Term 3 – Week 1

Welcome back to everyone at the start of the final term for the year. This promises to be a busy term with activities such as the assessment week and the upper-school residential trip happening in the first three weeks. In the assessment week, the year 9 learners will write their Cambridge Checkpoint tests, and the year 7,8’s will write their Cambridge progression tests.

In Math and English, we focused on exam preparation by doing practice tests to get the learners used to the way in which these questions are asked and the best way to answer them; this also gave us the opportunity to brush up on some of our skills that might have become rusty during the holidays.

In IMYC, we continued with our unit on Reflection that we started the last term. In Science, we looked at light and how it refracts when it passes from one medium to another. We also used what we have learned about reflection to build a periscope.

In Geography, we looked at how different countries are responding to the global climate change challenge by using hypothetical countries to come up with climate change resolutions that will also benefit the country. In History, we looked at proxy wars in the cold war using the Korean War as an example.

That is all for this week; I hope everyone gets enough rest and preparation for the exams and comes back ready for the next week.