Term 1 – Week 3

This was a short but busy week with a little weather interruption from typhoon Hinnamnor causing the school to be closed on Tuesday. We also had a celebration of the school’s 40th year where Dave made the class proud by giving a very good speech about his time at HFS. The students also had time to chat to and ask questions to Mr Dyson a previous headmaster at HFS, about the school’s history, and his experiences at HFS. After the formal part of the celebrations, it was time to bond as a class by playing some party games and having delicious snacks provided by the PTA (thank you PTA, it was a hit). Then it was time to celebrate the Chuseok holiday long weekend. In between, we did manage to get some schoolwork done.

In English this week, the students continued their work around fantasy stories. The class explored secondary characters and how these are used in narratives and discussed the one in our text.  Also, we discussed personal voice and the types of writing that include it; before using it in diary writing. Also, we analysed a setting description then the students created their own based on a picture of their choice.

In Math, the students looked at indices and how to do calculations using them, HCF and square and cube roots. The year 9’s also leant how to write extremely large and small numbers using the standard form also known as scientific notation. As we got to the end of the unit on numbers we also wrote an end-of-unit test. This will be done at the end of each unit to identify if there are any gaps or misunderstandings in the learner’s knowledge at the end of a unit.

In IMYC, we continued with our Brainwave unit, where the students created a “community agreement” taking into consideration the needs of the teenage brain and what the class want us learning community to function like. We also studied three different parts of the brain that have an impact on how we study and react in different situations.

That is all for this week, I hope everybody comes back refreshed after the long weekend and ready to continue to work hard in class.