Lois Lee’s Update for Week 3

Hello everyone!

This week’s core value was confidence, Mr. Green asked each class to choose someone to explain what we learnt this week in the assembly. Lois did such a wonderfully detailed job that I thought I would use it for my update (edited slightly by me).

Firstly, this week, we got a new teacher! Mr Morgan taught us Maths and English on Tuesday and Wednesday.

In math, we learnt to read and write time to the minute. We also learnt to convert time from the 12-hour clock to the 24-hour clock.

In English, we wrote the first, second, third, and fourth paragraphs for our suspense story. As a class, we wrote one together before going creating one independently. Mr. Dunn was super impressed and was on the edge of his seat when reading these.

In IPC, Mr. Dunn set up a tomb for us so we could be archeologists and find an artifact, we were able to break open clay and discover something related to our Ancient Egypt IPC unit ‘Temples, Tombs and Treasures’. I found a bird, it was a lot of fun.

In PSHE, we learnt about how we learn, growth mindset will help, always try your best.

In PE, we did soccer, practiced dribbling, and did mini-matches.

Week 2 Update

Hello everyone

Happy Friday, another week exciting week completed. Thank you, again to everyone that came on Thursday, I hope it was informative and helpful.

In English, this week, the students have continued to learn the story and have been looking at ways to improve their story writing and create an engaging suspense story. To help the students, they role-played a suspense scene by hiding in the classroom and thought carefully about the five senses. Also, we went for a walk around the reservoir to generate ideas for a setting description.

In maths, this week, we continued our work around place value. The students worked on rounding numbers and counting forwards and backward through zero, the students played games with number lines toopractice.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend everyone!

Week 1 update

Hello everyone!

Firstly, a quick reminder on Thursday 2nd September at 11:00 – 11:30 there will be a curriculum meeting to discuss what to expect throughout the year, I look forward to seeing you then.

Mr. Dunn’s class have had a fantastic first full week at school, with lots of fun and hard work in every subject. The students have made an excellent start and showing off their previous knowledge and building upon this. Homework has gone home today, any questions or concerns about this, please contact me or feel free to ask in person on Thursday.

In English, I am following the Talk4Writing scheme as this really helps children with their writing of fiction and nonfiction. This means that the children need to learn a short story with actions and complete work around the text.

In maths, we have done a lot of work around place value, identifying the value of each digit, ordering, and comparing numbers.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you all Thursday.

A Great Start to the Year.

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday!

Mr. Dunn has been super impressed with his new class and I am looking forward to the rest of the year! We spent this short week getting to know each other, having some fun, making some class rules, and setting some goals for the year. Homework will be given out on next Friday and Tuesday and Friday is PE so please make sure your child is wearing appropriate kit.

We also spent time doing a maths quiz and writing a story so I can see where the students are with their learning. They worked very hard and showed great resilience. To end the week the students were sent the challenge of building a bridge in teams, they worked very well together.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend everyone.

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to Mr. Dunn’s class.

Here is where I’ll be posting weekly updates of learning and activities we have engaged in and other important information that you will need to be aware of.

Tomorrow is the start of a brand new school year and I am very excited to see you all and get started. This week we will be easing into our learning with lots of fun activities so we can get to know each other as a class. You will also be meeting Mr. Morgan a trainee teacher, who will be working in our class for most of the year.

See you all tomorrow!!!