Term3, Week 6

The ABC Countdown has began! After today, Friday the 19th, there are only 23 school-days left until the end of term! We started on Wednesday with A for Animal day; students brought in their favorite stuffed animals to keep them company all day. Thursday was B for Breakfast day. We topped up on child-favorite Oreo and Coco cereals with milk, yogurts, and granola. Friday we chilled out after assembly with some C for Cinema time. Everyone has been so focused on their IPC projects this week, as well as math and English, they deserved a relaxing afternoon break.

I sent a color copy of the ABC countdown out with the homework.

Be sure to sign up for our field trip Wednesday May 31st! I have about half the class checked off, could you please click this link if you haven’t signed up yet?

Sports Day is next Friday, May 26th! Mr. Dunn was kind enough to organize the events and sent an email to every parent about team colors. If each student could wear a team-colored tee shirt that day, that would be great! We also ask that students bring:

  • Sun caps
  • Sunscreen 
  • Water bottle
  • Non-microwavable lunch (we will picnic outside)
  • Team color t-shirt
  • Sports appropriate clothing and shoes

In class students continued to work with division and were introduced to long form division. Math has been really enjoyable as it seems everyone is interested and invested in learning division and having fun solving problems. We did our learning groups, some student group fact fluency flash cards, independent practice sheets, and Khan academy during our rotations.

In English we continued to look as the feathers of non fictions texts paying specific attention to facts vs opinions. Students enjoyed their own selected reading books and guided reading through out the week. With the ABC count down our schedules may get a bit shuffled to accommodate some extra fun, but we will still be holding our subject classes to ensure learning continues with the countdown activities. That being said, I expect everyone to be working hard in class and trying their best on their class work. This weeks spelling test was a big below expectation; everyone owes me a good score next Friday – we talk about using our in-class word study time wisely and doing activities with intent, not just to get it done.

IPC has been really juicy as students have been working together to create a print ad for their product with a business logo and slogan, and then they buckled down to do some research on costs. We looked at real estate prices to rent space for our businesses, searched internet retailers to find affordable equipment and tools to make our products, and sourced the materials needed to produce them. We also made a job list and searched the market value of each position and calculated how much the cost of labor would be to produce 500 items in three months. Everyone was just a bit shocked how expensive everything came out to be. That’s why our pitches to investors will be so important!

I hope everyone has a good weekend and see you Monday,

Mrs. Leah