Term1 – Week 15

As we end the penultimate week of term, some great learning and many exciting activities are still going on in class.

As we came to the end of our unit called ‘Heroes,’ in English, the students spent the week recording scenes from the script they created last week. They used green screens to edit different backgrounds and effects. They also wrote their end-of-unit test.

In Math, we looked at some uses of ratios and how to use them to solve ratio-related problems, we started by looking at simplifying ratios and then dividing amounts into given ratios.

In Science, we looked at the negative effects of cigarettes and excessive alcohol use on the body and what organs and systems are affected by these substances.

During the History, learners did more research into the different consequences of actions taken by the leaders of the settlers in Tasmania and how this affected the native inhabitants and whose responsibility the after-effects of these actions were.

For Geography, the learners looked at global information systems (GIS) to see how geographical data and information is represented on a global map. The learners then had the opportunity to investigate a specific region or climate issue using GIS technology.

In Health and Wellness, learners had to re-plan their dorm room but this time on a much stricter budget, identifying what is essential and what is luxury or nice to have items. They also looked at different ways to make things more affordable when shopping.

We are also looking forward to the winter show that is coming up next week, where many of our learners will be showcasing their performing talents.

That is all for this week, hope everyone has a relaxing weekend.