Update week 3

Another week of learning has come to an end.

This week in Math we worked with 2 D shapes, learning about the difference between perimeter and area. We also learnt how to calculate the perimeter of compound shapes made out of different 2 D shapes.

During English we worked on expanding our descriptive language and explored different ways to write more descriptively. The students also worked on planning their adventure tales using a story spine and learning about the relationship between the protagonist and antagonist of a story. Finally we introduced the students to Victorian London to introduce our set work book “The Ruby in the Smoke”.

In Science we looked at the phases of matter, density and why things will float or sink. The students had the opportunity to design and make a boat attempting to carry the largest weight without sinking.

In History we looked at the consequences of the speech that Pope Urban II gave at Clermont in 1095 and how that led to the Crusades.

In Geography we are learning about different factors that contribute to climate and looked at orthographic cooling and how it affects rainfall in certain areas of the world.

For Technology we researched what a healthy balanced meal contains and compared it to the food we eat.

That is all for this week, enjoy your weekend.