Weekly Update – Term 2 Week 9

Hello to you all on this lovely sunny spring day! It is finally getting warm out there 🙂 We have had another busy week with lots of learning happening. 

Maths Workbooks (photocopies)

Your child will have brought a large file of maths worksheets home with them yesterday. We have been completing them at our “meet the teacher” station, however it is quite time consuming to organise them all afterwards into the four different groups and folders and the children find it hard to slip them in. So from this week I have decided to photocopy each unit we are working on in advance and then send them home after each unit is complete. This way you can see what your child has been working on after we finish each unit. Please be aware that some of these worksheets will not be marked. However, verbal feedback is given to the children during our small group rotations. I believe in spending every precious second on teaching and supporting the students! I always check and ensure that answers are correct and students are given help where needed.  


Year 1 students have been working on halves of numbers, shapes and objects this week and have had fun thinking about how they can share food! I brought in some oreos, some choco pies and biscuits and the children loved cutting them in half! It got a bit challenging when they had to think about how many items there were when they were shown in halves. However, we used our growth mindsets and tried our best. This unit will be sent home today in their bags 🙂

Year 2 students have been learning about angles and turns, looking at clockwise and anti- clockwise turns. We tried to create our own paths and see how many angles there were on our journey. We used a large sized real-life path in the hall to help us see where we would have to turn and in what direction. The students found it a little difficult to predict where a dot/shape would end up if it were to take a quarter turn or a half turn, so we will practise this again next week. Here we used large arrows to practise! 🙂

In IPC this week, the students became scientists once more in our new unit, “It’s Shocking”. In this unit they will learn all about electricity; how it powers our homes, how it helps people around the world and the dangers of electricity. The students carried out an experiment on static electricity and tested which material makes your hair stand on end, it was so much fun! We also did an experiment to see if we could build up enough static electricity to move a can. Here are some pictures for you to see!

In English, we have been looking more closely at imperative verbs and how we use these in instructions. Verbs are essential for giving and following instructions, and the students did this so well they were able to make their own origami ladybirds. 

In rotations, Year 2 have been working on statements, questions and exclamations! The students’ homework is related to this to give them some extra practise. Year 1 students are working well in their phonics groups and it is lovely to see them improving each week.

In Games today the children had a blast doing another fun circuit. I loved how there is something that everyone enjoys!  On Tuesday we did lots of fun parachute games with Ms Temple and they seemed to thoroughly enjoy them. I included a dance circuit today too and they were fabulous at following the moves!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Enjoy the nice weather.

Happy Friday!