone to the start of another exciting year at HFS!

It was lovely to see all the students on Thursday and the school is full of life again. It has been a short week with the students spending some time getting to know their new teachers and classmates. Classes have been doing team building activities, establishing class rules and setting up new routines. The serious learning starts next week!

It was also nice to meet some new families on Wednesday and welcome them to our school community. We will hopefully be meeting lots of new families this year.

Quite a lot to tell you about this week.

Welcome Mr Morgan

We would like to welcome Mr Ricahrd Morgan who will be a trainee teacher working in Mr Dunn’s class. Mr Morgan is originally from England and has lived in Korea, working in education for many years. He is already a very experienced teacher and we are sure he will be very successful this year.

He will be in school on Tuesdays and Wedensdays.

Welcome back Mrs Jiyu

We are very happy to welcome Mrs Jiyu back to HFS.

Contact Forms

Please take a moment to fill in a Contact Form. It is very important that the school has up-to-date information and some of your details may have changed. We would like to ask all parents, even parents of returning students to fill out a form.

CIS Inspection – Postponed

During the summer break we were contacted by our accreditation body, The Council of International Schools, informing us that due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation they will be unable to visit HFS as planned in January. Instead, their will be visiting us for a full inspection in October 2021 (the following academic year). Our accrediaton status is unaffected and we will continue the process of continuous school improvement leading to their next visit.

Curriculum Meetings

We would like to invite parents to a Curriculum Meeting with your child’s teacher on Thursday 2nd September. Each class may arrange their meeting slightly differently and you should receive further information from your child’s teacher. At these meetings teachers will talk about what their class will be learning this year and explain things like homework and class expectations.

Thursday 2nd September.

  • Ms McClellan’s Class – 9 am – 9:30 am
  • Mrs Sim’s Class – 3.00 pm – 3.30pm
  • Mr Dunn’s Class – 11 am – 11:30 am
  • Mr de Klerk’s Class 11:30am – 12 noon

This is also an excellent opportunity to pop in for a chat with Mr Green or the Admin Office.

We look forward to seeing you all.

N.B – Please remember that in accordance with our COVID-19 protocols, parents will have their temperatures checked as they enter the school and should not attend if showing any signs of fever.

After School Activities

After school activities will start in Week 5 and last for 10 weeks. Keep an eye out for sign-up sheets coming soon. If you would like to organise an after school activity, please see the volunteering section below.

Upcoming Dates

  • Thursday 2nd September – Curriculum Meetings
  • Monday 20th September – Chuseok Holiday – One Week

HFS Core Values

Our Core Values are a set of 10 ideas that we think are very important. We talk about our Core Values a lot at school and students should become very aware of them.

This week in assembly Mr Green challenged all students to memorize the Core Values as a bit of extra homework. Maybe it would be nice to talk about these values at home.

Curiosity – Creativity – Confidence – Respect – Responsibility – Leadership – Teamwork – Growth Mindset – International Mindset – Environmental Awareness

Parent-Teacher Association

Next week we will be posting information about our Parent-Teacher Assocaition. Maybe you would like to join and help us organise a Halloween party for the kids.


There are various opportunities for parents to volunteer to help in school.  In the past parent volunteers have been involved in activities such as reading with students, accompanying trips, organising the library and running after school activities.

If you are interested in volunteering in school please let us know by filling in this short form. Alternatively, you can get in touch with Mr Green for a chat.


HFS Newsletter – Term 1 – Week -1

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Welcome Back

Hello HFS community!

I hope you have all had an enjoyable summer holiday and are ready for school to start again soon.

There will be a full newsletter next Friday but I just thought I would give you a few reminders and bits of information to help school get started smoothly.

First Day of School

The first day of school for all students is Thursday 19th August. The students will have two days of activities to help them get accustomed to their new classes and school routines. Here is a link to the school calendar for this year so you can see all the upcoming dates.

Contact Forms

Please take a moment to fill in a Contact Form. It is very important that the school has up-to-date information and some of your details may have changed. We would like to ask all parents, even parents of returning students to fill out a form.


We are still finalizing the details of the bus and will publish a bus timetable early next week.


As you are probably very well aware, COVID-19 remains an issue we have to be very aware of at school.

If you have any contact with COVID-19 or any issues that may affect the school please get in touch. We are able to advise you confidentially of the appropriate procedure and government guidelines. Here is a link to the school’s COVID-19 Protocol.

Next Week

Monday 16th August is a national holiday but staff will be in school and the Admin Office will be open from Tuesday if you need to come and see us. We are always happy to see you.

Class Posts

Keep an eye out next week for a welcome post from your new teacher of their class page some time early next week. We will be having an open-day early in Term 1 when parents can meet teachers and find out all about the curriculum for the coming year.

See you soon!

We are looking forward to seeing all our students next week and getting the year off to a great start.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please get in touch.

Newsletter 2020/21 Term 3 Week 12

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End of Term

The end of term has (finally) arrived and we can reflect on a very successful and happy year at HFS.

Thank you to all our parents for your continued support.

We are already looking forward to 2021/22 and all the exciting things it will bring.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

It was wonderful to meet so many parents this week for parent-teacher conferences. If you missed your appointment please contact your child’s teacher and remember we are always happy to meet parents for a chat.

Mr Green will be available for most of the summer for meetings


Students should be bringing yearbooks home today. If your order is missing please contact the school office.

Lunch Today

Thank you to everyone who helped to provide the students with a special lunch and snacks today. Everyone had a great lunch.

Commendations and Citizenship Awards

Each year the school presents these awards to two students from each class. Commendations are for academics and the Citizenship Awards are for students who best display our School Core Values. These awards are chosen by the class teacher and represent a wonderful achievement by these students.


FS1-Year 1Rachael Rina Han

Rachael has shown amazing academic growth this year. Her passion for learning is an inspiration to our whole class. Rachael has put a lot of hard work and effort into her studies, especially in English. That hard work has paid off tremendously.

Year 2-3 – Chloe Green

Chloe has performed exceptionally academically all round in all her subject areas. She shows natural leadership qualities and empathy towards her fellow classmates.

Year 4-5 – Reyansh Chandel

Reyansh shows tremendous curiosity and love of learning. His approach to his classwork and particularly his homework is outstanding. He is constantly looking for academic challenges and ways to improve. 

Year 6-8 – Dave Gomes

Dave shows a real enthusiasm for all subjects and consistently produces work to a very high standard. He has also diligently made improvements using the feedback he has received.

Citizenship Awards

FS1-Year 1Nayra Johri

Nayra is a kind and loving girl. She is generous with her classmates and always has a smile on her face. She is respectful to her peers and her elders. She demonstrates many of HFS’ core values in her daily life.

Year 2-3 – Seoa Kim

Seoa is a well-mannered student who is a pleasure to teach in class. She shows great empathy towards her fellow students.  She is sweet and kind.

Year 4-5 – Hannah Kim

Hannah shows an excellent attitude towards school. She is a great friend and is kind and respectful to everyone around her. Hannah is always happy and helpful.

Year 6-8 – Jeongwoo Seo

Jeongwoo is an exemplary student in every way, she is a kind, caring, and conscientious student. She is also an excellent role model to everyone in the school.

Happy Holidays Everyone

Everyone at HFS wishes all our community a relaxing, enjoyable and restorative summer holiday.

See you on Thursday 19th August for another great year at HFS.

Goodbye Miss Luna

Today was Miss Luna’s last day at HFS. It has been wonderful to have her with us for a short time. We are looking forward to seeing Ms Jiyu again in August.

Great Learning Happening