Term 2 – Week 11

And just like that, we end an eventful term full of great learning and fun activities. During this week, we focussed on preparation for the Math progression and checkpoint tests, getting the learners used to the way questions are asked and how to answer exam-style questions. In Science, we looked at some of the science of light especially looking at reflection and refraction of light rays when they interact with different mediums. The learners learned about the angle of incidence and reflection and how light bends when passing from one medium to another. In History, we looked at some of the causes of the cold war and how decisions by one side influenced decisions made by the other. In Geography, learners gave some thought to different opinions on climate change and why there might be opposition to implementing the sweeping changes to counteract climate change through greenhouse emissions. In English, the learners completed their dioramas that depicted a specific scene from the novel Frankenstein.

That brings us to the end of this term, where the learners had the chance to celebrate the end of the term by having a dance party organized by the PTA; our sincere thanks to them, a great tie was had by all.

Next term will be a busy term both on the academic side and on the side of enrichment activities. On the academic side, there will be the Cambridge checkpoint tests (year 9) and the progression test (years 7-8). There will also be the residential trip for the upper school students that promise to be a great enrichment opportunity and great fun for all the students.

That is all for this term, I hope everyone has an enjoyable spring break and comes back ready for the last leg of the year refreshed and eager to learn.