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Final Update for 2021/2022

Hello everyone.

We have finally arrived at the end of the year; what a fantastic way to end it! The class has worked so hard; I am so proud of all that they have achieved. I am excited to teach most of the students again next year; I will miss those few that are changing classes. Best of luck to Mia and Ayaan, who are both moving on to new adventures at new schools; Mia will be moving to Malaysia and Ayaan will be moving to Geoje. The whole school will miss them both!

We started the week with a bang as the class had an absolute blast at Gyeongju World, which was the highlight of the week.

On Tuesday we said our goodbyes to Mr Morgan, who as a student-teacher has done incredibly well and the class and the school will miss him. The students made cards for him and later we had some party games in the afternoon.

On Friday, the students had fun going round and singing years books. The students enjoyed a pizza lunch, snacks and a movie in the afternoon.

That’s all for this week, have a fantastic summer!

Term 3 Week 9 Update

Hello everyone.

Firstly, an important announcement. The end-of-year trip to Gyeongju World planned for Wednesday will now take place on Monday due to bad weather. Please, ensure your child is wearing their school uniform, sunscreen and a hat as it should be a hot day. Also, they should have a packed lunch or money to buy lunch there and a water bottle. It should be a fantastic day!

Secondly, it was nice meeting some of you this week for parent-teacher conferences; thank you to everyone that came. I will meet some more parents next week; if you haven’t made an appointment and would like to before the end of the year, please, get in touch.

This week we have been winding down; a few fun activities spread out amongst some learning and wrapping up units. The students had some extra break today; it was nice to see my class interact with the younger students. Earlier in the week, we had a boardgames afternoon; everyone got on well and enjoyed various games.
For most of the week, students worked on our ‘Exit Point’ for our rainforest unit. The students made visual representations of different; aspects of the Unit and wrote about them to add to the display.

In maths, the students worked on collecting data, drawing graphs and analysing them. In English, we finished off our persuasive unit by making a persuasive poster about a global issue.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend everyone.

Term 3 Week 8 Update

Hello everyone!

Only two weeks left; where has this year gone. These are just a few reminders; firstly, Parent-Teacher conferences are next week; please use this link to make an appointment – PTC form. Also, to celebrate the end of the year, the class will be going to Gyeongju World; please fill out the permission form as soon as possible – Permission form. Thank you.

This week, the students have finished much of their IPC unit. We had a final art lesson, where the students made makes based on a rainforest animal of their choice. Also, we finished off the rainforest scene the students created last week. We also planned our ‘Exit Point’ where the students will show off everything they have learnt, and they will make a new rainforest display. The display will depict all aspects of their learning as well as some written work.

This week in maths, the students have gone over addition and subtraction and applied these to word problems. On Friday, I also set them the challenge of a scavenger hunt; they had to find or make different aspects of maths that they learnt around the school and outside.

In English, we had a nice cross-curricular lesson, where the student had to write a persuasive argument for or against deforestation.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend

End of Year Trip

Dear Parents,

I thought it would be a fantastic way to end this year with a trip to Gyeongju World on Wednesday 22nd June. Please, fill out the permission form in the link below as soon as possible. Thank you.

Permission form

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Dear Parents,

Parent-Teacher Conferences are next week on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th June. Please fill out the form in the link below with your preferred time. If these days and times are not suitable, please contact me so that other arrangements can be made. Thank you.

PTC form

Term 3 Week 7 Update

Hello everyone,

We are into the final few weeks of the final term of this academic year, but there is still so much learning and fun going on.

We are coming to the end of our IPC units; we have been creative with some extra art and music lessons around our rainforest unit. For art, the students needed to create a rainforest scene; they had to choose an image for inspiration. I was super impressed with the effort put in; they carefully drew their picture first and then thought carefully about the colours to add with paint, pencils or pens. For the music lesson, they had to recreate rainforest sounds using musical instruments or objects around the school. They worked in groups at first before we came together as a class to record each sound, and finally, we recorded all the sounds together.

In maths, we revised addition and subtraction this week, going back over the different methods. Also, we had some fun, looking at word problems, each solution led to a digit they needed to crack the code.

In English, the students continued to be persuasive as they made adverts, posters and letters, using a variety of persuasive techniques.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend.

Term 3 Week 6 Update

Extra excitement to end the week with the Family Day tomorrow, I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow ready for games, treats and excitement.

There was also a lots of fun and excitement in our class as Mr Morgan organized a competition to see which team could make the best tropical fruit drink. Firstly, the students tasted different fruits to see which they liked and which fruits would work well together. Next, the students planned their drinks, designed a label, and created a persuasive presentation for our expert judges. Finally, they made their drink, printed their labels added these to cups and presented them to the judges. The children had so much fun this week, it was great to see a lot of thought and creativity around each task.

All of this tied in nicely with our current English unit on persuasive writing, the children spent some time looking at different persuasive devices. Then they created their own slogan, took photos of their product so they could then create a persuasive poster which included some hyperbole. The students for very carefully about how to take a photo to add to their poster using the outdoor space to create something appealing.

That’s all for this week, see you all tomorrow!

Term 3 Week 5 Update

Hello everyone!

Another busy and exciting week down as we are now halfway through the last term of this academic year. The highlight of this week has to be the class trip to Gyeongju bird park and botanical garden, which was a great success. I think the children really enjoyed the experience and had a lot of fun feeding the birds, but some children felt apprehensive about this and choose not to come into the enclosures. I did my best to take lots of photos of the day.

In IPC the children had a very engaging lesson about how animals use camouflage and the different types. First, they went outside to see if they could sport different colours in the school surroundings. After that, they came back to the classroom to explore the different types as well as create a butterfly that they could place in the school and see if they could hide it from the other classes.

In English, the children have written their final adventure stories, I have been impressed with these narratives and everyone put a lot of effort in. In maths, we worked on different types of units of measure and converted between these.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend.

Term 3 Week 4 Update

Hello everyone!

A quick reminder that tomorrow is the class trip to Gyeongju Bird Park and Botanical Garden, it will be a great day out! Please do your best to make sure your child is wearing school uniform and that they have a lunch that won’t need heating up. We will be arriving back at school in time for the bus and Football club will be going ahead.

On to last week and what a way to end the week with Sports Day! It was such a fun morning, I was impressed with every child as they all tried their best for each event. It was also nice for them to show off some of their athletic ability and work so well in a team.

Some of last week was spent on assessments, each year group has an appropriate set of tests for them to complete there are two maths papers and an fiction and non-fiction English paper.

In English, the students spent the week continuing to work on their adventure stories, they had to write an ending that ended with a cliffhanger. This week the children will be planning another adventure story and writing it independently to show off all their learning.

For IPC, the children set up an investigation to look into the best conditions for plants to grow, we spend time every week until the end of the term checking the plants and recording our results.

I hope that Mr. Green will be able to provided some photos from Sports Day as soon as possible, that’s all for the week.

Term 3 Week 3

Firstly, a gentle reminder about the class trip that will take place on Tuesday 17th May. Please, fill out the permission form as soon as possible in the link provided Permission Form. Also, I kindly request a contribution of 15,000 won to help cover costs of entrance fees. Thank you for all your support. Secondly, Sports Day will take place next Friday, weather permitting. Please make sure your child wears appropriate clothing, brings their water bottle and they have sunscreen, caps etc. We hope for a fun-filled day!

This week has been a very busy week, I hope everyone enjoyed their day off, celebrating Children’s Day yesterday. We have covered a lot of different learning this week in our IPC lessons. We started off by looking at layers of the Rainforest, researching and finding out about each layer, the animals, plants, and the condition of each one. Also, we took a walk around the local reservoir, to explore plants, our focus was on the parts of a plant and their functions. The students collected different plants so they could label each part and explain its function.

In English, we started writing an adventure story together so that the children could then write their own. On Monday, we created a plan so that for the rest of the week we could write a paragraph each day thinking carefully about what should be included.

In maths, the children measured different objects around the classroom so that they could then enlarge or decrease these measurements to work to a particular scale.

That’s all for this week!