Term 3 – Week 8

As we are getting to the end of the term it is still full steam ahead with learning.

In English, we are doing a lot of reading in class to make sure we get to the end of Skellig before the end of term, the learners had the opportunity to think a bit more about the characters in the book be doing some hot seat questions as a specific character from the book.

During Math, we looked at compound measures and manipulating formulas to calculate different values, the learners also looked at distance versus time graphs and used these to calculate speed, distance and time.

In IMYC, Science the learners investigated and produced fact sheets about natural phenomena that can disrupt ecosystems and biodiversity. During Geography, we continued our study of maps and looked at how height and elevation are indicated on maps, learning when hills are gradual and when it is steep.

Michael, Leakey and Coot”