Weekly Update – Term 3 Week 6

Happy Friday!

What a fun week we have had starting our ABC Countdown to Summer. On Wednesday we signed our autograph books, Thursday we had our breakfast together (sorry to the few that didn’t like yoghurts or cereal – I tried my best 🙂). Today was C for Compliment and Craft day and hopefully you will love your little gift from your child. If your child has a sibling in Ms M’s class please still act surprised when yours arrives in the post 🙂

In IPC this week we said goodbye to our Musical Instrument Families unit and continued solely with Creators and Communicators. The students went back in time and looked at all the technology that was around before they were born. They found it very funny learning about how people used to communicate with others. We made timelines about different types of technology and the students had to guess when they were invented. We also looked at the technology of today and the different ways we can communicate using it including: using google translate to speak to anyone in the world, communicating with robots, and using emojis to communicate. They absolutely loved the emoji codes and the classroom was quiet for the first time ever!

In English this week we started a new unit called “Finding Out” which will have the students looking at non-fiction texts. We started the unit by looking at different ways of finding out information including: using the internet, asking an expert, watching documentaries but most importantly by using information books. The students looked at different types of non-fiction books and their front covers. They then had to decide what information they could get from these books by analysing the different covers. 

The students have continued working in their rotation groups for phonics and additional Cambridge lessons for the Year 2 students. Year 2 students learned how to use adverbs and expanded noun phrases in their writing. The homework is related to this.

In Maths, Year 2 finished up their Position and Symmetry unit and had fun creating their own maps. Year 1 made their own venn diagrams, pictograms and learned about block graphs and lists. Tuff trays were fun as always!

Ditty Books

A little reminder to please return the Ditty Books each week. I am missing a few from last week. Thanking you kindly.

Sports Day

Please be sure to check which team your child is in and prepare the correct colour of t-shirt for Sports Day on the 26th May. Hats, sunscreen and non microwavable lunches should be packed as we will be eating lunch outside. I hope to see you all there for a fun-filled day!

We have been learning about sportsmanship and the importance of it. I hope to see the children working together in their teams and having fun on the day! 🙂

Field Trip

Our class will be going on a field trip on Tuesday 30th May to Ulsan’s Bird Migratory Centre in Jung Gu, near Taehwa river. Min’s dad is an Ornithologist and has kindly agreed to accompany us and share his knowledge! How lucky we are!  After the centre, we will head over to Ulsan Grand Park to have a bounce on the trampolines and enjoy a nice picnic outside! It should be a great day out! The trip will be covered by the school so no fee is required. 

I hope you all have a great weekend!