Weekly Update – Term 3 Week 7

Well done to all the students today at Sports Day. I hope they all had lots of fun! I was super happy with their efforts and teamwork!  I think we will have lots of early sleepers tonight. I hope you had a nice morning and thank you for joining us!

Min and the Dancing Cactus

We were honoured to have Min’s mum and dad come visit us on Wednesday for Favourite Book day.  Min’s parents are the authors of Min and the Dancing Cactus – a wonderful story about a little boy and his adventure at Sandy Cactus Campground. I have attached the link to the book as the children all REALLY wanted to buy it. It really is a lovely book and we all felt so lucky to have had this opportunity. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Ditty Books-Year 1

If you have any Red Ditty books at home please could you kindly return them on Tuesday 🙂 I am missing 3 of N0.7. Thank you so much.

In Maths this week Year 2 have been reviewing revision and working on different ways to solve division problems. We reviewed arrays, sharing and mental division. Year 1 finished off their statistics unit and the work was sent home yesterday for you to have a look at. As always lots of fun was had!

In IPC, we looked at different ways we can safely communicate with people we don’t know. The students got the chance to make an information booklet about themselves, which included all of the information they felt was important to share such as, their nationalities, their hobbies, their favourite subjects and so much more. 

In English this week, the students have continued looking at information books. They inspected different features of an information book including the front cover, where to find the author, pictures and their captions and the contents page. 

As part of our ABC Countdown the students got the chance to write book reports about the books they brought in for Favourite Book Day. They really enjoyed writing about why they love their books so much. Please do check the ABC countdown calendar to check what is happening each day 🙂

Field Trip -Tuesday 30th May 2023

After the long weekend, we will start our week with our field trip to the bird migratory center in Jung-gu followed by a picnic in Grand Park. Yay~!!! We will be going to the dome trampolines and I am sure we will all have a blast!

Please make sure to bring the following:

  • Water Bottle
  • Snack in a small pouch 
  • Lunch that doesn’t need to be heated
  • Suncream
  • Comfortable, cool clothing and footwear

We will leave school at 9:15am and return to get the 3:30pm bus home. Please note, Mindfulness Club has been cancelled next Tuesday. If your child usually gets the bus home at 4:30pm, they will get the 3:30pm bus home instead and if you usually pick up your child please may I ask that you arrive for 3:30pm to collect them. Thank you!


I have only sent home spelling words (and Ditties for the Year 1 students) this week. I would like the children to have a little bit of a break after a busy week and day today! Enjoy this beautiful weather!

I hope you all have a wonderful, long weekend ahead. See you all on Tuesday!

Mrs Sim xoxo