Term 3, Weeks 10 + 11

Week 10 was our last full week of work. We worked hard throughout the week to finish up our maths, English, and IPC units. Everyone has been so excited and full of energy!

In maths we continued to work with adding and subtracting fractions with different denominations. Year 4 students took an introductory look at percentages as well. We continued reading through our class novel Abel’s Island as well as partake in our reading groups. We got cozy on the floor with our pillows and blankets for R for Read-In.

In IPC student pairs worked on creating a brochure for an island. Students conducted research on their assigned location then transferred the information to a brochure template and illustrated images of the island. They turned out really nice and are now inside each students IPC book.

Writing Thank You Notes – T for Thank You Day

Week 11 we had our school-wide trip to Gyeongju World! We made a last minute switch to beat the rain, and glad we did as it did pour all Wednesday. Everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed the rides, and got wet on the flume and flume bridge. Thank you to the parents who joined us; it was helpful to be able to break up the group into smaller groups to cover maximum park ground.

We finished up maths and adding some fractions for fun, we finished the final chapters and wrote a final review for our novel Abel’s Island and outlined the plot on a flow chart, and we wrapped up out Island brochures for IPC. Otherwise, it’s been a lot of cleaning and tidying up, and packing up all our workbooks to take home. It’s a lot of paper, so please enjoy looking through them and if you don’t wish to keep anything, please recycle!

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY of school! The PTA is hosting pizza and drinks; please bring a lunch as usual but anticipate pizza and snacks in the afternoon. (No cost – free!)

Feel free to bring anything to share, just note clearly if it if for the class or for the whole school.

See you all tomorrow,

Mrs. Leah