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FS1-2 Art – Term 2 Week 10

We created beautiful handbags and school bags. We folded the plates to form bags, added handles, and filled them with items such as erasers. We also learned about different types of bags, especially school bags, which we use the most. During the activity, we discussed the kinds of things we typically put in our school bags, how we can carry them, and brainstormed some helpful tips. In addition, we learned the names of various stationery items, and we colored in the items we added to our school bag designs, completing them with pride.

Y1-2 Art – Term 2 Week 10

This week, we began working on an almond tree painting inspired by Vincent Van Gogh. We discussed the painting’s background and closely examined the tree’s trunk and flower petals. Next week, we will further explore and experiment with color and pattern as we create our own rendition of Van Gogh’s almond tree.

Y3-4 Art – Term 2 Week 10

This week, we explored the art of paper sculpture. We started by learning about the various techniques and types of paper sculpture and shared some impressive examples. Then, we put our knowledge into practice and created our own paper sculptures, incorporating symbols and letters to express their meanings. Throughout this lesson, the students were fully engaged and focused on their artwork, resulting in some impressive pieces. Well done to everyone involved in this fantastic art project!

Y5-6 Art – Term 2 Week 10

The Year 5 and 6 students have completed their ‘Denim Art’ project. I am incredibly proud of them and their impressive artwork. Each student has infused their unique creative personality into their pieces, resulting in a stunning and inspiring collection. Take a moment to admire their amazing and beautiful artwork.

Y7-9 Art – Term 2 Week 10

Our last project is a portrait created using pointillism art technique. We used our own picture, printed it out, and added pointillism technique to it. Although it was challenging, we kept exploring and refining our skills. It will be completed next week.

FS1-2 Art – Term 2 Week 8

The FS1-2 kids got to show off their creativity by designing some amazing shoes. It started by providing them with shoe templates to work on, and then they let their imaginations run wild with their designs.

It was good to see the variety of designs that the kids came up with. The designs were bright and colorful, with patterns and shapes that really stood out.
After completing the designs, the kids had the opportunity to tie shoelaces onto their shoes, which was both fun and challenging. The kids were able to personalize their shoes even further by selecting the color of the laces and tying them themselves.

Y1-2 Art – Term 2 Week 8

We learned about a really useful tool called a color wheel. The color wheel helps us understand the relationships between different colors. The wheel is made up of three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. These colors cannot be created by mixing other colors together.

When two primary colors are mixed together, they create a secondary color. For example, when you mix blue and yellow together, you get green. Mixing red and yellow together creates orange, and mixing blue and red together creates purple.
We used this theory to create our own color charts in class. Each of us painted a chart that showed how the primary colors could be mixed together to create the secondary colors. It was a really fun project!

After we made our color charts, we had some discovery time where we got to experiment with mixing colors on tissue paper. It was amazing to see how the colors blended together and created new shades.

Even the mixed-up colors that we didn’t intend to create turned out beautifully!

Learning about the color wheel helped us understand how colors work together and how we can create new shades and tones by mixing colors. And painting on tissue paper was a unique and exciting way to experiment with color mixing.

In the next class, we plan to create patterns using different materials on top of the beautiful and colorful tissue papers we made. I am looking forward to another fun art class next week. See you then!

Y3-4 Art – Term 2 Week 8

Last week in art class, we learned about sculpture, and this week we got to put our new knowledge into practice by creating our own cat sculptures out of clay. The students had sketched out their cat designs in the previous lesson, and now they were able to bring those sketches to life in 3D form.

The children were given a variety of sculpting tools to work with, and they used these tools to mold the clay into different shapes and textures.

Y5-6 Art – Term 2 Week 8

In art class, our Y5-6 students have been working on a really exciting project where they are creating their own “buildings in a village” using denim as their main material. This project is inspired by the work of artist Choi So Young, who is known for creating beautiful pieces of art using denim.

The students have been using denim to create the walls, roofs, and other details of their buildings.

They have also been incorporating other materials like paper, glue, and paint to add texture and depth to their designs.

One of the most challenging parts of this project has been cutting the denim to make the detailed parts of the buildings. But the students have been persevering and learning to be patient with the process. They have also been helping each other out by sharing tips and tricks on how to work with the material.

FS1-2 Art – Term 2 Week 7

FS1-2 friends, get ready to explore the world of art with our exciting new theme: clothes and accessories! Over the next few weeks, we will unleash our creativity and design our very own fashion pieces using a variety of materials.

In our first session, we discussed different types of clothing and accessories. We also examined some fascinating examples of designs and patterns, and talked about how we can use various shapes and colors to make our own distinct creations using tracing paper.

Next week, we will use different materials to create our own shoe designs.