Term 1 Week 12

After a much need break, the first week back is already over!

Please be sure to check the permission slip for the field trip Tuesday November 22 (next week!) We will be going to the Champion Black Belt followed by a picnic lunch at Ochi-gil park. Parents must submit the permission slip form and give ₩8,000 by Tuesday morning. If any parents are interested in going, please let me know!

A shout-out to students who were so well behaved on Friday during the Kindness Market. I was very impressed with everyone who waited patiently for the event to start; many had their reading books and poems to finish! The Market was a great success and everyone was patient, helpful, and had a lot of fun for a great cause. Special thank you to Kindness Club and Mrs. Sim for hosting such a wonderful event.

Back to our class, this week in English we started our unit on poetry. We are looking at the structure of poems and figurative language, and writing some of our own poetry to exercise our creative minds. Everyone is doing marvelously with word study; on Monday students used a children’s dictionary to look up and define their words, and throughout the week they wrote out each word, broke down each word into its syllables, and even decoded the words from symbols to letters. Spelling tests are looking really good, so keep up the good work!

In IPC we learned about the respiratory system and the amazing lungs. Students should understand the purpose of the lungs, the major parts of the respiratory system, and how respiration works. We also discussed the importance of taking care of our lungs by keeping our air clean and not smoking. Students made their own anti smoking posters in small groups and discussed the dangers and effects smoking causes on their bodies.

This week we focused a lot on taking notes from reading passages in IPC and putting the information into our own words rater than directly copy. Then, we used our notes to write a perfect paragraph with an introduction and conclusion. I am really pleased with the results and hope to continue building upon our reading and writing skills across our content areas.

Math was all about multiplication again, but this time we used number lines and skip counting to solve our problems. It is is bit tricky at first because we must approach each problem in a particular way based on our method, however everyone was breezing through number lines and factor chains by the week’s end, so we are ready to start solving some bigger problems next week. Remember all the ways we have learned to approach multiplication and the bigger equations we encounter will seem like a breeze!

We have 4 more weeks until Christmas break come Monday, so let us continue to work hard and do amazing work! We will be practicing our class routine for the Christmas show a few times each week so that should keep us entertained and spirited at we head into the winter. Have a lovely weekend, don’t forget to submit the field trip form, and see you next week.

-Mrs. Leah