Week 2 – Term 3

A huge congratulations on our year 6 and 9 students who persevered through their Cambridge Checkpoint assessments this week. By all accounts it went well, we now eagerly await the results.

Next week we are back to business with normal teaching continuing, and just a friendly reminder that Thursday is Children’s Day which is a Korean public holiday, so no school for our students.

This week in Science, we went to the reservoir to try and identify different species in the area and to create a display board that will categorize these species into their different levels. We also learnt more about different biomes and looked at different places where these biomes occur. In Geography, we examined proportions in communities including our school community and how this effect the balance within the community. We then played an interactive game to show how different ecological and socio-political factors are out of balance that can affect people’s lives and livelihood. In ICT we looked at the logos of different brands and identified what makes a good balanced and effective logo. The students then had the opportunity to design their own logo that we will measure against the success criteria that we identified.

In English we started today with a new novel for this term entitled Skellig. We will be using this novel to learn more about fiction.

In Math, we looked at conversions of times and used bus and train timetables to plan itineraries.

Please be advised that the class will be undertaking a class trip on Monday 16 May to SEALIFE aquarium in Busan, We will be making use of our new Math knowledge and going by train, which also fits in with our core value of Environmental awareness. Be on the lookout for a permission slip that will be going out next week.

That is all for this week, have a relaxing weekend.

Please remember to do a home Covid test on Sunday and let us know in the case of a positive test result.