Week 1 – Term 3

Welcome back to a very busy term 3, this term starts off quickly for some of our learners with them writing Cambridge Checkpoint tests next week. Cambridge Primary Checkpoint is a series of assessments for use in the final year of a phase. It enables us to obtain an international benchmark of learner performance to identify and address learning needs.

So with that in mind as well as the upcoming progression tests that will be written in week 4 of this term we dedicated time during English and Math to look at how test questions are structured, how best to approach them and how to answer them.

In IMYC the students were set a couple of tasks to try and identify the theme of the unit we will be doing this term. After many different activities which included walking with books on their heads, finding the weight of a calculator, getting a chemical equation to balance as well as balancing as many nails as possible on another nail, the learners identified the topic as Balance.

This term we are going to look at the balance in many aspects of the world and how an absence of balance can influence the world we live in.

For Science, we are looking at balance in nature and the balance created by the organisms in the different trophic levels that make up an ecosystem.

For History we looked at the balance of popular opinion and how it could affect other people’s opinions of people., in Geography we looked at the balance between different peoples and professions that make up a community, in ICT we looked at balanced visual presentations and in Technology we are looking at balanced diets and food groups.