Term 3, Week 9

The end is nigh and the energy is high! We’ve been keeping busy this week, despite taking the day off Tuesday, catching up on our math unit, reading a new novel, and exploring maps and islands.

Students took home their report cards this Friday so be on a look out for them. If you would like to schedule a conference, please use this link: https://calendar.app.google/XmQW3Bu7UbJ8VXnC8

Also, Wednesday June 21st the upper school will all be going to Gyeongju World! (the ABC Countdown Calander has it for Thursdy, but it will be Wednesday!) Be on the look out for the sign up email. We will leave 9am and be back by 4:30 that day.

We are continuing to work with fractions this week and using multiplication and division to find fractions of numbers. Students are enjoying word problems and working through multi step problems.

In English the class started a new novel called Abel’s Island. Students are following long in their books, taking turns reading out loud, and receiving real time vocabulary and plot clarification. We are working on sounding out new and challenging words, catching details important to story comprehension, and making inferences based on what we know so far. It’s gone swell so far!

In IPC we started a final unit focusing on islands. We started out with a survivor island challenge were students worked together to determine what they needed to survive on a desert island. They used their critical thinking skills to explain how each item would aid them, then applied their tools to a scenario taking place on their islands. We also reviewed the seven continents and seas of the earth, the equator, latitude and longitude, and the hemispheres. We will be using these features of maps to locate and study islands around the world.

With our ABC countdown we jammed out to music, chose new names for ourselves, wrote backwards and mismatched our clothes for opposite day, and Friday we took a nice walk out to the reservoir far a picnic lunch with Mr. Dunn’s class.

Next week will still be full of learning so rest up and see you Monday,

Mrs. Leah