Term 3 Week 8 Update

Hello everyone!

Only two weeks left; where has this year gone. These are just a few reminders; firstly, Parent-Teacher conferences are next week; please use this link to make an appointment – PTC form. Also, to celebrate the end of the year, the class will be going to Gyeongju World; please fill out the permission form as soon as possible – Permission form. Thank you.

This week, the students have finished much of their IPC unit. We had a final art lesson, where the students made makes based on a rainforest animal of their choice. Also, we finished off the rainforest scene the students created last week. We also planned our ‘Exit Point’ where the students will show off everything they have learnt, and they will make a new rainforest display. The display will depict all aspects of their learning as well as some written work.

This week in maths, the students have gone over addition and subtraction and applied these to word problems. On Friday, I also set them the challenge of a scavenger hunt; they had to find or make different aspects of maths that they learnt around the school and outside.

In English, we had a nice cross-curricular lesson, where the student had to write a persuasive argument for or against deforestation.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend