Term 3, Week 7

Wow, is this week already finished?

We just wrapped up Sports Day and it was a big hit! All us teacher were very pleased with the excellent demonstration of sportsmanship, athleticism, and fun. Well done everyone!

This week in our ABC countdown we had Drawing, Extra Laptop Fun, Favorite Books, and Games! Students did well bringing in and sharing their books and games, it made making time for these fun activities rewarding and productive. Keep it up!

This week we finished up our unit on multiplication and division. On Wednesday we took the unit test and I was happy to see such great results. The Cambridge Maths can be a bit tricky with the wording, but we read over each question together which seemed to help many. I was able to send the math unit packet and the test home this weekend, but there is no homework other than spelling words! The teachers gift to students this three day weekend.

In English we tied in our IPC unit and planned a talk about our companies and products. Students are practicing for when they have their pitches; this coming week is a bit odd as we have Monday off, the field trip Wednesday, and flipped schedule Thursday due to the upper classes taking a trip, so our Shark Tank presentations will happen NEXT Friday. Unideal, but we make due! Students continue to work diligently in their word study (the spelling scores this week were good!) and were able to do their reading group rotations, some online reading comprehension with ReadWorks, and a little bit of grammar on EducationCity.

Busted on Minecraft Ella!

As mentioned, we finished up the work for our pitches in IPC. Student did a lot of math to figure out the final costs of their products, calculated profit, and came to a selling price. Almost everyone came out with a rather expensive product, but I am sure they can wow the investors irregardless!

Everyone enjoy the three day weekend!

Mrs. Leah