Term 1 Week 12 Update

Hello! It was so great to be back this week full of new ideas and ready to learn. We had a very active week and will continue to be active as we enter this home stretch to Winter Break.

This coming Monday, our PSHE lesson will be centered around what parts of our bodies are private and how to respect each others bodies. If you have questions about this lesson, please feel free to contact me. My inbox will be open over the weekend.

In Phonics this week we looked at the letters F, R, and K. We briefly introduced our new Writer’s Workshop Unit “Storytellers” and that will start in full swing next week.

In Maths we continued looking at comparing numbers within 10. We focused on the concepts of “less” and “same”.

In IEYC we started our new unit “Loose Parts” where we explored individual components that make up play. We used boxes to stimulate imaginative play using the book Not A Box by Antoinette Portis to give us ideas. We explored our 5 Senses by making popcorn. We also looked at wood, metal, and objects from nature such as leaves and pinecones to see what kind of play we could have without pre-made toys.

I’m sure everyone is a little tired out at the end of this week coming back after the break so have a restful weekend and we’ll see you all refreshed and ready to go on Monday!