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FS 1-2 Art – Term 1 Week 7

We’ve been learning about shapes.

FS1-2 friends sang a song “what shape is it?”

After singing we could find out the name of shapes and created robots.

Some friends added rectangles for the legs and triangles or circles for the feet.

They designed their robots using their own ideas.

Finally, we completed our cute robots.

Y 1-2 Art – Term 1 Week 7

Y1-2 students observed Pop art “happy tears” by Roy Lichtenstein.

First, we shared our feelings and emotions seeing this picture and created our own titles.

We talked about our experience when we have tears and when we are happy if we have tears.

Then we drew our “happy tears” looking inspired by Roy Lichtenstein.

I think our students work is more adorable and fantastic than Roy Lichtenstein.

Well done, everyone!

Y 3-5 Art – Term 1 Week 7

Y3-5 students continued making Egyptian jewelries and headdresses.

When they completed it, they were so excited to wear their Egyptian jewelries and headdresses.

Everyone so enjoyed this time and I am so proud of them.

Well done!!

Y 6-9 Art – Term 1 Week 7

Y6-9 students completed their portraits.

The rest of time we made faces with clay.

Students couldn’t stop giggling while they created Modigliani style faces.

They were laughing so much seeing their clay faces on each other but we finally completed it and captured the characters of Modigliani well.

Well done, everyone!!

FS 1-2 Art – Term 1 Week 6

FS1-2 friends learned about the shapes for making houses.

We talked about shapes and we learned how it could be turned into another figure.

After that we created a house using a rectangle, square, circle, semi-circle and triangle.

Here are our friends’ beautiful houses.

Y 1-2 Art – Term 1 Week 6

Y1-2 Students created an expression, Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’.

We talked about when we would love to scream and how he would feel.

Then we tried to make an expression similar to the picture and took a photograph.

This time we separated into 3 groups using different chosen materials.

One group used pastels, the second group oil pastel, the others paints.

Y 3-5 Art – Term 1 Week 6

Y3-5 Students created Egyptian jewelry and headdresses.

We looked at patterns found in Egyptian jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings and then drew patterns onto paper plates with markers. Then we added beads and sequins to make it fancier.

Some students designed Egyptian headdresses and hairbands.

Next week we are going to wear it if it is completed.

Y 6-9 Art – Term 1 Week 6

Y6-9 students have been drawing and colouring their Modigliani Portrait.

We look forward to seeing their completed work next week.

FS 1-2 Art – Term 1 Week 5

This week FS1-2 friends learned about shapes.

We tried using dots to make various lines and used these lines to make different types of shapes.

Then we created beautiful work freely using a variety of dots, lines and shapes.

We listened Tchaikovsky’s music while we created art as Kandinsky did.

Y 1-2 Art – Term 1 Week 5

Y1-2 students talked about various feelings through artist’s work.

We observed ‘the scream’ by Edvard Munch this week.

And we discussed why the artist named the picture ‘the scream’.

We also talked about why Edvard Munch used colours and lines in his picture.