Term 3 Week 8

We are now 3 weeks away from summer! This week we had an ice cream fueled back to class after the three day weekend, a field trip, flipped-Wednesday as our Korean and Music classes were in the morning, and Friday year 3/4 were the big kids on campus as the upper school is away.

The highlight of the week of course was our trip to go rock climbing. A special thanks to the moms who joined us! Everyone was very well behaved and tried their best at the challenging wall climbs. Then, we loaded up and went to Jadrock Park to eat and climb some more! The weather was absolutely gorgeous making the day extra awesome.

In Math we started our unit on more fractions. Students will be ordering, comparing, and adding and subtracting fractions. Year 4s will also be looking at percentages. We are also still using Khan Academy to supplement our learning – I highly recommend it for at home learning this summer for math. They also just added English Language Arts for reading comprehension!

In English we finished our unit on nonfiction texts by looking at an informational text and the elements that define them. Students practiced finding the subject of the text, the main ideas of each paragraph, and the supporting details. I am sending the unit packet home this Friday in homework folders. Students continue to work in their reading groups to improve reading fluency, as well as working on spelling words. The week was short so we were crunched on time in class to study words – please encourage students to review their words at home; the spelling list is sent home each Friday.

We did not have IPC this week as there was no class on Monday and the field trip Wednesday. However, we did a Kahoot review quiz on Thursday and students finished up their final Entrepreneur projects this Friday, submitted, and presented! Great job to all; it was a tricky project with many steps but I hope students learned not only fundamental elements of economics, but just how expensive and challenging it can be to get new ideas on to the market!

Everyone enjoy the weekend and take care – a lot of students have been sick so take it easy and rest!

Mrs. Leah