Weekly Update – Term 2 Week 6

Hello and happy Friday! 

It has been a week of sniffles and colds in Year 1/2 with a lot of the students feeling a little under the weather. I hope you all have a nice weekend of rest and that we are all back to good health next week. <3

Valentine’s Day

We spread some love on Valentine’s day and took some time to say what we loved about each other. I can never miss an opportunity to compliment our friends and raise them up! I hope the students liked their love balloon! 


Thank you so much for sending the money for the field trip. We are all getting super excited for Kidzania! We will be going on Tuesday 28th February leaving school at 9am sharp and returning to school at 4:30pm. Students who normally take the school bus at 3:30pm, can take the bus at 4:30pm on this day. More details to follow regarding lunches!


We spent some of our English classes finishing off our wonderful letters to our penpals in Marbella, Spain. Their penpals attend The British International School in Marbella and are all in Year 2. On Wednesday, we took a walk to the Post Office to send them together as a class. The snow thankfully stopped for us and we had a nice little brain break on the way. We cannot miss the opportunity to fit in some Maths, so we looked at the scale together and worked out how much it was going to cost. 🙂(With a little help ;)). 

100th day of School

Yesterday, to celebrate the 100th day of school, Ms M invited us to decorate a special cake that her class had baked together. We had so much fun counting the M&Ms and putting them on the cake! We played with 100 balloons(!) and danced to some songs too! The cake was devoured by most, haha! They really enjoyed it! Here is a link to the recipe  if you would like to try and make it at home with your child. I have already bought the ingredients to make this weekend hehe! 

In Maths this week, Y1 focused on calculating 2 less and 2 more and moved on to working out 10 less and 10 more at the end of the week. Whilst the counting back and forth using a timeline was done wonderfully, I would like to review counting in 2’s and jumping in 2’s to solve word problems next week. Odd and even numbers will also be reviewed some more.

Year 2, worked on different methods to calculate subtraction sums. We tried using counters with a tens and ones chart, and used two different layouts to see which one was easiest for us. They all disliked using the counters and preferred to calculate the sums mentally. The Year 2’s also had great fun playing “Matholopy”, a game that is used to practise addition and subtraction. 

In IPC,we have started a new unit, “Freeze it!” where we have been looking at solids, liquids and gases. What happens to a solid if it melts? Can liquids become solids? What temperatures will affect this process? These are some of the questions we will be answering and I can already tell that the students will enjoy the science experiments we have planned! 

In English this week we started a new unit “Do it like this!”. We have been looking at how different signs instruct us to do different things. Some can warn us of danger, while others can help to inform us. The students had the chance to look at everyday signs they might have already seen, but perhaps didn’t know the meaning of. We will be making our own signs and introducing them to the class on Monday! 

Year 2 have been working on their sentence structure this week in rotations. I have been encouraging them to find answers within the text and use the information to write their answers in their own words. 

Year 1 are nearly finished set 2 sounds in RWI (Read Write Inc) and are becoming more confident with blending longer words. It would be great if the children could do a quick revision of the sounds each week at home using the small green/yellow sound books. Just a quick 5 minutes of reading them out loud to a parent will help them greatly 🙂

In PE, Ms Temple taught the children all about balance and did various exercises to practise! The children had great fun working their way around the different stations set up!

Wow, that was a long one this week! I hope you all have a FANTASTIC WEEKEND!

See you all on Monday! 

Mrs. Sim