Weekly Update – Term 2 Week 8

Hello to you all!  🙂

It has been a very quick and busy week here in Year 1/2! I didn’t expect Kidzania to be as busy as it was so we never got to do as much as I had hoped. Next time we will try to avoid going during the Korean school vacation. However, I am still glad to hear that the students boasted about their water bottles and pencil sets that they purchased. (It’s the little things in life;)). Here are some pictures of us all.

Fashion show time!

For IPC this week, we looked at the melting process of ice cubes (solids to liquids) and how certain materials will slow this process down. Our scientists made predictions and tested different materials, including bubble wrap, tissue paper, tin foil, microfibre cloth, and plastic wrap to see which one would be better at keeping the ice cubes cooler for longer. The results were very interesting and it helped them to design their own cool boxes!


Year 2 students have been having a challenging time with maths this week. We have just completed the units on multiplication and division. Division in particular, has been a little difficult for them. I have therefore photocopied what we have done in class and sent it home for the students to review again. It is a lot, so please don’t feel obliged to complete it all for next Friday. You could review it little by little. I will try to spend a little more time on this next week also.

Year 1 completed their Geometry unit this week. They identified 2D and 3D shapes and looked at their properties. We now Know what a pentagon and a hexagon are too! The children explored what happens when we rotate shapes and had lots of fun sorting and making patterns. We even made a house out of shapes! How cool!

In English we looked at information texts and had so much fun designing posters for “Mrs Sim’s  special orange and grape juice”. It was a great way for the children to plan what we needed and write instructions for how to make it!

In Games class today we did some circuit training. This involved throwing, bouncing, jumping, badminton, being gorillas and using up a lot of energy!! 

That’s all for this week! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! The weather is getting a little warmer and the sun is shining a little more! 

Take care and enjoy!