Weekly Update – Term 3 Week 8

It’s been a sad day saying goodbye to our lovely Min. He is returning back to The United States and we will all miss him so much. We made him some lovely cards and letters this afternoon for Min and enjoyed some jelly that his mum kindly brought in. Thank you so much for coming back for Term 3, we loved having you back and I hope you had a great time learning with us.

In IPC this week, we concluded our unit, ‘Creators and Communicators’ by looking at ways deaf and blind people communicate with other people. The students learnt how Braille and Sign Language are used and why they are so important to the people of the deaf and blind communities. The students had great fun finding examples of Braille around the school and loved learning the British Sign Language (BSL) alphabet. 

In English this week, the students continued looking at important topic words in an information book. They looked closely at glossaries and why we need them to help us with difficult words. They also started looking at dictionaries and how to use them to find important information. Year 2 students have been looking at word endings -s,-ing and -ed, writing questions and using connectives in their rotations and worked very hard. Year 1 students have continued reviewing sounds from set 2 and 3 and practising their reading fluency. There was some confusion about spelling test words as we never had time nor the energy after Sports day to complete the spelling test last week. Please check the Homework cover letter for the correct words to study this week 🙂

In Maths,Year 2 has been working on their multiplication. We are spending the last few weeks reviewing areas that were a little tricky and also practising important skills like solving multiplication problems. Year 1 has been working on telling the time to the hour and half past. We reviewed days of the week and months of the year too! These are important for working out time problems later on. 

Parent Teacher Conferences

I will be sending out a google form for you all to choose a time to meet up in week 10 and week 11. Please watch out for it in your inbox 🙂 

I took soooo many pictures this week as we had a really good field trip and so much fun was had. The bird migratory centre was so much fun and Min’s dad was just amazing! The kids loved using his fancy binocular and we saw lots of different kinds of birds down by the Taehwa River. The rain stayed off for us too which was just brilliant. I was so worried about having to change plans but MR SUN came out to play!

 Here are all the pictures for you to see 🙂 Wishing you all a fantastic weekend.

Mrs. Sim