Term 1 – Week 12

This week as flown by as we jumped straight back into the swing of things after our midterm break.

In IMYC, we started a new unit called RESPONSIBILITY, and we will look at it through the big idea of: “Each of us is in charge of the actions we choose“.

In History, we looked at choices, why people make them in a historical context, and who is responsible for the consequences of these choices.

In Science, we started by looking at some things that can influence the way the human body function, whether they are medicinal, legal or not and the reasons people take these substances, this led to the introductory lesson on the nervous system and reflexes.

In Geography, we looked at issues related to the planet and the people and places responsible for these issues.

For Health and Wellness, we will look at financial wellness and responsibility. We started by looking at different financial terms and their meaning and by looking at budgeting on a national level.

In Math, we completed our unit on fractions and calculation using fractions, especially focussing on multiplying, dividing using integers and fractions as well as mixed numbers.

In English this week, we started a new called ‘Heroes.’ The students looked at the features of argumentative writing and wrote pieces around the debate on if celebrities are heroes or not.

That is all for this week, thanks to everyone that contributed to the Kindness Market, which was a great success, congratulations to Dave who won the target shooting competition with Nathan in a very competitive second place.

Have a great weekend