Term 3 Week 9 Update

Hello everyone.

Firstly, an important announcement. The end-of-year trip to Gyeongju World planned for Wednesday will now take place on Monday due to bad weather. Please, ensure your child is wearing their school uniform, sunscreen and a hat as it should be a hot day. Also, they should have a packed lunch or money to buy lunch there and a water bottle. It should be a fantastic day!

Secondly, it was nice meeting some of you this week for parent-teacher conferences; thank you to everyone that came. I will meet some more parents next week; if you haven’t made an appointment and would like to before the end of the year, please, get in touch.

This week we have been winding down; a few fun activities spread out amongst some learning and wrapping up units. The students had some extra break today; it was nice to see my class interact with the younger students. Earlier in the week, we had a boardgames afternoon; everyone got on well and enjoyed various games.
For most of the week, students worked on our ‘Exit Point’ for our rainforest unit. The students made visual representations of different; aspects of the Unit and wrote about them to add to the display.

In maths, the students worked on collecting data, drawing graphs and analysing them. In English, we finished off our persuasive unit by making a persuasive poster about a global issue.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend everyone.