Term 3 – Week 7

This has been a short but busy week full of learning and improving skills.

In Math, we worked with probability and especially how it applies to games and making predictions in games. The learners looked at the difference between theoretical probability and experimental outcome and also looked at some reasons why it could be different. They also learnt how to be more successful at playing rock paper scissors so be careful not to challenge them to multiple rounds.

In English, we looked at using quotes from texts to answer questions and how to use quotes to write P(point)E(example)E(explanation) paragraphs. The learners then also looked at quotes from our setwork book to support the idea that Skellig is an angel.

In IMYC, we looked at scales and distances when working with maps. We explored the different ways that scales are indicated and used these scales to calculate the actual distances between places on maps. In Science, we looked at different reasons why animals become extinct with the Sumatran rhino as an example. We then looked at different strategies that could be used to prevent these animals from becoming extinct. For ICT, the students finished off their recordings for their radio advertisements. The students then assessed each other’s advertisements to our previously established success criteria.