Term 3 – Week 9

Hello everyone

In English, we watched the movie adaptation of the set work book Skellig we did throughout the term, the students got the opportunity to compare the book and the movie. They also had to compare their version of a character in the book with the movie depiction of the same character.

In Math, we learnt some practical maths skills related to constructions and drawing parallel and perpendicular lines making use of set squares and a compass. We also did a practical application of position-time graphs where students had to create a 10-meter track and circumvent it three times at different speeds taking their time for each lap and drawing their own position-time graphs of the results.

During our IMYC lessons, we did various exit point activities, in Science the students researched and made posters of human activities that have led to a change in the ecosystem. During History, students looked at some well-known historical figures and how the common viewpoint regarding these figures is not always a well-rounded and balanced viewpoint.

Due to predicted inclement weather, the class trip to Gyeongju World that was planned for Wednesday has been moved to Monday 20 June. The students will return home on the second bus.

Students should wear school uniforms and bring either a packed lunch or money to buy food there. It is also advised that students bring sunscreen as it promises to be a long hot day out and about in the sun.

That is all for this week